Bush versus Shaved

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Saw this absolutely love picture and it reminded me of the entire story of bushes versus shaved in my life. I prefer shaved. One of those things about smooth skin against my tongue that I just like. I also don’t care for picking hair out of my teeth or lips when I go down on someone. So, naturally that leads to my preference. Now, Fluffy prefers it hairy. But then again, she doesn’t go down nearly as often as me.


Just another lovely selection to help with anyone undecided.

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[quote:2t7xiolb]Second, I sent you a Private Message a while back, and was wondering if you got it.[/quote:2t7xiolb]

The story? Yes, I got it, just been a bit sluggish about responding to things. My apologies.


Mmm, yummy. I really love a nicely shaved pussy where the labia just presses together. A very nice find.





Yummy. :D


[quote author=KK link=topic=1325.msg6642#msg6642 date=1313361365] Femjoy is a really good site, though too often they make a very liberal use of photoshop. Anyway…. (f)emjoy one of my fav models: [/quote]

I remember her. Yummy.


[quote author=KK link=topic=1325.msg6691#msg6691 date=1313772683] @tsade: maybe we can “revive” her someday? ;) [/quote]

I would very much like that. I miss Mona, Kari, and the others. At one point, I considered creating a novel of their adventures, but was worried that I could never get the same flair of excitement as before.


[quote author=KK link=topic=1325.msg6712#msg6712 date=1313965478] @tsade: Just say when. I will make time for you and them. [/quote]

I know, I just haven’t found a good time I can dedicate to an epic like that. Someday, I hope, but just not right now. :(

Even if I miss them. I was thinking about them recently wondering if the first round would make a good novel. but, I was afraid I couldn’t do that justice.