Mallory Rides the Jessica

Mallory was a shapely 24-year old young woman. Like all young women in the Dolcett-themed future, she was raised to know she was probably meat, and that her destiny was to submit, to enjoy her sensuality, and for her to eventually give her meat to nourish those around her. Today Mallory was wearing a nice cream-colored blouse over a mid-length black skirt and flat pumps. Her legs showed nicely beneath the skirt, and her somewhat shapely bust pushed out against the front of her blouse.

The call came without warning: she was displaying some of her sculpture in an art gallery when the Hills Meats truck pulled up by the loading dock, and a rather fit looking man stepped out in a “Hills Meat” uniform jacket. He entered the service entrance for the gallery, and came up beside Mallory rather quietly. She had been there by herself, and was just getting her series of surreal sculpture ready for display when he grabbed her from behind, and slapped the handcuffs on her wrists. When she opened her mouth to protest, he stuffed a small ball like a tennis ball into her mouth, and then secured it around the back of her head with a strap.

“Miss Mallory Faye, today is your collection, and you’re going to Hill’s meats.” the man announced, and then he bundled her into the van, sat her down on a crude canvas seat (really like a sling), and strapped her to the seat with several rough nylon straps.

Once they arrived at Hill’s plant, he pulled into the fenced-in loading dock under the sign labeled “Sow Intake” and then unloaded her into a caged coral. The driver followed Mallory into the coral, and then told her to undress, and pointed to a box on the ground she should throw her clothes in. The box was about the size of a bathtub, and Mallory could see a pile of clothes already in it. Mallory looked around, but they were the only people in sight.

“Come on…’re only meat on the hoof and I’ve got another pickup to make.” the driver said.

Mallory looked around, and then sighed. A bit of drool eased from her mouth around the gag, and dribbled down her chin. Then with an air of resignation she pulled off her shoes and tossed them in the bin. Then she took off her blouse, showing a white bra containing her medium-sized breasts and put it in the bin. Finally she stripped off her skirt, and then her bra and dropped them in the box. She was left wearing a pair of low-rise cotton panties.

“No need to be embarrassed… all has to come off,” said the driver looking at her intently.

Mallory nodded her head, and she slid the panties down from her hips, revealing her shaved crotch with her labia peaking out from her smooth mound. Her panties joined the pile in the box.

The driver then walked over to a fence pole and pushed a button on the pole. From there a young woman with long brown hair put up on her head and dressed in a long white coat like a lab coat walked out of the door to the building and into the coral. Her coat was mostly clean but it had some smudges of blood on the sleeves that looked quite fresh. She led Mallory though a gate in the coral and through a door into the building. The entered a small room, and had her sit on a small metal stool.

The room resembled a combination of a doctor’s exam room, but was furnished only with stainless steel items: a large table, a glass-fronted stainless steel cabinet, and a stainless steel counter along the wall. There was a sink with a hose on the counter next to it.

“Your processor will be with you shortly,” she said, and then she left the room. After about 5 minutes of waiting, wondering how she was going to end her time on earth, the other door in the room opened, and in stepped a 40-ish man, bald with glasses, and a lab coat that had the name “Merle” embroidered on it.

He smiled as he spoke. “Hi, I’m Merle, the owner here at Hill’s Meats, and it’s my pleasure to be the lucky guy to turn you into meat. I spend a lot of time in the office, and I’m glad to get back to what I really enjoy!” he explained.

Then he freed the gag from her mouth. He had her turn around, and then bend over a bar attached to the wall so he could enema her out so her insides are clean. He inserted the hose into her rectum, and then filled her anus twice, letting Mallory run over to a toilet to expel her enema twice. Then Merle led her over to the preparation table. Once there, he had Mallory mount the table and lie back with her legs spread, giving him unimpeded access to her pussy.

“Looks like you’ve got a little stubble going - I’ll give you a quick shave. I really like this part,” he said with another wide smile. He lathered her pubis up with warm shaving cream taken from a stainless steel dispenser mounted on the wall, and then shaved Mallory with a straight razor. As she felt the cold steel brush her flesh, she remarked how amazing it is that by the end of the day she’ll just be cooked meat on the spit.

“Yes, no different than a veal cow or a sow hog,” replied Merle with a smile. “Soon you’ll be a piece of lifeless meat ready to cook.

“Yes, and before that you’ll feel the cold bite of the Jessica opening you up,” Merle grinned, dragging the blunt side of the straight razor up your belly. “Miss Jessica’s claw will slit you here, letting your viscera see the light of day for the first time!”

Mallory felt herself shiver. Merle said gently but firmly “Hold still as I don’t want to nick your pussy flesh before it’s cooked.”

Once he was done, Merle told Mallory to roll over. “Time for the finishing touch,” he said, and then spread her ass cheeks. “This is a special enema to help you relax, and to flavor your meat. I’ve got a good Chardonnay ready to go inside you,” he said and popped the enema nozzle into her rosette.

“Your large intestine will absorb a lot of the flavors and the alcohol, and your meat will taste slightly like the wine,” he explained, squeezing the bag to force the wine into her bung hole. Mallory felt the cool wine go into her, then felt a mild warming in her lower belly as the wine began to fill her colon. Soon she started to feel a little giddy, and Merle noticed he relaxing into a half-sleep as you lie your head down. “I feel so warm inside,” she cooed with a smile.

“Yes, and now I think it’s time to follow it with the chaser,” Merle said, pulling the nozzle out of her butt with a “pop”, and then he got onto the table behind her. “Time for another stuffing I know you’ll enjoy – mostly protein!” Merle unbuttoned his long white jacket, and only then did Mallory notice he wasn’t wearing pants on underneath, or underwear for that matter. And he slowly forced his hardon into her ass.

“Careful not to spill your enema……I want you tasting like Gallo marinade later,” he chuckled, and felt her anus tighten around his shaft. He began pumping, slowly at first, then increase the tempo as he lengthened his strokes, and began to give Mallory’s hams a real pounding. Here buttocks shook with ripples from Merl’s pelvis thrusting against them. Then he reached around and parted her pussy lips, and begin to finger her clit and labia. Mallory enjoyed this very much, and begin to meet every thrust, and pulled her ass up off the table so Merle had to move up to a squat to get access to her ass.

“I feel it building sweetmeat! Here I’m going to marinate your spit hole,” and he pulled out, then popped his manhood into Mallory’s wet and waiting pussy. He continue to pleasure her clit with his fingers while pounding her pussy, and she push back into him in unison as they approached climax. Suddenly Merle burst into her, and grabbed onto her hips with an iron-tight grip as he pumped his cum up her love tunnel, soon to be filled with cold steel where his hot meat blasts its seed.

After they took a moment to recover, Merle picked up a carrot and push it into Mallory’s anus. “That should keep everything from leaking out…..I love the flavor of white wine sauce,” he said. Mallory smiled back with glassy eyes, the bottle of wine having already gone to her head.

“Here my dear, the Jessica awaits,” and he lead her out of the room and up stairs and out into a patio on the back side of the plant. The fire is ready, and the Jessica sits near the fire pit, with the spit leaning up against a table loaded with a bowl of stuffing, some other ingredients, a tray of vegetables, and a bowl of barbecue sauce.

Merle led Mallory over to the Jessica, and had her kneel down on the shin pads, fitting her feet into stirrups. “Let your tits hang down in the gutting chute there, and put your chin on the chin rest. She settled down on the Jessica, and he locked one bar behind her knees, and a strap over hr back. A second strap went over the back of her neck. “I think I need to raise your chin a little…….there, perfect for the spit to come through your lips,” he said, making a final adjustment. Then he picked up the two injector needles, and slowly inserted them through her nipples and deep into her firm breasts

“I love tangy tit sauce, don’t you?” he asked as he eased the 4” needles into Mallory’s voluminous tit meat.

Then he tied her hands behind her back.

“I think we’re ready to begin, spitroast. I’ve made some mods to my Jessica for you: You won’t get any water flushing your belly through your sphincter as I’ve already filled that with a carrot, and I want the wine to diffuse through your meat as much as possible. And I’ll have to stuff you by hand and then sew up your belly by hand since I can’t squeeze stuffing through the anal tube. So you’ll get some individual attention today, and I’ll be doing some Old School hand spitting methods.”

Then Merle mounted up the 7 foot spit in the Jessica, greased up her pussy a little bit with lard, and come around by Mallory’s face. He the remote switch on a control cable, and he showed it to her.

“Here comes the spit into your pussy to start,” I said, and pressed the “Forward” button. Mallory tensed as the machine comes on, and then tensed her back as she felt the point of the spit touch her labia. Merle reached back and parted her inner lips, and the spit slid into her pussy, filling Mallory with the thickest shaft she’d ever felt, and she felt her pussy stretched till it felt like it would rip. “I’m told by some girls that it feels like giving birth in reverse, but many just cum,” Merle whispered to her in her ear. He saw her nipples hardening around the marinade needles, and he knew her stretched pussy had put her on the cusp of both agony and ecstasy.

“Uhhhhggh” escaped her lips, and he saw Mallory’s breathing getting deeper. “Give in to your feeling,” he whispered. “Its truly your last fuck.”

The point jabbed her cervix, and he saw her lurch forward against the Jessica straps. “That’s right where it should be ……about 9” on the spit,” he said, and kept the “Forward” button pressed down. “Get ready to feel it go where nothing has gone before, my little spitmuffin.” Mallory felt the spit part her cervix, and the deepening pain told her it yielded to the metal intruder piercing through her insides. Then she feel the tear of the spit going through the top of her womb, and know that she was past the point of no return, and her body has been rendered into meat. Merle gently stroked her clitoris with his finger as the spit continued to travel up inside Mallory, pushing her entrails aside.

Merle spoke again: “Time for the ‘kill’ switch, meatgirl. This is the part that hurts.” He pressed the “kill” switch, and she felt a sudden fire as the Jessica’s automatic knife slit her belly from her pubic bone and slid up almost to her sternum, then stowed itself in the chest rest nestled between her gloriously inflated breasts. “I have to help them along because I didn’t use the water hose,” he said, and he reach around both sides of her belly and pulled the sides of her new slit apart, letting her organs tumble out and slide down the gutting chute. Then he reached up into her belly and pull on a few loops of intestine, and then cut the whole mass free from Mallory, and her organs slide down into a large waiting pan. “There, that should make the rest of it go easier,” Marle said, noticing the agony on her beautiful but tortured face.

“The spit is traveling up by your heart now, and soon your feel it rising in your esophagus,” He smiled at her. “You’ve been a superlative spit girl……do you have any last words?” he asked. Mallory looked at him with an expression of both pain and pleasure, and told him this is all she’d ever wanted to be, and she was glad he’d be eating her meat soon.

Then as he saw the spit start to rise in Mallory’s throat, he clasped her head in his hands, and straightened her neck. “Here it comes……lick the spit on the way out of you,” he told her. She tasted the spit coming up through her throat, and a rush of flavors poured across her tongue: wine from her marinade, the taste of her own blood mixed with pussy juice, and finally the salty bitterness of Merle’s cum hinting at the pleasant sauce still filling her pussy. The spit traveled out of Mallory’s mouth for about a foot, then Merle turned the machine off. He disconnected the spit from the drive, and plucked the marinade needles from her tits.

“Time for the old school touch,” he said, picking her up in his arms and placing her on the table. He laid her down on her back and brought over a bowl of stuffing. “I love apples, oatmeal, and raisin stuffing. And since you’re light brown, it’ll go so well with your hair” he said, filling her empty belly with stuffing, then sewing it shut with butcher’s twine. Mallory now looked almost pregnant with a bulging belly full of stuffing.

“This will hurt again, I’m sorry,” and Merle pushed a skewer through her calves and through a cross-hole in the spit. “This keeps you from slipping on the spit since I’m not using the anal post with you.” Then he picked her up again and carried her to the fire. Merle almost dropped her in the flames trying to get her and the heavy spit onto the supports without burning himself, but he managed to get her onto the supports, and stepped back to admire the sight: a beautiful former girl, now transformed into meat, stuffed, and about to be roasted whole.

Finally, Merle up the bowl of barbecue sauce and begin brushing her, rolling her over onto her back so he could pay special attention to her tits and pussy with the basting brush. “I bet you like that,” he said as he lightly teased her nipples till they were erect like thimbles. He look at her eyes, and saw them flicking back and forth from his face and then down toward her own tits with their erect nipples. Then he began turning her over the fire, watching the sauce flow over her body and cover it in a deep, red layer. Slowly she turned over the fire, feeling the heat slowly take her away from the land of the living. Merle saw her breath her last, and his mouth watered thinking about her meat turning a delicate brown on the outside as her skin crackled and and cooked. .