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Welcome to my stories.

Here you will find a selection of Vore and Shrunken woman stories, along with some random slaying stories and occasionally something ‘nice’. Most stories feature the same central ‘baddie’ and the ‘goodie’ of the moment is normally dictated by my favourite plaything.

I write stories as I feel, but if you would like to see me concentrate on one of the features more than another, either contact me via the many means listed in my profile or post here, otherwise I’ll just carry on as I feel. If you want a story written with you in it or about someone you know etc, again just contact me and we’ll discuss it.

Feedback is always welcome, good or bad. If you don’t comment, I don’t change as a writer, if you read my stories and enjoy them, please tell me, then I know I’m doing it right and will carry on as such, rather than changing my style. If you hate it but it’s got potential, again, tell me. I’m a big boy, I can take it and it’ll help me change into a style that possibly more people will enjoy.



[b:wslsiho8]Giant Stories[/b:wslsiho8]

[b:wslsiho8]Adam Stories[/b:wslsiho8]

[url=,1247.0.html:wslsiho8]Adam vs Nikki[/url:wslsiho8] - Hard Vore, Violent - [color=red:wslsiho8]NEW[/color:wslsiho8]

[url=,915.0.html:wslsiho8]Never Work with Children, Animals or Giants….[/url:wslsiho8] - Hard Vore, Violent -

History of Adam [url=,514.0.html:wslsiho8]Vol 1. Adam vs Kellie and Hannah[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore

[url=,510.0.html:wslsiho8]Adam vs AnneMarie[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore

[url=,617.0.html:wslsiho8]Adam vs Lisa[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore [url=,873.0.html:wslsiho8]Adam vs Lisa, Dawn and Lindsey[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore

Adam vs Tina [url=]Part 1[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore

Adam vs Liz [url=]Part 1[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore

Adam vs Ashleigh [url=]Part 1[/url:wslsiho8] - SW [url=]Part 2[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore [url=]Part 3[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore - ‘Halloween Party’ [url=]Part 4[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore - ‘I’ve got a crush on you’

Adam vs Beth [url=]Part 1[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore - ‘Feast’ [url=]Part 2[/url:wslsiho8] - SW - ‘Bikini’ [url=]Part 3[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore - ‘New Job’ - First Vore story I ever wrote

Adam vs Ashleigh vs Beth [url=]Two Shrunken Women[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore [url=]Part 1[/url:wslsiho8] - SW

[url=]Adam vs Sophie[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore [url=]Adam vs Sara[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore + Spitting [url=]Adam vs Isabella Part 1[/url:wslsiho8] - SW

[b:wslsiho8]Hasigawa Stories[/b:wslsiho8] [url=]Part 1[/url:wslsiho8] - Slaying - ‘The Assignment’ [url=]Part 2[/url:wslsiho8] - Slaying - ‘The Assignment’ [url=]Part 3a[/url:wslsiho8] - Slaying - ‘Death Idol’ [url=]Part 4a[/url:wslsiho8] - Mystical - ‘Hasigawa vs Sidhe’

[b:wslsiho8]The Night[/b:wslsiho8] [url=]Part 1[/url:wslsiho8] - Mystical - Gracie [url=]Part 2[/url:wslsiho8] - Mystical - Jeni

[b:wslsiho8]Sorority Massacre[/b:wslsiho8] [url=]Part 1[/url:wslsiho8] - Slaying

[b:wslsiho8]Doomed Cheerleaders[/b:wslsiho8] [url=]Part 1[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore

[b:wslsiho8]Misc Vore Stories[/b:wslsiho8] [url=]Giant vs Drow[/url:wslsiho8] - Vore

[b:wslsiho8]Misc Stories[/b:wslsiho8] [url=]Jane[/url:wslsiho8] - Slaying Story [url=]Kimono Ripper[/url:wslsiho8] - Slaying story set in feudal japan. [url=]Werewolf![/url:wslsiho8] - Violent Rape