Working The Line - A tribute to Mamabliss (Snuff, Cann, Proc

Based on the comic the line. Unfortunately not easily available on Mammabliss’s site anymore but I did get permission to post it on the DGF along with my story. You can see it at [url=][/url:3keus3dw]

[b:3keus3dw]Working the Line - A tribute to Mamabliss[/b:3keus3dw]

“Another Monday morning, another week of work. Ho, Hum” thought Jeremy as he put his street clothes into the locker and walked out onto the factory floor. His supervisor was waiting for him by his station. “Morning Jeremy” she chimed “I’ve got a pleasant surprise for you today.” Jeremy grinned at his gorgeous superior. Linda was seriously tasty and it took Jeremy a lot an awful lot of effort not to get a boner just at the sight of her. Fortunately in his line of work that wasn’t a problem. She was wearing a ridiculously short foreman’s white-coat which was, as usual unbuttoned at the top to display a generous portion of her delectable cleavage. “With all the rain over the holiday weekend we didn’t get nearly as many orders for whole roasters as we’d stocked for so we’ve got a bit of a surplus.” Linda explained “If we don’t get rid of some of them the feed bills will mount up and there’s better profit in selling them as premium parts than dropping their price to shift them.” Jeremy’s grin widened. “You mean I get to do them on the line?!” He asked hopefully. “You sure do big boy” Linda smiled blatantly admiring his naked body, especially his massive semi-hard cock. “Do you think you can rise to the challenge” she winked. “Have you ever known me to be slack on the job?” Jeremy replied smiling, but with a serious edge to his voice, he was a man who took pride in his work. The youngest employee to make it onto the slicer in company history and he was tipped to be next in line for spit prepping. A good performance today would help his cause no end. “I’m sure you’ll put in a top notch performance as always.” Linda acknowledged. “Get yourself prepared and I’ll send the first one through in five.” She said, giving him one last admiring glance downwards before leaving to make sure everything was ready in the holding room.

Jeremy strode over to his station and gave the machine a once over. As always he had given it a thorough clean down on Friday evening so he was sure it would be on perfect working order but Jeremy was a perfectionist and with roasters coming down his line he wanted to be absolutely sure. Everything was just as it should be. The blade was razor sharp and there was no excess oil that could soil the cuts. He turned on the power and ran it through a cycle, checking to see that it was running at the right tempo. With the manual variant set at standard it took two and a half minutes from contact to final separation, prefect. He could take it up to five if need be but that was rarely a necessity, not that it couldn’t be a preference though. A sound to his left alerted Jeremy to the fact that his first job had just come through from the holding room. He was momentarily worried that he hadn’t worked up his own tool but as soon as he saw what had come through the door his reservations vanished. It would take no trouble at all to get hard for this one.

The girl walking towards him was absolutely gorgeous. Given that the slicer was only used for preparation of premium cuts he was used to working with a high standard of meat-muffin but the one coming towards him was sensational. She was a prime example of how the whole can add up to more the sum of its parts. Beautiful blonde hair fell her shoulders, framing an angelic face. She was wonderfully proportioned, with lovely long legs, a delicious looking bottom and an astounding set of tits. Like all girls coming onto the line her hands were bound behind her back and that acted to help thrust her chest forward, emphasising the superb quality of her buxom beauties. She smiled at Jeremy nervously. He smiled back warmly, aiming to put her at ease. “Hiya there. You’re quite the tastiest thing I’ve seen coming down here in a long time. I’m Jeremy. What’s your name?” The girl blushed at the compliment, Jeremy liked that, it usually showed they weren’t one of those women who used their looks to their advantage, not that that was much of an issue down here on the line. “I’m Lucy” the girl replied. “Is this going to hurt?” she asked. Jeremy drew her to him patting her rump tenderly with one hand while giving her tits a last check for quality with the other. “I’m not going to lie to you Lucy. When the blade cuts your tits off it’ll hurt like hell. It’s supposed to. The adrenaline you’ll release increases the flavour of your meat, that’s why we don’t just hang you up and slit your throat first. Don’t worry though because I’ll be filling your body with endorphins by bringing you to an orgasm at the same time so that dulls the pain a bit. Concentrate on my cock and not the blade and you’ll do fine. Talking of which could you just pop down on your knees and help me out a little?”

Lucy obediently knelt in front of him. Seeing Jeremy’s package at eye level she realised just what a monster it was. Taking it in her hand she looked up at him. “I’ve never taken anything this big before. What will you do if I’m too tight?” She asked. “Don’t you worry about that sweetheart.” Jeremy reassured herm “The fluffers out back should have got you nice and juicy. You’ll be surprised how much you can stretch, especially when that blade comes down. Why don’t you just concentrate on how much of it you can get in your mouth for the moment.” He continued running his hands through her hair gently as she went to work. Lucy was quite skilled at blow jobs and it didn’t take her long to bring Jeremy’s cock to its full glory. The result didn’t do anything to allay her reservations. Jeremy was of course used to this sort of reaction and confidently helped the gorgeous young meat-muffin to her feet. “Just relax and go with what happens. Don’t try hold back just do what your body tells you.” Right now Lucys body was mostly telling her she should run a way as fast as her lovely legs would carry her but she didn’t think that was quite what Jeremy meant.

Jeremy gave her a tender kiss on the lips and then turned her round to face the machine, coaxing her into position. This side of the contraption was covered in foam rubber to prevent her meat from getting bruised by her inevitable struggles. Jeremy played with a couple of settings to fit the mouldings to Lucy’s height and proportions, helping her into place so her lower chest rested firmly against the moulding thrusting her tits out over the curved edge. Jeremy lowered the top section into place pulling a belt round Lucy’s back that strapped her into place. Kicking her feet apart gently Jeremy reached round and gave her tits a final gentle squeeze. “Get ready” he said simply and with that her pushed himself slowly but firmly up into her moist pussy. She was right about being tight but the quality of her fellatio ensured that Jeremy was hard enough that this wasn’t a problem. Lucy squealed as his massive member forced its way deep inside her. Jeremy slipped one hand down to her crotch to play with her button while he flicked the switch for the blade with the other. He drew most of his cock out from her and then plunged back inside just as the blade stared to bite at the base of her tits. Lucy gasped at the combination of the pain and pleasure. Jeremy’s ministrations on her clit were very effective and she could already feel herself tingling. Her pussy started to respond and she bucked against his cock eager for the next invasion. Jeremy causually slid himself in and out of her, keeping a close eye on the blade, ensuring it was making a clean cut close to her chest, maximising the size of the prime portions of breast meat that were gradually being cleaved from her gorgeous body. “Oh fuck it hurts so much. Agghh my Goohhdd!” Lucy screamed as the blade bit deeper. “Don’t worry babe you’re doing fine” Jeremy coddled her, increasing the tempo with his cock as her pussy muscles started to spasm. “Just concentrate on the feeling between your legs, focus on my cock as I fuck your guts out.” He banged her hard, pushing his full length inside her. Lucy’s knees started wobbling as the beginnings of her orgasm hit her. Jeremy had to concentrate hard on not cuming has her tight cunt muscles started squirming on his cock. As her orgasm built the blade continued to slice up through her tits. Lucy’s mind fought desperately to cope with the mix of pleasure and pain that wracked her body. “Oh my god I’m cumming! Your cock feels so good but Oh fuck, Oh fuck it hurts so muuuchh!” she cried as the blade neared the end of its path. Jeremy drove himself into her as deeply as he possibly could pinching her engorged clit hard as Lucy’s lovely tits finally fell away from her body, landing nips up in the tray waiting below. The belt that was holding her in place released automatically and Jeremy turned her head round to meet him giving her a long deep kiss before lifting her off his cock and tossing her causally into the bleed out pen where she lay whimpering softly. Her gorgeous tits were already neatly packaged on their tray, the tight plastic wrapping ensuring they were displayed to perfection. Jeremy admired Lucy’s beautiful body for a moment as she flopped about weakly while the blood flowed out of her. Jeremy pushed away the brief feelings of remorse, focussing his attention back on the machine wiping it down ready for the next in line.

The next girl walking through the door was another awesome beauty. Jeremy silently thanked the weather-gods for the opportunity they had given him. The lovely meat-muffin was a brunette with long curly hair that fell quite a way down her back. One of the fluffers really should have tied it back but Jeremy was willing to forgive the misdemeanour. Her body was every just as bit as tasty looking as Lucy’s, if not more so. His cock was itching to get going there was no need for any extra encouragement this time. “Hi there, come on ever here and we’ll get you started.” He said smiling at the approaching girl warmly. The meat-muffin dutifully slid into position without complaint. Jeremy felt her shivering slightly as he made the final check on her tits. “Don’t worry, it’ll be over fairly quickly” he reassured her as he lowered the top section and secured her in place. “Ready?” he asked. “N-not really” The girl answered nervously. “Just relax.” Jeremy suggested “I’ll fuck you gently for a bit before I set the blade going, do your best to get into it and it won’t be so bad.” Jeremy gently slid his cock inside her letting her get used to his girth. Teasing her clit he slid in and out of her slowly till she was gently moaning with pleasure. “Ooh that feels nice. You’re so big. I’ve never had it so deep. Ooh yess!” she cooed. “I can go a lot deeper than that honey” Jeremy assured her as he thrust in further, flicking the switch at the same time. “Oooh! Aaahh! Ouucch!” The brunette yelped as Jeremy’s cock hit her cervix and the blade bit simultaneously. He picked up the pace and started to piston her pussy with gusto while she squirmed frantically as the cold metal cut through her beautiful baps. Jeremy had done such a good job of getting the gorgeous meat-muffin into things that she started to cum when the blade was barely half way through. Jeremy didn’t let up and continued to pound her pussy relentlessly as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her luscious body. She was bucking into him wildly, absolutely lost in her climax. “Ohh Yess! Harder! Deeper! Keep fucking me like that! Ohh Yess!” She cried, barely aware of the blade anymore. Jeremy did exactly as she asked pounding her for all she was worth, till the blade did its job and her tits toppled into the waiting tray.

Jeremy pumped her a couple more times as he lifted her body away from the machine then lobbed her into the pen next to Lucy. “Is it over?” She asked a blissful expression on her face. Jeremy nodded, her face fell slightly “I want to do it again” she pouted. “Please do me some more” Jeremy looked at her apologetically. “Sorry love I’ve got to get on with the next girl. If you’re still alive when they come to butcher you I’m sure someone’ll slip you some cock.” He knelt down and cut the plastic ties binding the hands of the two girls so they could play with themselves as they bled out. Lucy was already fading fast. It was funny how some of the meat-muffins died almost as soon as their tits came off while others could last all the way till the lunch time collection. The brunette was clearly a fighter. She lay on her back and pulled Lucy’s limp body on top of her, using it to staunch the blood flowing from the wounds in her chest then set about masturbating furiously. Jeremy grinned. He enjoyed it when the body pile had some spunk.

As the clock ticked towards Jeremy’s first break another five girls had been added to the pile. Those that were still alive were squirming around sexily. Lucy was well gone by that time but the gutsy brunette was still going strong. Jeremy had been chatting to her throughout the morning each time he added another freshly sliced meat-muffin to the pen, learning that her name was Charley and she’d been a member of the same gym as Jeremy. It was a shame they hadn’t met up while they’d had the chance. He’d decided that when his break time came he’d pull her out the pile and give her the fuck she wanted. He could do with blowing his load soon. There was still time for one more before then though. He pressed the buzzer to the holding room as he wiped down the slicer in preparation for his next job.

When she came through the door Jeremy could hardly believe it. It was the prom queen from his year at school. Isabelle Harnswoth, a girl that Jeremy had spent the best part of his adolescence fantasising over. The years in between had only succeeded in making her more desirable. She was devastating. Her rich auburn hair was cut in a way that emphasised her delightful features. She had amazing hazel eyes and wonderfully kissable lips. Her body was nothing less than flawless; luscious shapely legs that seemed to almost go on for ever, till eventually encountering her delightfully pert behind. Her curves formed a sumptuous hourglass figure culminating in her perfect pair of magnificent, full gravity defying breasts. At school she’d persistently rejected Jeremy’s adolescent advances; he’d been an awkward gangly kid in his teens and had only filled out since starting work at the factory. Jeremy had a lot of unresolved teenage angst to dispose of; he was going to enjoy this. A lot!

“Hi Jeremy” Isabelle said gingerly as she approached. “You look really good. Have you been working out?” Jeremy couldn’t help grinning proudly at the compliment. “Thanks, yes, well you know with the heavy work here. You look great too. Weren’t you married to Tim Johnson? He’s got a job on the council hasn’t he? I’d have thought that would have made you exempt from the lottery.” Isabelle looked at her feet sheepishly. “He traded me in for a younger model. My sister. They were going to roast me over the weekend but what with the rain and all.” She looked up, her beautiful eyes were welling up. “He didn’t even want to save me for another day. He didn’t even reserve my fillet” She mumbled her voice trembling. “There, there” Jeremy said kindly, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Tim was always an arrogant tosser, you shouldn’t have expected anything less.” He said, a little harshly. “If you like I can reserve your fillet. That way you’ll know it will be appreciated. It certainly feels like premium meat” He said slipping his fingers up her slit and expertly grading her quality. “In fact I’ll slice it out myself when I’m done cutting off your tits if you like” He offered looking at Isabelle sincerely. “Oh, erm ok, thanks I suppose.” Isabelle said smiling weakly and shuffling her feet slightly. “Don’t mention it.” Jeremy relied, “I might take a few other cuts too while I’m at it.” He said feeling up her luscious tits “We get a discount on what comes down our line.” He added. “Now lets get you on the slicer. I need to give that cunt of your’s a good tenderising if I’m going to eat it tonight.”

Before securing Isabelle into place Jeremy kissed her hungrily. Enjoying the experience he had sought so hard when they were younger. He was almost tempted to buy her as a roaster so he could enjoy her at his leisure, maybe keep her as a slave, especially when she started responding to him, rubbing her damp snatch up against his throbbing member, whispering softly. “Oh Jeremy, why couldn’t you have been this handsome while we were at school?” Painful memories of rejection swiftly brought Jeremy out of his reverie and he broke the embrace looking into her beautiful eyes “My dear Bella, why couldn’t you have been a bit less of a bitch?” He asked, stroking her face tenderly before guiding her into place on the slicer.

Jeremy pushed the head of his rock hard cock up against the entrance to Bella’s sex, ticking her dripping lips. He reached round the machine and fondled her ripe pillowy globes, playing with her stiff, nipples, pinching them hard. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for such a long time. I’m going to make it last.” He told her, turning the manual variant on the timer to make the blade’s journey last the whole five minutes. “Won’t that hurt more” Isabelle asked, her voice trembling. “Probably” Said Jeremy “But that will make you taste better. You want t taste good don’t you? he said as he pushed his knob inside her. “Ooh Yes” Bella moaned “Fuck me Jeremy! Make my last fuck one to remember.” Jeremy slid deeper inside her. “You don’t need to worry about that.” He assured her. “Somehow I don’t think you’ll have time to forget it.” With that he switched the blade on and concentrated on enjoying the feeling of Bella’s cunt muscles twitching around his cock as the pain hit her. After that he fucked her teasingly only giving her a few inches at a time. “Please!” Bella whimpered “Give it too me. I need you all the way inside me.” Jeremy ignored her protests savouring his enjoyment of the anguish of the girl of his dreams. Gradually as time went on he gave in to temptation, sinking deeper and deeper inside her exploring the valley of her pussy. “Tell me what it feels like” Jeremy urged her “Tell me how the blade feels as it slices through your tits.” Bella gasped as he trust into her particularly fiercely. “How do you think it feels you bastard?” She cried “It’s fucking agony! Imagine how you’d feel if it was your cock getting sliced off . Oh god your cock feels good inside me. Keep fucking me like that please! Fuck me deep and hard like that!”

Jeremy obliged eagerly, pounding into Bella like there was no tomorrow. He turned her head round to meet his and shoved his tongue down her throat. Bella kissed him back willingly losing herself in the multitude of intense sensations running trough her body as she exploded into a violent orgasm. The blade had made it half way through her knockers. Jeremy reached round and grasped them roughly, not caring whether he damaged them. He delighted in the response from Bella. She writhed around in agony contorting around his dick. The added pain only seemed to increase her sexual ferment and she ground herself into him has forcefully as she could. “Oh yes” She cried “Fuck me, torture me, butcher me alive!” Jeremy needed no encouragement and kept up his assault. Kneading her half severed tits. Smashing his cock up against her cervix forcing his way though up into her uterus, fucking her womb mercilessly. The two of them were lost in mutual passion. Bella no longer seemed to care about the pain she just wanted to revel in the sensations ripping through her.

Jeremy grunted as he felt her tits come away from her chest. The blade had done its job He let them drop into the tray below, taking Bella’s weight on his cock as the belt released. He guided her onto the stainless steel table next to the slicer. While girls were usually taken of in batches to be butchered there were tables on the line so that the worker could take their allowance of cuts when they wanted. Jeremy picked up the cleaver and brought it down hard, cleaving through Isabelle’s shoulder. She gasped as her arm fell away cleanly. He repeated the action on the other side, severing the limb neatly. Pulling out of Bella’s cunt Jeremy flipped her round so he could go to work on her legs. Two expertly delivered blows took each off at the knee. Jeremy picked up a knife and sliced round the tops of her thighs, cutting down to the bone before using the cleaver to remove the joints fully. He Flipped Bella back round and carefully carved off her fillet. Looking down at her body he smiled as he met her eyes. Her gorgeous face was all that remained to show her beauty. “I’m ruined aren’t I?” She gasped weakly. Jeremy nodded. “Throw me on the pile before I die.” She asked. Jeremy picked her up and kissed her tenderly “Bye Bella” he said, and chucked her dismembered torso into the pen. He placed her fillet and the best of her leg joints to one side and threw rest of the cuts in after her. Looking at the slight bruising on her tits he realised he’d have to buy them as well. Not to mind, they were still perfectly shaped and the bruising was only a matter of aesthetics.

Jeremy glanced at the clock and saw that he was already five minutes overdue for his break. Looking down at the pile he saw that Charley was still very much alive, clearly having enjoyed the show that he and Bella had just put on. “How are you bearing up?” Jeremy asked. “Just dandy thanks.” Charley said, her voice was ragged but her spirit was still going strong. Jeremy took her by the shoulders and pulled her out from the pile, placing her gently back on the top. The pressure of from the bodies on top of her had pretty much stopped the bleeding from the wounds in her chest. “I could do with a boob job though” Charley joked weakly. “Let me see what I can do about that.” Jeremy said, taking Bellas tits out of their tray. He rummaged around in the box of equipment and pulled out a needle and twine. “They say I’m a natural surgeon” he said carefully aligning Bella’s breasts on Charley’s chest and expertly stitching them into place. “What do you think?” He asked standing back when he finished. Charley inspected his handiwork, cupping her replacement tits tentatively. “Not bad at all” She said nodding appreciatively. “A little bigger than I’m used to but I suppose I can’t complain. “I think they suit you quite nicely.” Jeremy said “Do they stay on if you sit up?” Charley shuffled herself onto her elbows and with Jeremy’s assistance she managed to get into a sitting position. She found it a little tricky to keep her balance as a couple of the girls beneath her were still moving slightly. Despite the jiggling the tits stayed resolutely in place. Jeremy had sewed them so well they barely sagged any more than they had done when they were on Bella’s chest. Charley grinned “They look good enough to eat” she joked. “Now are you going to fuck me before your break’s over or am I going to have to go and find someone else to do it.” Jeremy grinned back drawing her to him. He kissed her warmly, lowering her backwards gently as he slipped his cock into her moist sex. He stood as she wrapped her legs around him and made love to her tenderly enjoying the way his handy work bounced and jiggled with their movements. Charley started panting as their tempo increased, eagerly matching Jeremy’s movements with her own. Jeremy allowed himself to relax settling himself into the moment. He met Charley’s loving gaze as the two of them built towards climax trusting into her firmly but caringly. As the luscious brunette shuddered and groaned in her orgasm he pulled out of her spraying generous globs of cum over her face as well as onto Bella’s tits. Charley lay back on the soft pile of bodies beneath her, absently smearing Jeremy’s cum over her substitute chest. A worried expression suddenly crossed her face. “You won’t let anyone else butcher me will you?” She asked. Jeremy brushed away some hairs that were stuck to her face. “I wouldn’t deam of it her reassured her. “It doesn’t look like you’re going anywhere in a hurry.” He stated. “If you were any healthier you could probably help me work.” He said patting her on the thigh. “Talking of which its time I was getting on.” He said looking back up at the clock.

As Jeremy cleaned the machine down ready for its next occupant Linda came back onto the floor. Seeing Charley sitting on the top of the pile complete with her new thoracic additions; Linda gave Jeremy a quizzical look. “What an earth have you been up to? Unless I’m sorely mistaken isn’t it your job to be slicing those things off rather than stitching them on? Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?” She chided playfully. Jeremy shrugged amiably “I never was much good with table manners.” He acknowledged, winking at Charley. “How many have we got left out there.” He asked. “Another eight” Linda answered. “How’s your stamina, I hope these roasters aren’t wearing you out.” Jeremy shook his head dismissively. “Not at all. I’ve only blown my load once and that was in her during my break.” He reported. “I should be able to get through the rest no problem.”

Linda chatted for a few moments more before setting off to send in the next girl. Jeremy walked over to Charley to get her assistance in readying him for his next job. She lay on her side so she could do a good job of getting his cock in her mouth, Lapping at his member eagerly. By the time the meat-muffin came through the doors Jeremy’s was standing to attention just as proudly as he had been before. Jeremy soon had the new muffin strapped to the slicer ,wriggling around on his cock as the blade sliced her tits off. He looked over at Charley who seemed to be enjoying herself. She was playing with her new tits while fingering herself. The girl on the slicer didn’t have much fight to her. She was drifting in an out of consciousness before the blade was half way through and Jeremy had to work quite hard to make sure she came before she passed out. It was a good job she hadn’t been sold as a roaster. There would have been no way that she’d have survived a spitting. Jeremy tossed her onto the pile next to Charley and the two of them watched as she twitched a few times before dying. “They just don’t make them like they used to do they” Charley giggled reaching behind her to position the girls body so she could lean against it comfortably.

Jeremy grinned, enjoying the conversation. Most of the guys that worked on the line didn’t like it when the meat got talkative but Jeremy was a sociable young lad and enjoyed a chat. He’d tried the ‘treat them like meat’ approach, only referring to them by their batch number, depersonalising the girls by calling them cows. It didn’t work for him. He liked to enjoy the muffins’ personalities. Particularly the spunky ones like Charley. He supposed that the other guys found it difficult to chat with the girls and not get attached but Jeremy found he was able to separate his personal and professional feelings without much difficulty. Apart from the odd occasion like with Bella when he had gone a bit farther than he should. But compared to what he’d seen a couple of the other Guys do to their ex’s that was nothing. He had to admit he’d probably feel a bit sad when Charley was gone but she’d been so entertaining that it more than made up for it. She had such good spirit that when it came to snuffing her Jeremy was sure she’d get into it enough to make it very enjoyable indeed. Still, back to business. There were still seven more roasters to process by lunchtime. Perhaps some of them would be good fun too.

Half an hour later and another two muffins had been added to the pile. The last of them, a very pretty young redhead, was engaged in a bit of mutual gratification with Charley. She didn’t look like she had long to go but from the way that Charley was going at her it certainly looked like she’d go out with a bang. Jeremy was busy finishing off the next girl on the slicer. Jeremy timed it so that she came just as her baps dropped into the tray. She moaned soflty as he heaved her onto the pile, careful to avoid dumping her on top of Charley and her new friend. She hadn’t been very talkative so Jeremy was happy to leave her to bleed out. He took the time to slice the cord binding her hands though, just in case she wanted to entertain herself while she dyed. As usual he made sure the machine was nice and clean for its next recipient.

Jeremy was momentarily distracted by the Charley’s companion’s final performance. She certainly looked like she’d saved up a bit of kick till the end. He turned back to the slicer to see the next muffin waiting patiently. She was a real hottie. Blonde hair, blue eyes a cute little button nose and rosy cheeks. “Hiya, I’m Amy.” She said cheerily. “Isn’t the weather lovely today now all that nasty rain’s gone. If I wasn’t getting my tits cut off I’d love to spend the afternoon sunbathing but I suppose there’s no need since they’ll tan up really nicely when they cook. They’re nice aren’t they? I do hope whoever eats them roasts them whole.” There wasn’t a trace of nerves in her voice and her beautiful eyes lit up as she smiled. Jeremy could see why she was proud of them. They really were something special, even better than Bella’s wonderfully plump and round but deliciously firm with lovely meaty nipples pointing resolutely skyward. Jeremy gave her a good fondle, enjoying the quality of her meat. “They’re such good quality I certainly wouldn’t do them any other way if I were cooking them” Jeremy assured her “I think I’d do them really simply to make the most of their natural flavour, well seasoned and studded with a few sprigs of rosemary and thyme, maybe with a few cloves of garlic in the bottom of the pan to pep up the basting juices.” He couldn’t help licking his lips as he contemplated the recipie. “Ooh that sound delicious.” Amy cooed. “Do you think you could stick a label on them with the suggested recipe?” she asked. “That’s a great idea Amy. I’ll suggest it to my supervisor. My names Jeremy by the way. Shall we get you set up so we can get those Grade A chest puppies sliced off and ready for sale?”

“Okey dokey.” Amy said, bouncing on her toes a little causing her lovely bosom to bounce deliciously. “It’s a shame I can’t give you a tit-wank first.” She said looking momentarily down cast. I’m really good at them and I’d love to feel what its like to wrap them round a lovely big cock like yours” She looked up at Jeremy with a hopeful expression in her eyes. Jeremy pondered the situation. It was certainly tempting, but hardly worth it unless he allowed himself to cum. If he did that he’d take a little while to recharge before he could fuck her while he sliced them off. That would slow the line down and he didn’t want it to look like he couldn’t process the roasters quickly. Not if he wanted to get the spit prepping promotion he was hoping for. He looked back at Amy who was looking coyly at the floor with the hint of a mischievous smile playing on her lips, swinging her cute little bottom from side to side so it caused her luscious puppies to jiggle deliciously. It did seem a waste to just slice them off without giving them the send off they deserved. He came to a decision regarding a workable solution to his conundrum. Quite simple really. “Okay” he said causing Amy’s eyes to light up delightfully once more. “I’ll have to do you in my lunch break though. Go and sit over there with Charley for now and I’ll see to you later.” He instructed. “Oh thank you, you’re such a sweetie!” Amy exclaimed, standing up on her tiptoes so she could give him a sweet tender kiss. Jeremy held her gently for a moment, enjoying the way she felt pressed up against him. Breaking off he gave he cut her bindings and gave her a good natured pat on the rump saying “Now go and sit over there and do try to behave.” She sat down on the edge of the pile for a moment with a trying to look serious for a moment before her whole face broke into a wicked grin and she jumped on top of Charley, nearly knocking her off the top of the pile. Jeremy watched the two little vixens happily. Lunch time was going to be fun.

Jeremy was all business with the next two. He had them both flopping about on the pile in less than twenty minutes. Their tits sliced, wrapped and ready to eat, neatly stacked next to the rest. The last muffin of the morning came through from the holding room. She was another real cutie. Her hair was tied into bunches like an innocent schoolgirl. Of course like all the girls coming onto the floor she had to be legal age. Only voluntary home roasters got cooked before they turned 18. She walked towards Jeremy tentatively, shying away from eye contact. Jeremy studied her expression. She didn’t appear to be frightened, it was more like she was embarrassed. Her cheeks flushed when she caught his gaze. Jeremy chuckled to himself. This wasn’t something you often saw on the line. Innocence being a fairly rare commodity in Dolcett. As she reached him Jeremy took her gently in his arms and lifted her chin to get a good look at her. He recognised her as the reverends daughter, Daisy. There were tears in her eyes. “Father says I must have sinned. That’s why the church fete got rained out and I didn’t get roasted for the congregation” Daisy said quietly “I don’t know what it was that I did. Perhaps it was vanity? I think it must have been. I was thinking how pretty I’d look on the spit. Father said that since I’m a sinner I deserve to get butchered just like any other hussy.” Jeremy held her gently. Stroking her hair. “The only sin I can see is not waiting for a sunny day to roast your lovely body on a spit like it deserves.” He told her, wiping the tears from her doe like eyes. “Are you going to butcher me? Are you going to fuck me and cut my tits off? Will you throw me on the pile to bleed out with the rest of the meat?” Daisy asked. Jeremy looked into her eyes “That’s what happens on the line. You would have looked beautiful on a spit but now you’re here I have to process you like any other muffin that comes through.” he explained. Daisy looked at the floor again, shuffling her feet. After a little while she looked back up at him, a peaceful determined look on her angelic face. “I’m still a virgin.” She declared. “I was supposed to lose my virginity to the spit, not to a man.” Her eyes flicked down briefly towards Jeremy’s cock and she gulped slightly. When she met his gaze again she asked “Will you fuck me in the ass? I want to stay a virgin. If you fuck me in the ass then I can keep my virginity can’t I?” Jeremy drew her closer to him. “It won’t be easy for you.” He said testing her hole with his finger and eliciting a small yelp. “My cock’s pretty big and I expect the only thing you’ve ever had up there was the tube they used to flush you out in the holding room. My cock’ll stretch your sweet little ass pretty badly” He warned. “Do it.” Daisy said softly but firmly “Fuck me up the ass and cut my tits of then throw me on the pile to be butchered.”

Jeremy strapped her into place and stood behind her. “What do you want first, the blade or my cock?” he asked. Daisy thought about it for a moment. “The blade” she said. “I think that will make me take your cock more easily.” Jeremy slowed the blade down a bit to make sure he had time to bring her to orgasm. He didn’t know how easy it would be for her so he thought it better to play it safe. “I’m going to play with your pussy” he told her “But don’t worry. I won’t go deep enough to break your hymen.” Jeremy reached round and started to rub her mound gently. He positioned the head of his cock beneath her rosebud and reached for the switch, flicking the blade on just as she started to moan in response to his touch. “Oh Sweet Jesus!” she cried as the blade cut into her tender flesh. “Oooww it hurts. Ooh my pussy feels good though, keep doing that oh that’s nice. Oh My Gaauuud!” She screeched as Jeremy thrust his massive cock up into her tight virgin asshole. “Oh no it’s too big, you’ll tear me apart!” she gasped. “Don’t you worry honey, you’re doing fine” Jeremy reassured her “Just relax, forget what your mind’s saying and listen to your body.” He said shoving his penis further inside her, continuing to work her pussy. He started to pump in and out of her arse slowly, going a little bit deeper each time. Daisy gasped and moaned as her body gradually started to give in to the sensations coursing through her. “Oh yes that’s starting to feel good, oh your so big I can feel you so deep.” She murmured. Jeremy started to pick up the pace, screwing her arse deeper and harder, ploughing into Daisy’s back passage. “Ooh my God you’re ripping me apart! I can’t believe you’re fucking me in the ass with your humongous cock and cutting my tits off at the same time. It feels soo gooood!” Daisy cried in response to Jeremy’s vicious assault on her butt. Jeremy was thoroughly enjoying feel of her tight little shit-hole round his prick especially since Daisy was thrashing around beautifully. He responded to her pleasure by banging her even harder, intent on forging a path as far up her colon as he possibly could. Daisy looked at her chest in disbelief gazing in wonder at the way that her lovely pert perky breasts were slowly but surely getting carved from her chest. As the blade neared completion of its cruel mission she felt a colossal orgasm tear through her nubile young body “Oh my Gooohhhd I’m cumming. I can’t believe as I’m cumming as you’re ripping my ass apart and cutting my lovely tits off! Fuck me Jeremy! Screw my guts out, cut my tits of and throw me on the pile like a piece of meat!” she yelled as her peachy buns fell into the waiting tray.

Just as she’d asked Jeremy casually tossed her onto the pile. She lay on her back. Legs spread with a glazed expression on her face. “I think you can fuck my pussy if you want” Daisy murmured still trembling from the force of her climax. “I think I must be in heaven already”. Jeremy shook his head. “Sorry honey. That virgin pussy of yours is way too much of a delicacy to waste” he said taking the fillet knife from the table. “Try not to wriggle too much, this might hurt a tad”


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