As With Most Days (Story)

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AS WITH MOST DAYS (From the Gynophagia Chronicles) by Luis Cypher

Part 1

WEDNESSDAY, October 4, 2219

As with most days, Martha Cokely slid from her husband’s embrace at five thirty, doffed her nightgown and shuffled into the shower. Her 5’6” frame was still lithe and slender even after three pregnancies, eight daughters and thirty six years. The shower took only moments to begin steaming. She slid in, allowing the hot water to stream over her slender back and gently flared loins. She luxuriated under it for only five minutes; washing away the salty perspiration from last night’s ravishing.

Before she dried herself, Martha applied generous amounts of her home-made lemon-rind mineral oil to her entire body, taking note that she needed to wax. She slowly and carefully mounted herself on the wall mounted Enema Master™ to evacuated her bowels and bladder. In front of the mirror, she blow dried and combed her lush light brown hair as jutting, pink tipped pointy breasts bobbed in creamy splendor, offset by the light tan lines she’d carefully allowed herself over the last few years. Only after all this did she use a towel to dry herself, and the tiled floor. The end of the morning ritual favored a critical assessment of her laugh lines and smile lines as seen through hazel eyes.

“Hideous!” Martha snorted a whisper to herself. But, no time to fret longer, the morning’s tasks would not wait.

Panties, Bra, Slippers and her pink polyester snap front house dress went on in moments, leaving her legs bare almost to her hips. Tomorrow was Thursday. Tomorrow she’d treat herself to a professional waxing rather than the agony of doing it herself.

Back in the master bedroom, Don was leaning up on an elbow, his sleep puffed eyes barely open.

“Hiya Legs,” He purred.

“Morning Honey,” She smiled at the pet name he’d used since they’d first met.

She had been a freshman, barely sixteen at the University of Nevada at Elko. She’d favored short skirts and high cut blouses with a very bare midriff. It had all been a rebellious statement to her parents. She’d been accepted there as a tagged student. That meant a free education so long as she wore a hunting tag that made her fair game for the jocks and high achieving students that made up hunters in most universities these days. “Nice Legs,” came a cooing male voice. The source of that voice was a bear of a young man standing six foot three, with sandy blonde hair and a big grin. He looked like a jock, and dressed as he was in the slate gray and gold school cardigan, dressed like one too.

Martha’s hand had gone instantly to her precious tag, knowing a hunter would have taken it on that day if he could. Even though the boy made no moves to get close enough to take it, Martha remained on her guard.

“Shouldn’t’ you be chasing cheerleaders, Mr. Jock?”

He laughed heartily in a manner that infuriated her. “I’m not a jock,” he said, then approached, and offered a meaty hand. “Name’s Don. I’m not a hunter either.”

He’d been gentlemanly. The Arizona native was a junior mechanical engineering major and by the end of that week, Don had charmed Martha out of her cloths, and her virginity. Two years later, Martha Rene Finney became Mrs. Donald Cokely, and ten months after that, she delivered Linda, Mary and Naomi, her first of three litters.

Martha leaned onto the bed and kissed her husband’s cheek. Don, unsatisfied, forced a liplock Martha accepted. His massive hand had Martha’s forearm and was pulling her down.

“Honey,” Martha said as she nibbled on his ear.

“Mmm,” he grunted.

“Brush your teeth.”

“Mm,” he snorted. “Spoiled sport.”

Martha smiled and kissed his nose. “I need to get the girls up.”

Don flopped back onto the bed and threw the covers over his face.

“Tell me when they’re gone.”

“Right,” Martha said. “I guess Tom Harding will be in charge of fixing your precious excavator today.”

“Rrrr!” Don growled from under the blanket, and then threw the covers off. “Damn you! Damn you!”

Martha grinned at him as he pulled himself out of bed, and left the room.

Down the hall were two more doors. One opened to the girls’ bathroom, the other, to the girls’ bedroom. It was quarter of six when Martha opened the bedroom door and flipped the light on. That light revealed three sets of bunk beds, the triples were up against the wall with the double in between them. The triple on Martha’s left was completely vacant.

“Time to get up!” Martha said to a chorus of groans. Four brunette heads and a blonde stirred as Martha crossed the hall to the girls’ bathroom.

Switching on the light, she snorted. Towels on the floor, a tube of toothpaste oozing onto the counter between the two sinks, a puddle next to the commode and a whole lot of hair on the floor of the four head shower.

“Ugh,” Martha sneered, and headed back to her daughters’ room. “That bathroom better be clean before you go to school or you’re all grounded for a week!”

“I’m already grounded,” protested Tina from the bottom middle bunk. Her blonde twin, Dana, was already up and dressed, with a frightened look on her face as she stared incredulously at Tina.

“Don’t get smart with me, young lady!” Martha snapped arms akimbo. “You’ll get an extra week if it’s not clean! Now move!”

Martha strode down the hall and the stairs heavy footed and fuming. Ever since her first litter had gone off to Elko to attend college Tina had grown progressively more rebellious. It had only been a couple of months, and Martha did not want to imagine what antics Tina would come up with next. The latest episode involved Poppyfield High Football team and Principal Daniels. Tina had flashed her pantiless bottom to all of them on Monday. It was the type of thing Martha would have expected of Naomi, youngest of her first litter, but never happened. Naomi was the fun child. She was the one who made everyone laugh and always had the family entertained. Martha missed her terribly. Tina simply couldn’t pull off Naomi’s charm, and Martha wished she’d stop trying.

The stairs dropped Martha directly into the kitchen where the coffee maker was happily percolating and the timed griddle had dutifully preheated. From the refrigerator, Martha retrieved a stick of butter the stainless steel pitcher with the pancake batter she’d mixed last night before bed, and quickly poured her husband’s breakfast onto the griddle. She was standing at the sink, enjoying her first cup of coffee when done lumbered in wearing his coveralls.

“What was the commotion?” He asked, accepting the cup Martha offered.

“Hmm,” Martha finished swallowing. “The girls left a mess in their bathroom.”

“Oh,” he flipped his own pancakes. “Did I hear Tina giving you lip?”

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing. She’s out of control,” Don said. “You should have let me give her that spanking on Monday.”

“For flashing?”

“No, for being a bitch to you.”

“I was a bitch to my mother as well,” Martha said, half embarrassed and half proud of the memory.

Don shrugged. “I don’t like her mouthing off,” he flipped his pancakes on a plate and set it down on the counter. “Not to my woman.” Don grabbed Martha’s arm and pulled her close. “Now where were we…?”

“Oh!” Martha exclaimed as his enormous hand landed on her rump. He smothered her with a cherry mouthwash flavored kiss that she yielded to with a desperate passion, then drew away as she felt him slip her panties down.

“What are you doing?” Martha half protested.

“You were a bitch to your mother and you need to be punished,” Don smiled as he carved a wedge of butter and lifted the hem of Martha’s pink polyester snap front housedress.

“What? Oh!” Martha exclaimed her sphincter puckering as Don forced the cold butter into her.

“Honey,” Martha protested. “The girls will see!”

“They’re upstairs,” Don countered. He opened the front of her dress roughly and deftly unclasped Martha’s bra, releasing those jutting creamy breasts and caressing the wide cleavage between them. He then ran his hand down her belly to her slightly furry mons, finding her cleft with a finger. A glimpse of Don’s massive erection protruding from his fly was all he allowed her. Don suddenly had her flipped over like a pancake; face down on the kitchen table with her hips at its edge, that stiff member demanding entry into her buttered orifice. Martha forced herself to relax and accept him. She was rewarded with that intense invasion of her body that left no doubt regarding who commanded.

Even as her husband pleasured himself, he again found her swollen clitoris with a finger tip. She instantly climaxed at his touch, as she always did when taken this way. In short order she could feel his seed hot inside her rectum, his fingers attacking her simultaneously causing her to gush.

Suddenly exhausted, Martha laid for a moment on the table till done gathered her into powerful arms and held her. It was this simple thing that told her how much he loved her. Her body was weak and helpless, but he would always protect her. It was as close to being raped as Martha had ever come and it satisfied any fantasies she had along those lines. It also heightened them. She’d have to find time to masturbate at some point today.

Giggles from the stairwell brought Martha to the present. She composed herself quickly and checked to make sure Don had done likewise, noting she’d gushed all over his front. There was no help for it. It was the only set of coveralls he’d brought home this week… he was notoriously bad at that.

“Sit down, Honey,” she ordered her ravisher. When he complied she placed his breakfast before him. “You can come out now.”

Hesitantly, Tina led two of her youngest, Melanie and Corey from behind the wall that hid the stairs from the kitchen.

“Morning Daddy,” cooed Corey and Melanie. Tina went to the refrigerator shaking her head with a Cheshire grin and collected three bowls of sliced fruit.

“Is the bathroom clean?” Martha challenged.

“Sandy kicked us out,” Corey said. “She said she can do it faster by herself.”

Martha served them sweet creamed coffee.

“I guess,” Martha sighed. “Where’s Dana?”

“She’s primping for Bart Haskell,” Tina declared.

“John Haskell’s boy?” asked Don.

“I think so,” Tina said. “He’s quarterback for the football team.”

“One of the guys Tina showed her butt to,” Melanie said through a mouthful of banana. “I think it inspired him.”

“Inspired?” Don asked.

“They won on Monday’s game,” Melanie said.

“Inspired…” Don repeated.

“Hm…” Tina cocked her head, in a gesture of acknowledgement.

“They don’t play on Mondays!”

“It was a makeup game, Dad,” Tina said. “They were supposed to lose. Someone had to give them incentive.”

“Be careful, little girl,” Don smiled. “Or you’ll end up on a stick.”

“I thought football players only ate cheerleaders,” Tina shot back.

“Don’t get smart with me, Tina. I’m not as forgiving as your mother.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means watch your mouth and have some respect,” Don growled. “The only reason you didn’t get a spanking on Monday is because your mother begged me not to.”

Tina’s two younger sisters’ heads were going back and forth between sister and father like windshield wipers as if they watched a tennis match.

Don finished his breakfast just as Sandy and Dana finally made their appearance.

“Morning Daddy,” Dana said through glossy pink lips.

“Morning, sweetheart,” said Don as Dana took her seat and Sandy served her a bowl of fruit.

“So,” Don said. “Dana, what’s this I hear about you and Bart Haskell?”

Dana dropped her spoon with an incredulous expression on her face.

“Tina!” Dana protested. “You promised!”

“I want to meet him before you go out with him,” Don said.

“He hasn’t asked her out, yet,” Tina said.

“Well,” Don said. “If he does, I want to meet him first.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Dana said, brown eyes downcast.

“That goes for the rest of you as well,” Don declared. “If a boy asks you out, I want to meet him.”

“Yes, Daddy,” came the chorus.

“Honey,” Martha said. “It’s quarter of.”

“Right, gotta go,” Don stood, kissed his wife, accepted the travel mug she offered, and bolted out the door.

After he was gone, Martha poured the girls’ pancakes onto the griddle.

“Why were daddy’s coveralls wet?” Sandy asked.

“Uhm…” Martha said as Tina, Melanie and Corey giggled. Martha smirked at them. “It’s my fault,” she said simply. Tina would undoubtedly relay the whole scene to her two absent sisters on the way to school.

“Okay,” Sandy accepted with a shrug.”

“Mom,” Tina asked. “Can we call Naomi and the others today?”

“Sure,” Martha said. “But only after your homework is done and only so long as it’s before seven.”

“I still don’t get the whole hunting tag thing,” said Corey. “Why do they have to wear them again?”

“Because,” Sandy said. “If the hunters take your tag, you’re cooked.”

“I know that!” said Corey. “But why?”

“Because,” Dana said. “College is expensive and boys pay for the sport. Girls that pay don’t wear tags. Girls that don’t pay have to wear them.”

“Mom didn’t wear a tag,” Corey protested.

“Yes I did,” Martha corrected.

“But Gramma and Granpa are rich!” Corey said. “Why didn’t they pay for you?”

“That’s a long, long story, Sweetheart. Maybe I’ll tell you all about it someday.”

“And you made it through…”

“I only actually went two years,” said Martha. “I did get an Associate’s in General Education, though. I was married to your father and pregnant after that.”

“Why?” asked Melanie.

“Why what?”

“Why did you marry Daddy?”

“She liked his cock up her ass,” Tina blurted, and Corey spit her coffee.

“Tina!” Martha snapped, glaring. “Corey, go change your blouse.”

“But I’m not done!”


Martha turned back to Tina, still glaring, but not knowing what to do. Instead of talking, she collected empty bowls and plates and went to the sink.

“You’re such a bitch,” she heard Dana whisper to. Martha could imagine Tina shrugging at that as Martha briskly washed the dishes.

By seven thirty, the five girls were finally leaving, and Martha managed to get over Tina’s humiliating remark. On the porch, she collected the Poppyfield Press Democrat and waved to Jeanine Phillips next door. Jeanine was sending her youngest brood of three, all high school seniors, off to school. The three joined Martha’s own daughters as they crossed the street clucking like hens… now the neighborhood would know all about Martha’s kitchen table…

“What time should I come over?” Called Jeanine, her top heavy body wrapped in a yellow terrycloth robe.

“Give me an hour,” Martha called back. “Can you call Chelsea?”

“Sure thing,” Jeanine said. “See you then.”

“Hi Martha!” Called Ron, Jeanine’s police officer husband. He wore his beige uniform well in spite of his ample belly. He had a friendly face of Irish extraction under curly red hair with smiling blue eyes. If Martha had not been so in love with her own husband she’d certainly had accepted one of Jeanine’s many invitations to share their bed. Martha watched as Ron drove off in his black and white squad car, then smiled and gave another little wave to Jeanine as she slipped back inside.

The first batch of soiled sheets was in the washing machine and the kitchen was done. Martha sat down with the morning paper, flipping to the entertainment section. “Jenna’s Dish” had become her favorite column. Jenna Wells, Playpen E-Girl, and sister to the last months Playpen Playmate was, once again, dishing on her favorite topic: her overachieving sister Samantha Wells who had become something of a journalistic sensation over the past few months before posing nude for the Playpen centerfold. Martha had only started reading when the phone rang. The caller I.D. identified her last surviving sister Beverly calling from Wildwood, NJ. Martha sighed and picked up.

“Hi, Bev.”

“Hi Marty. Have you talked to Mother since Saturday?”


“Mother called me last night. Guess where she was!”

“I give up.”



“Denver!” Beverly exclaimed. “And guess what she was doing.”

“Why Denver?”

“Mother and Dad are driving cross country, so don’t be surprised if they sho9w up.”

“Awe, shit. You are joking, right?”

“No. Well, I don’t know she’s coming to see you. I didn’t ask, and she didn’t say, but it’s very likely.”


“Because Mother and Dad were shopping for a spit!”

Martha snorted an incredulous laugh. “They went to Denver to buy a spit?”

“Well,” Beverly said breathlessly. “Apparently there is this big catering trade show that’s running this week. I swear, Mother sounded breathlessly orgasmic as she told me.”

“So do you,” Martha observed.

“Shut up! It was really creepy! Can you imagine? Mother getting excited like that?”

“Well,” Martha said. “I guess I can expect them then… you think Dad’s decided to finally pull the trigger on Mother? She’s got at least three years left.”

“Well, I don’t know. But if I were you, I’d expect them to show up and invite you and Don in person. How are the girls?”

To Martha’s own astonishment, she painted a complete word picture of the occurrences this morning.

“Sounds like Tina needs a good ass plugging,” Beverly observed.

“Don isn’t Dad,” Martha said. “I’m not sure he’d have her even if she were culled.”

“Really?” Beverly said. “Leo would be all over that. And don’t forget, Dad will probably be there soon.”

“Bev, c’mon! You still buy that story?”

“All I know is that Sylvie was spitroasted just after she said Dad fucked her ass.”

“Well,” Martha said. “Neither of us was there, so we’ll probably never know. How’re your girls? And how’s Josh?”

The conversation went on for roughly thirty minutes more till the doorbell rang. Martha checked the clock. It was nearly nine thirty already.

“”Come in, the door’s open!” Martha called. “Gotta go, sweetie,” she said into the phone. “Love you!”

“Call me if Mother and Dad show…”

“Will do. Kisses.”

Martha turned to see her guests, Jeanine and Chelsea.

Jeanine was a top heavy dark brunette of Italian extraction with straight hips and a generous backside. Her curly dark hair framed a heart shaped face with lustrous dark eyes and full lips. She stood shorter than Martha at 5’4” and much shorter than her companion. Jeanine Philips was thirty eight and had lived in the house next door the entire twelve years since Martha and Don arrived and four before that. Her youngest litter had been born in Poppyfield.

Chelsea, on the other hand, was tall and lanky. Even her neck seemed extra long. At 5’9” with perky little breasts she’d have made a great runway model, especially since she kept her blonde hair very short, almost in a crew cut that left her long neck exposed. Her elongated slender figure was just beginning to show five months of pregnancy, Chelsea’s first. . Her fair skinned face was flushed with maternal warmth. The pregnancy thing obviously agreed with her eighteen year old body. Both Martha and Jeanine suspected she’d do it more than most. She was cousin to Jeanine’s husband and married to one of Don’s co-workers.

“Hi, guys,” Martha breathed, relieved to be off the phone with Bev.

“You okay?” Chelsea asked.

“Yeah,” Martha nodded. “I just found out my parents might show up…”

“What’s your stepmom like?” asked Chelsea.

“Mother. Overbearing.”

“Woah! Your mom is alive?”

“Martha’s from New Jerseay,” Jeanine said.


“So, in New Jersey women can live to age sixty if they breed enough girls.”


“My mother had seventeen daughters,” Martha offered. “She’s almost fifty seven.”

“Wow!” Chelsea said. “Can I meet her? I’ve never seen an old woman before.”

“You’ve led such a sheltered life,” Jeanine giggled. “It’s so cute.”

“Right…” Martha looked around. “I’ll go change. Uhm, Chelsea, can you grab the magazines off the coffee table? I’ll be down in a minute.”

Martha ran upstairs to change into her beige bikini, grabbed a pair of paper scissors, her little-d tan-guard lotion and joined her friends on the deck behind the house. The yard in back was communal with the neighbors. There were no fences, and the yard divisions were marked only by concrete walkways that ran up the sides of each property, to the meandering, tree lined path that separated the properties on Rose Avenue from Violet Way.

The three women applied their tan-controlling lotion without ceremony. It would keep them from burning in the hot Arizona sun. Then they began clipping coupons from the stacks of magazines. It was their Wednesday Morning Ritual that culminated in the trip to the supermarket in the afternoon.

“I have to get waxed tomorrow,” Martha said. “I was thinking of going out to have it done.”

“I should too,” said Jeanine. “Celia’s?”

“Celia’s girls are brutes,” Chelsea observed. “I like Yukio’s better.”

“I agree,” said Martha.

“Yukio’s it is, then,” said Jeanine. “Anyone need a Rembrandt cherry Mouthwash?”

“We do!” Martha said.

“My fave,” said Chelsea.


“Yech,” Jeanine said. “All yours! I don’t see how you can stand that sickly sweet stuff.”

“Don loves it.”

“So,” Chelsea said. “Did Donald tell you about the new secretary?”

“Nnno…” Martha said.

“No kidding! Frank said she’s a real bitch. Don hates her!”


“Her name is Morgan. Blonde, very pretty, knows it. At least that’s what Frank says. Anyway, she’s tight with Tom Harding.”

“Tom’s tight with anyone in a skirt that will give him the time of day,” Martha said. “His wife pays for it… poor Susan.”

“Yeah,” Chelsea observed. “That’s true. He came on to me last week…”

“Took him that long?” Martha said. “He’s getting lazy.”

“Anyway,” Chelsea ignored Martha. “This Morgan chick has been giving Frank and Don a hard time with Paperwork. Frank said Don thinks she needs a good butt fucking.”

Martha laughed. “Do you know how big Don is?”

“I’ve noticed his package,” smiled Jeanine. “Often.”

Martha smirked. “You can’t be at all uptight and take him in. You really have to relax!”

“Martha!” Jeanine said. “And how would you know?”

Martha smiled and clipped another coupon.

“You tart! You’ve been holding out on me! Oooo, that’s a juicy tidbit to tease Ron with. And I don’t even have to make it up!”

“What have you been making up?”

“Well,” Jeanine grinned. “Last week I told him we watched his Playpen Playmates in Peril DVD and we all masturbated each other.”

“You did not!” Martha flared.

“I did!”

“What’s ‘Playpen Playmates in Peril’?”

“You know Playpen Magazine, right?” Jeanine asked.

“Yeah. The one with all the naked women in it.”

“Right. They Playmates are their uber-models. The top of the top…”

“Yeah, I’m not completely ignorant…”

“Anyway. They rape them, film it, and one of them gets spitted on the DVD”

“Oooo!” Chelsea said, an excited expression on her face. “I’d like to see that.”

“Really?” Martha asked. “They actually rape these women for entertainment?”

“Not only that, but they all agree to it in advance.”


“Every time Ron watches it, he promises that I’ll get spitroasted. I’d hate to just go down to the butcher shop. I wish we lived in California where the license is less expensive.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Maybe next year,” Jeanine said. “You’re both invited, by the way.”

“Or you could move to Jersey,” said Chelsea.

“No,” Martha said. “You have to be born there and birth all your children there to qualify for extended life. I don’t even qualify.”

“How many sisters do you have left, Martha?” asked Chelsea.

“Just one. Beverly is a year older than me and has ten girls. She gets to live to age forty four if she likes.”

The doorbell rang.

“Oh god!” Martha said. “Not already.”

“Your folks?” Jeanine asked.

“I hope not!”

Martha felt her heart flutter as she stood and entered the house. At the front door, Martha looked through the peephole to see two figures she dreaded seeing.

“Oh damn,” she cursed, then opened the door.

Before her stood a balding man, about sixty who was just her height. He had a very large nose, cauliflower ears and a slight pudge in the gut. He wore a crisp white dress shirt, brown old-man pants, a bowtie and thick, thick glasses. The only things he had in common with Martha’s husband were his enormous hands which gave him an alien like appearance. The woman at his side wore a simple, but obviously high quality navy blue dress with a string of pearls and pearl earrings. She still had that slight figure Martha had inherited, but the dark hair was going gray, much grayer than the last time Martha had seen her, and the lines in the woman’s face had become just that much more pronounced. But her ice blue eyes were still sharp and steady, and were drinking in everything she saw.

“Surprise,” the pair chorused.

“Mother! Dad!” Martha forced a cheerful smile. “What a surprise!”

Mrs. Finney stepped up and offered Martha her cheek which Martha dutifully kissed before the older woman pushed past her daughter. Mr. Finney hugged his daughter and kissed her cheek.

“Well,” said Chester Finney. “I had better find us a hotel to stay at. You obviously don’t have room for us here.”

“You have to do that now?” Mrs. Finney asked, obviously annoyed.

“You and Marty have things to discuss,” said Mr. Finney. “I’ll be back later.”

“Okay,” Martha said… wishing to herself he’d take Mother with him.

Mrs. Finney watched him as he returned to his antique Jaguar, then turned to Martha.

“You’re all greasy,” she said.

“I was, uhm, sunbathing.”

“Really?” Mrs. Finney said. “Then let’s repair to the back yard so you can continue your efforts.”

Martha started to protest, but thought better of it.


Martha led her mother to the back deck where her two friends continued to clip coupons.

“Jeanine, Chelsea, this is my mother, Mrs. Finney.”

Jeanine raised a brow at the “Mrs. Finney” name, as Martha left out her mother’s first name.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Finney,” Jeanine said. “Won’t you join us?”

“How thoughtful, dear. Martha, won’t you fetch me a chair?”

“Certainly,” said Martha.

When she returned with a folding lawn chair, Martha found her mother chatting cordially with her two guests.

“I was just telling your friends how quaint a place for a garden party this yard would be,” said Mrs. Finney.

“I’ve never seen one here,” Martha said.

“When Ron and I moved in we had a couple.” Jeanine remembered. “Then they raised the license fee, so it’s been a long time.”

“That’s a pity,” said Mrs. Finney. “This is ideal. I rather like the tree lined path.”

“How was Denver?” Martha asked, amused that her mother flinched at its mention.

“Cold,” Mrs. Finney said. “I was unimpressed. I hear Aspen is nice, but we came straight here.”

“I heard you went shopping.”

“Yes, we did,” Mrs. Finney said stiffly.

“Buy anything?”

“As a matter of fact, we did,” Mrs. Finney said. “You know how your father loves gadgets.”

“Does Denver have good shopping?” asked Chelsea.

“Mr. Finney thinks so,” said Mrs. Finney.

“My father’s a sucker for the latest toy,” Martha observed. “Beverly called and told me about the trade show.”

Mrs. Finney laughed nervously, her face reddening a bit. “Oh, yes, that…”

“Well,” Jeanine said gathering her cache of coupons and magazines. “I have to make up my shopping list.”

“Me too,” said Chelsea. She stood and hugged Martha. “I’ll see you later?”

“Yes… my cupboard’s empty. I need to shop.”

Jeanine moved in, putting an arm over Martha’s shoulder.

“Call me if you need rescuing,” Jeanine whispered in Martha’s ear, the fingers of her free hand brushing Martha’s mound, sending a shocking thrill through Martha’s body as Mrs. Finney looked on in shock.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Finney,” Chelsea offered her hand, oblivious to the spectacle.

Mrs. Finney, still sitting in the lawn chair was slack jawed, eyes darting from Jeanine to her daughter.

“What? Oh, yes, nice to meet you as well, Chelsea. Jeanine.”

As her friends were leaving, Martha gathered her own things with a sense of foreboding as her mother stood.

“I need to powder my nose,” said Mrs. Finney.

“Alright,” said Martha nonchalantly. “Oh, uh,” she added when her mother moved not at all. “Inside to the left.”

Martha put on her pink polyester snap front housedress, parked her things on the kitchen table and went to the cupboard for tea. By the time her mother reappeared she had the kettle on the stove and two cups and saucers from the never used Wedgewood tea service Mrs. Finney had sent as a wedding gift.

“Such a quaint little house you have dear,” observed Mrs. Finney, waiting for Martha’s invitation to sit. “Your manners are slipping.”

Martha sighed, but extended no invitation, and continued to slice lemon wedges. Mrs. Finney finally sat.

“Two lumps?”

“You remembered,” Mrs. Finney smiled. “Your neighbors are nice enough.”

“Chelsea just moved in next door six months ago. She’s a newlywed. And yes, Jeanine and I love her to death. Jeanine was here when we arrived. That was when my youngest were a couple of years old.”

“Yes, I know that,” said Mrs. Finney, accepting the offered tea. “The setting has a certain appeal. I can see why you’re so comfortable here.” Then the older woman sighed. “That dress, however, must go.”

“It’s comfortable.”

“I can see that.”

Martha sighed again, and sat.

“How are your friends at the bridge club?”

“The same, mostly. They’re having a competition.”


“Well, the senior members are. Last round is on Sunday.”

“So you’ll be heading back soon?”

“I had not planned on it.”

“But you love playing…”

“True,” Mrs. Finney said. “But I’d rather be here.”

“Mother, you’ve avoided visiting us since I was married.”

“Things change.”

Martha smirked. “Time heals?”

“In part; I’ve long since forgiven you for running off to Nevada.”

“I wanted to see what I could do on my own.”

“You risked getting spit-roasted by strangers.”

“I was old enough to make that choice.”

“Benjamin would have married you.”

“Oh, yes. Didn’t he cull Delia before their children turned ten? So he could marry his secretary? Then he did her. Bev told me the whole story. He always had a roving eye, Mother. He had no love for anyone but his own pleasure.”

“Your father and I went to Delia’s barbeque. She seemed very happy.”

“Mother, you’ve lived longer than I will. I have four years, on the outside. Delia only got twenty seven. You’ve met all nineteen of your grandchildren. I won’t meet one of mine unless my girls get busy very quickly.”

“And you resent me for it?”

“No!” Martha shook her head. “I honestly don’t resent that at all. I love my husband, and if he decided to cull me tomorrow, I’d go happily. We can’t afford it, but I’d still be happy about it.”

“I understand most women in Poppyfield simply go to the butchers.”

“It’s a lower middle class neighborhood. I haven’t ever seen a roast done here, as I said before.”

“So one might not go over well?”

“Are you volunteering?”

Mrs. Finney was silent for a moment.

Martha came slowly to the realization of why her mother was here. “Are you serious?”

“Well, your father would like to fly your sister out. Assuming it’s alright with your husband, of course.”

“I don’t understand. Why here?”

“Beverly’s mother in law is still alive. She’s even a bit younger than I am. Her children will have a grandmother still even after I’m gone. And I rather enjoy the company of your children.”

“So dad went gadget shopping in Denver.”


“I’ll bet he bought a very fancy new spit.”

“He bought three.”


“It’s a large neighborhood. You have a lot of friends, or so you tell me. He assumed we’d need three roasts to feed them all.”


“Your father is buying licenses for Saturday as we speak.”



Martha crossed her arms and set herself back on one foot. “Mother, I strongly doubt any of our neighbors would volunteer on such short notice.”

“Well, then we’ll make due.”

Martha couldn’t help but suspect what her mother intended. She thought about a sly method of getting Mrs. Elizabeth Finney to admit it, but Mother’s ability to avoid blurting out her true feelings was simply beyond Martha’s ability to navigate. There was no help for it.

“Do you expect me to volunteer?” Martha asked bluntly, terrified of the forthcoming answer.

“That would be very thoughtful, dear.”

“Oh, God!” Martha breathed an exclamation, her breath practically sucking itself out of her. The sensations of thrilling horror charged through her body like a freight train, touching every nerve and leaving her belly tingling. Martha stood and went to the cupboard looking for something, anything to hide her embarrassment. She retrieved a mixing bowl.

“I thought I might make some coffee cake,” Martha said.

“That would please your father greatly, dear.”

Martha began collecting the ingredients with quaking hands.

“Would you like some help dear?” asked Mrs. Finney.

“Uhm… yeah,” said Martha. She slid the bowl to Mother and set the oven to three fifty. “I have to get ready to go shopping anyway.”

“I should stay, then,” said Mrs. Finney. “Your father’s new toys should be arriving any time.”

“What? You don’t have the spits with you?”

“Oh, he couldn’t just buy spits, dear. He bought special roasting oven/barbeque units. He couldn’t stop once he got started. You know how he is.”

“Did you schedule a butcher too?”

“Oh no,” Mrs. Finney said. “Your father and I have been taking classes with one of the best chefs on the eastern seaboard.”

Martha’s tremors came now in intense waves.

“So Dad’s going to gut me?”

“Of course, dear.”

Martha retried the bunt mold.

“Are you alright, dear?”

Martha shook her head.

“No, Mother. I am not alright. You came here, drop this bombshell on me and expect us not only to accommodate you, but for me to be a garnish to you as the main course!”

“Don’t be silly, dear. I’d never think of you as a garnish.”

Martha snorted. “I still haven’t volunteered, Mother.” She took the cake batter and poured it into the mold. “I don’t know if this will work out. Maybe some other time.”

Martha took the cake to the oven and slid it in, setting the timer. She turned back to her mother and noted the woman’s eyes were tearing up.

“I have to go get ready,” Martha said, leaving her mother as tear ran down the older woman’s cheek.

Upstairs, Martha stripped off, grabbed her vibrator from the nightstand drawer and sat on the shower pan under a scalding stream of water. As she slid the vibrator inside, she remembered Sylvie’s last call.

“Daddy fucked me,” Sylvie had said.

Martha had been fat with her second litter, holding Naomi as Linda suckling at her barely adequate boobs while Mary napped.


“Daddy fucked me,” Sylvie had repeated. She said it in a tone that seemed somehow both satisfied and humiliated. Martha couldn’t help but imagine it. Her father was half bald, even back then, and never what a woman might call physically attractive.

“He has a really huge cock! He fucked my ass too!”

“He raped you?” Martha asked with incredulity.

“Yes,” Silvie had said. “But it doesn’t matter. I’m getting roasted anyway. Mother is having me cooked at the bridge club… I guess she lost a bet, or something.”

“So tell me what happened with Dad!”

“What’s to tell? He fucked me!”

Martha hadn’t believed her. Silvie had always made things up from the time she could talk. But when she had indeed been spitroasted at the bridge club, it caused Martha to question her own instinct.

Beverly, however, had bought the story whole, painting a picture of impish little Silvie being ravished by conservative Chester Finney. But Martha’s instinct still told her no, it never happened.

Martha’s body convulsed at the thought of it, however. And then there was the thought that Dad would send her off in the same fashion. She couldn’t count the orgasms that gushed through her till there was simply no more to give.

“Mother,” Martha said later as she came downstairs. “Can you call Bev and let her know you’re here?”

“Of course, dear,” Mrs. Finney said. Martha could see Mother had been crying. She’d deal with it later, Martha thought, and gathered her things to go.

“So are you going to do it?” Jeanine asked as Martha and Chelsea pushed shopping carts alongside her.

“That’s up to Don,” Martha said evenly.

“I know that! But are you going to do it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Your’ mom seems stuck up,” Chelsea observed. “You look alike, but how come you’re so nice?”

“You know,” Jeanine said with a smirk. “You ought to set it up as a tenderizing party.”

“What’s that?” Chelsea asked.

Jeanine laughed. “It’s where the meat gets tied down and takes all comers…”

“I guess I should buy invitations,” Martha said absently, her head in a fog. “How many should I get?

By the time Martha arrived home, the roasters were indeed being delivered by a semi tractor and trailer parked in front of the house. Mrs. Finney was directing the delivery women to bring the stainless steel monstrosities to the back yard. Three wooden tables, which seemed more like long cutting boards with legs than tables came with them, as did three boxes, the spits, and enough propane to power a much larger roast.

Many of the neighborhood women and girls had come out to gaze at the sight. Jeanine’s remaining litter was there as were Tina and Dana.

“Wow,” Chelsea said. “Your folks went all out!”

“Mmmm,” Jeanine said, her hand patting Martha’s bottom. “It’s making me horny!”

Mrs. Finney turned to Jeanine with a smile. “Perhaps you would consider volunteering.”

“Oh!” Jeanine flushed.

“Yeah, Mom!” said Lorrie Philips. “You’d look hot on a spit!” Lorrie had her mother’s ample rump and her father’s strawberry hair. She was Tina’s best friend.

“Careful, sweetheart,” said Jeanine. “I might take you with me!”

Lorrie swallowed hard, Martha mused. Jeanine was deadly serious. Mrs. Finney chuckled.

“Do tell your teachers they’re invited,” said Mrs. Finney to Lorrie. “Especially Mr. Daniels. I’m told Tina has a special affection for him!” Mrs. Finney left them then, leading the delivery women with the last of their burden. Jeanine and Martha ordered their daughters to unload Chelsea’s van and the three friends went into their respective homes.

In back of the Cokely home, Mrs. Finney was entertaining questions by the gaggle of neighbors. When Martha saw Helen Blakely among them, she knew she wouldn’t need to send out invitations at all. Helen lived opposite the Cokely’s back yard on Violet. She was a human soapbox. If Helen knew it, everyone did. Martha sighed and busied herself with the groceries.

As Dana came in with the last bag of canned goods it split and dropped them on the floor. As Dana went to pick them up, Martha saw she wore no panties.

“Dana! What happened to your underwear?”

Dana shot up to stand straight, hazel eyes wide.


“Dana was flashing Bart Haskell,” Tina injected. “So Lorrie dared her to give him her panties, and she did!”

Martha folded her arms. “Is this true, Dana?”

Dana bit her lip, and nodded.

“I’m surprised at you! Your’ grounded for the rest of the week. And you’ll be explaining this to your father! Now get these groceries put away!”

Martha took the Thigh roast she’d purchased and began preparing dinner for the evening. It wasn’t long before the phone rang and Helen Blakely began firing questions about Saturday. Would it be a potluck? What about tables? What time? How many roasters? Was Martha going to roast? Martha tried to be gracious to the neighborhood’s most notorious gossip, but she was fast losing patience.

“And is it a casual gathering, or is there a dress code?”

“Come naked if you like,” Martha said exasperated.

“Oh!” said Helen, offering a rare moment speechlessness. “I couldn’t. Lingerie then? Or Bikinis?”

As usual, Don was home at six, just as dinner was ready. He bound into the kitchen, picked up his wife and smothered her with kisses.

“What did I do to deserve the affection?” Martha giggled.

“Chester told me everything!” Don said breathlessly. “God,” he kissed her again. “I can’t wait!”

“My dad talked to you?”

“He came to work at lunch. He should be here any minute. What’s wrong?”

Martha stared at her husband wide eyed. She wanted to cry.

“Honey, what is it?”

“I…” Martha started. “I hope I taste good…”

“Honey,” Don grinned. “You’ll be delicious!”

At Dinner, Martha was in a complete fog. In bed, done was insatiable – taking her more times than he’d ever taken her before. She awoke the next morning sore and stiff.


Part 2

As with most days Ron called at five as Jeanine was making dinner. She picked up the phone and held it to her head as she sliced potatoes.

“Hi, Honey,” she said instantly.

“Hey babe!” Ron said. “I got your message, and I got Saturday off. But I’m taking a double shift tonight, so don’t wait up.”

“Oh good!” Jeanine said, putting a smile in her voice. “Do you know that Martha’s mother suggested I volunteer for the third spit?”

“You’d look good on a spit.”

“That’s what Lorrie said,” Jeanine smirked.

Ron’s laugh was boisterous. “So would she!”

“I threatened to volunteer her!”

Ron broke into uncontrolled cackles. “Maan! Did I ever tell you that you crack me up?”

“Isn’t that why you married me?”

“That, and your big tits,” Ron said. “Wait, third spit?”

“Yeah,” Jeanine said. “Mr. Finney bought three spits and three licenses.”

“Woah! You’re kidding!”

“As to your next question: Martha might get spitted too.”

A moment of silence was followed by: “Wow.”


“Shades of the past!”

“Not really,” Jeanine said. “Martha’s mom is a stuck up bitch. I can’t imagine Martha and her mom… well…”

“That’s a shame.”

It is, but…”

“Well, it doesn’t matter,” Ron said. “I’ll be home around one, and I’ll be hard as a rock!”

“Can’t wait!”

“Gotta go!”

“Love you!”

“Me too!”

Jeanine hung up the phone and went on dicing potato with the memory of her own mother and sister Maria dancing in her head. They had been spitted together after Maria failed her Junior High finals. Jeanine was charged with shaving her mother that day. She couldn’t resist sampling the fillet… and the memory still never failed to get Jeanine aroused.

“Was that Dad?”

Annoyed at the interruption, Jeanine turned to face Lorrie, and her jaw dropped.

Lorrie was still wearing her school uniform, but only one button of her blouse was buttoned at her cleavage. The rest had been gathered up and tied so that the lower portion of Lorrie’s ribs were exposed. Lorrie’s gray skirt was also shortened, from twenty inches to about ten! And it was pulled down so the waist band wrapped around Lorrie’s hip bones so that even the top of her pubic mound was exposed.

“What are you wearing?”

“My uniform!” Lorrie said. “Like it? It’s all the rage in California.” Lorrie did a twirl, and Jeanine saw that the strawberry blonde’s rump cleft was also more than visible.

Jeanine shook her head, smiling.

“You’re not wearing panties, are you?”

“I didn’t have any that would work,” Lorrie said.

“I dare you to go to school like that tomorrow,” Jeanine declared. “You…”

“Mom!” Protested Lindsey. “You can’t be serious!”

Jeanine regarded dark haired Lindsey. Like all her daughters, Lindsey was five foot five with the same basic shape as Jeanine, straight hips, generous rump. But also, smaller in the bust line the way Lorrie was. Of all her daughters, only Lana had inherited Jeanine’s enormous breasts.

“Why not?” Jeanine asked. “She looks good enough to eat!”

Lorrie swallowed so hard Jeanine could hear her throat.

“Exactly, Mom!” Harrumphed Lindsey. “I can just hear the chatter coming out of Eileen Blakely’s mouth!”

“I don’t know,” said Lana, the third of Jeanine’s youngest litter. “Maybe Lorrie wants to do the pole dance!”

“Fuck you, Lana!”

“You wish!” Lana said, thrusting her chest in Lorrie’s direction. “There’s a spit next door with your name on it!”

“Lana! I swear I’ll…”

“Careful, Lana,” said Jeanine. “It might have your name on it instead.”

“So, Mom,” said Lana, completely unperturbed by her mother’s remark. “Mrs. Finney seems nice. Is Martha really going with her?”

“Maybe,” Jeanine said. “Lorrie, you should sew up that hem. Go use the sewing machine.”


Lana and Lindsey began setting the table.

“”Dad’s working late, so don’t set his place.”

“I like Mrs. Finney,” said Lindsey. “She’s classy. I never thought an old woman could be pretty too.”

“Now we know where Martha gets her looks,” Jeanine had to admit. Mrs. Finney was very pretty, but she was tempted to share her low opinion of the older woman with her daughters, but discarded the notion. Experience is always better.

“Don’s going to need a new wife,” Lindsey said.

Jeanine regarded Lindsey as the potatoes fried.

“You’re not his type,” said Lana.

“How do you know?”

“ ‘Cause I am!”

“Don’t be smart, Lana,” said Jeanine. “Linds, we don’t know what will happen…” she paused. “But if Martha decides to get roasted…”

“What” asked Lindsey, wide eyed and hopeful.

“I’ll float the idea to him.”

“Really?” Lindsey breathed, a smile on her lips as she hugged her mother.

The idea was appealing. The more Jeanine thought on it the more she liked it. Lindsey was not university material and only marginal with her grades in highschool. As the girls bantered about this and that, Jeanine imagined life with Lindsey next door… without Martha. Chelsea was her only other real friend, and she was too much of a ditz to confide in…

Jeanine regarded her youngest daughters. Her fantasy had always been to be spitted with one of them. All of her first litter and one of her second had not made it through highschool. Her two colligiates, Miley and Madeline were at Elko U of Nevada with Martha’s three eldest trying to survive with decent grades and dodging hunters. If they survived, they’d be fine. Having at least one of her girls married would be more than Jeanine could hope for under any circumstances.

So what if Martha got spitted?

Jeanine had told Martha every part of her life, including why she wanted to go out with one of her daughters. But as she regarded Lana, Lindsey and Lorrie she could not imagine any of them being turned onto the idea of having sex with their own mother.

And that was the rub of it. Even though Mrs. Finney was what she was, she oozed a sexual tension the same way Martha did. Martha threatened to burst any moment, but the closest thing Jeanine had had to intimacy with Martha was rubbing tanning inhibitor on Martha’s back… with Martha wearing that ridiculous beige bikini. Maybe tomorrow when we get waxed…

“Oh my god!” Jeanine exclaimed.

“What?” Chorused her daughters.

“I forgot to make the appointment!”

“What appointment?”

“Martha and I need to get waxed,” Jeanine frantically dialed Yukio’s…


Part 3

Wednesday had begun as with most days, but for Dana Cokely it hadn’t ended that way. Talk of the coming roast on Saturday permeated everything. Her mother’s halting announcement at dinner that she’d be spitroasted Saturday with Gramma had charged the atmosphere with a tension that made Dana’s skin tingle. Even more so when mom suggested it be a lingerie event to Mrs. Blakely.

How that happened was after dinner as Dana and her sisters sat on the back porch with their parents and grandparents. Helen Blakely waddled up with her daughter Eileen, looking as always like a torso glued to the top of a light bulb, so wide were her hips. Helen wasn’t fat, mind you, but her butt was huge, the biggest Dana had seen. Eileen’s wasn’t much smaller.

“Yoo-hoo,” Helen sang. ‘Hello Martha! Hello girls. Hello Don! Nice to see you again, Mrs. Finney.”

“Heya Helen,” said Dad. “I guess you heard about Saturday.”

“I did! Is this Mr. Finney who I’ve heard so much about?”

“Nice to meet you, Helen,” said Grampa in a friendly way.

“I heard the news and had to meet you,” said Helen taking his offered hand. “Mr. Finney, This is my daughter, Eileen.”

“Call me Chester, please.”

“I came over because I decided to go shopping tomorrow and I wanted to confirm it would be a bra and panty day. I haven’t a thing appropriate to the occasion, so…”

“What a great idea!” said Grampa.”

“But dear,” Gramma protested. “Do you think it would be proper?”

“Why not?” said Grampa. “You and Marty will be naked.”

“Oh, good!” Helen sang. “Martha suggested it might be a nude only day.”

“Nude!” Gramma exclaimed looking at Mom.

“Well,” Daddy said. “If anyone wants to show up naked, I won’t object. Let’s call it ‘underwear optional’!”

“Great idea, Don!” said Grampa enthusiastically as Gramma scowled.

Gramma leaned over to Dana and whispered: “You know what’s on their minds!” The two exchanged private smiles and Dana giggled.

“But,” Gramma said. “Dana can’t wear panties. She has boys to impress!”

“Gramma!” Dana protested.

Mom was looking at Gramma with her mouth agape but her lips broke into an open smile.

“I don’t mean to be nosey,” said Helen, and Dana thought “yes you do” and so, most likely, did all her sisters. “But,” Helen went on. “Are those the spits?” She pointed to the long boxes stacked on the deck against the house.

“Yeah,” Daddy nodded.

“Can I see one?” asked Helen. “If it’s not too much to ask.”

“Now it starts,” Gramma whispered to Dana.

“My pleasure!” said Grampa. “Don, give me a hand, please.”

Daddy and Grampa opened the top box.

“Hey,” said Daddy. “There are two in here.”

“Two per set,” said Grampa.

“So we have six?” Tina asked incredulously.

“One for Gramma,” said Grampa. “One for your mother and four more if need be.” He picked up one of the seven foot stainless steel poles and a long canvas bag out of the top box.

“Okay, Gather round,” he said. “This spit is brand new, state of the art. See here at the front end, these holes ooze vegetable oil so that it goes in smoothly. It’s two inches around except here where the rubber coating is. This part is called the bit. It’s so you can bite down on it comfortably. It also helps the butcher place these holes properly so the doe can breathe while she cooks.”

“Wow,” said Eileen. “So we roast alive?”

“You volunteering, sweetie?” smiled Grampa wolf-like.

“No,” Eileen shook her head.

“You sure? We have plenty of spits!”

“What’s in the bag, Grampa?” asked Sandy.

“I’m so glad you asked,” smiled Grampa. He opened the bag and pulled out an odd shaped piece made of the same stainless steel as the spit.

“This is for anal spitting. It goes here. The spit comes apart like this…” he unscrewed the spit at an invisible seam that broke the spit almost in half, and screwed in the “hump” shaped piece that was shaped vaguely like a shark fin, with a straight slope toward the front and an arch on the back side. “This goes in the same place.” He held up another piece.

Dana and everyone else knew what it was. The anal stabilizer was standard equipment. It was threaded on both ends of a short length of stainless two inches in diameter with a rod that supported a stainless steel phallus Grampa worked in and out obscenely with a boyish grin.

“Ches,” Daddy said. “You can’t spit anyone with this end. It’s threaded.”

“Right you are, Donald!” Grampa said excitedly. “That’s what THIS is for!”

He pulled out something Dana thought was even more obscene than the anal stabilizer. It amounted to a long, rubberized phallus. It was even flesh colored with a pinkish head. The difference was that it was at least twenty inches long and threaded on one end to fit onto the spit.

“What’s that for, Chester?” asked Helen.

“This, sweetie, is so we can more easily stuff you!” He said. “But that’s a surprise!” He put it away leaving all in suspense. “Let’s move to the roasters.”

At this point, the whole assembly was wrapped around Grampa’s little finger. He stood, and everyone followed down to the grass below the deck toward the closest roaster.

It was truly a monster, four feet wide and seven feet long with a hood that made it look like a caboose.

“This is an open roaster,” said Grampa. “State of the art, of course. The burners up top are a combination convection design that can go as high as six hundred degrees with the sides open. This here,” he flipped up an end panel. “Protects the roasters head so she can fully enjoy the experience. And,” he slid the panel over to one side on its rail, and then flipped up a second panel. “This allows it to accommodate two!”

“Chester,” Gramma said. “We can’t roast six!”

“Sure we can!” said Grampa. “I bought six licenses!”

Later, after Helen and Eileen finally left, Mom sat with Dad and Grampa in the kitchen signing the papers that would make her into walking meat. Dana sat next to Gramma on the couch with Sandy opposite watching Entertainment Daily. It was the type of mindless fare that allowed them idle conversation without real distraction.

“So, six roasters,” said Sandy. “You were surprised, Gramma?”

Gramma was stroking Sandy’s hair and Sandy seemed to be enjoying that. “I had no idea he bought so many. I doubt we’ll use them.”

“He could roast almost all of us.”

Gramma laughed. “Oh, no, dear. You’re still veal. It would cost seven thousand Euros to roast just you!”

“Seven Thousand?” Said Dana, shocked.

“Not you, dear. You’re not veal anymore. It only costs three thousand for you,” Gramma said and Dana noticed Sandy sigh with relief.

“I’m not veal.”

“Highschool seniors never are,” said Gramma, as she turned her attention to caressing Dana’s blonde hair.

“So, me?”

“If you like,” Gramma caressed her ear.

Dana’s blue eyes widened as she felt a thrill go through her. She’d never taken seriously the idea of being culled. It had always seemed so far away.

“What about Jeanine?” asked Sandy. “She’s Mom’s best friend.”

“We have room for her too,” said Gramma.

“Why now, Gramma?” asked Dana. “Why did you decide to get roasted now?”

Gramma kissed Dana’s forehead. “Because I couldn’t stand the idea of going with the tension between your mother and I still standing.”

“But you have four years left…”

“No, I don’t.”


“It’s here on Saturday or at home on Sunday. I’d rather be here.”

“Why Sunday?” Dana asked.

Gramma kissed her crown again. “Ask me later.

Dana turned back to the television. Doreen Rush was reporting on Princess Caroline’s scandalous exposition of her breasts to the royal boys’ choir. She had worn a very revealing gown and bent over so that her neckline hung low enough for her breasts to be clearly visible, dangling for both boys and cameras to see.

“Her companions included Lady Penelope Shelby and Playpen E-Girl and Columnist Jenna Wells,” Rush went on. “The event, which featured Congolese art and culture, had already become controversial as three titled women of the British aristocracy volunteered to be the main course at tonight’s grand fundraising banquette…”

“Jenna Wells is hanging out with Royalty now?” Mom said standing next to the kitchen door.

“You know her, dear?” asked Gramma.

“I follow her column in the paper. She’s funny.”

“Ah,” said Gramma. “I thought I’d take the girls shopping tomorrow.

“I’m grounded,” said Dana.

“Oh, Martha,” Gramma said, still caressing Dana, on her neck now. “You don’t want to keep Dana on restriction this week of all weeks, do you?”

“Mother, what I want isn’t the issue. Tina’s grounded as well.”

“For flashing, yes, I know. But Sandy tells me none of you have any nice underwear for Saturday. I thought we should try Amanda’s Boudoir. I heard one is open nearby.”

“Mom!” Tina exclaimed. “Can we? Please?!”

Mom looked at her, shaking her head.

“Tina,” Dana piped up. “Maybe you could try not being a bitch to Mom for five minutes before you ask.”

“Dana!” Tina protested.

“Have you been mean to your mother, Tina?” Gramma asked.

Tina’s eyes locked guiltily with Gramma’s. It took her a few moments, but she nodded.

“Well, young lady. I think you should apologize to your mother this instant and swear there will be no more ugliness from your lips in her presence ever again!”

Tina looked more sheepish than Dana had ever seen her. She loved Gramma all the more for putting Tina in her place.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Tina said contritely. Dana almost believed she meant it. “I promise I really am!”

Mom, being Mom, teared up and gathered Tina into her arms. They hugged each other for long moments rocking back and forth.

“So, Martha,” Gramma said.

“Yes, Mother?”

“May I take the girls shopping tomorrow?


Part 4

THURSDAY, October 5, 2219

As with most days, Martha was at the kitchen table with the Poppyfield Press Democrat by eight thirty. She immediately opened the entertainment section hoping to get more on Princess Caroline from Jenna’s Dish, but nothing. Instead it was about the drunken escapades of Momo Toyoda, heiress to the Toyota Empire. The front section had more and told her how scandalize the Fleet Street Tabloids in London were.

At the back door, there came a knock.

“Come in!” Martha called.

Jeanine appeared in her tight yellow tee, denim shorts and carrying a paper grocery bag. She was followed by Officer Ron in his uniform.

“Hi, Sweetie,” said Jeanine.

“Hi, Guys. Did you get Saturday off, Ron?” Martha asked.

“I did! I’ll be there.”

“Good,” smiled Martha.

There was an awkward silence, and Martha stood to pour coffee for her friends.

“So?” Jeanine asked.

“So!” said Martha.

“So!!! Saturday!!!”

“Oh! Yes!” Martha said. “I’m so sorry. I signed the papers last night. I’m meat,” the last sent a surreal chill through her. “I’m meat…” she whispered.

“Well,” Jeanine sighed wistfully. “That’s it then, Ron?”

“That’s it, hon,” Ron nodded his red head.

“That’s it,” Martha agreed.

“No,” Jeanine shook her head. “You don’t understand. Ron and I had a discussion last night, between… hmmm… anyway, I’ll be on that third spit!”

Martha’s jaw dropped. “You’re kidding!”

“Well,” Ron said. “Three thousand for a license is a lot of paper. I promised my wife a spitroasting, and this is too good an opportunity to make good on that promise.”

“But didn’t you want to go out with one of your daughters?” asked Martha.

“Honey,” Jeanine said. “We don’t always get what we want. And I can’t imagine life without my best friend.”

Martha smiled at that.

“Anyway, we need to get waxed,” Jeanine said, putting the paper bag on the table. “Yukio’s was booked solid. So I got us all the goods last night. I even bought enough for your mother.”

Martha starred agape at the bag for a moment.

“Uhm,” Martha said. “My mother probably will want to be shaved on Saturday…”

“Oh,” Jeanine said. “I forgot… East Coast thing,” Jeanine said to Ron. “The women there don’t believe in being bare till the end. Bushes are a status symbol.”

“Oh yeah,” Ron said. “I heard that. Well, can you ask your father about the Paperwork, Martha? Or send it over with Jeanine?”

“Of course,” said Martha.

He moved close and kissed Martha’s cheek.

“Thanks Girl,” he said. “I’ll leave you two to it. Bye Babe.”

“Bye Honey,” said Jeanine. The couple kissed and Ron left. Jeanine sat, her hands were shaking. “What a rush! Whooo…”

“I know,” Martha said, herself shaking. “I’m so scared!”

“What made you agree,” asked Jeanine after a long pause.

Martha took a deep breath. “Don was so happy. I couldn’t say no.”

Jeanine nodded understanding. “Ron fucked me so hard last night, I’m still sore. But I’m still horny!”

Martha stood and started a fresh pot of coffee. Meanwhile, Jeanine stood and opened the cupboard where Martha kept her pots. She took out a two quart, filled it with water at the sink and put it on the stove.

“Where are your folks?” Jeanine asked.

“My parents have some friend or business associate in Phoenix. They’re having brunch with him and his family. My mother is taking the girls out shopping after school.”

“So we’re alone for a while, we can wax here.”

“I guess so,” Martha said. “Hey, ever figure out which one of your girls would go with you?”

“To the spit?” Jeanine asked as Martha nodded. “Well, no…” she admitted, her big dark eyes searching Martha’s face. “I’ll live vicariously through you and your mom.”

Martha laughed at that. “It can’t be the same.”

“Probably not,” Jeanine said. “But what’s the use?” she put a hand on Martha’s. “I really…”

“Yoo-hoo!” Came a singsong voice with a knock at the back door.

“Oh, joy,” said Jeanine.

Martha likewise rolled her eyes. She squeezed the hand Jeanine had laid over her own and withdrew it before calling: “It’s Open!”

In waddled Helen Blakely with Chelsea.

“Look who I found,” Helen said. “Oh! Hello Jeanine.”

“Hello, Helen,” Jeanine said icily, no love lost there. “Hi Chels.”

“Is it true?” asked Chelsea. “You really going to do it?”

Martha nodded. “I signed the papers last night.”

“Oh my gosh!” Chelsea said. “What will we do without you?”

“My husband suggested I volunteer,” Helen said.

“Will you?” Jeanine asked.

“I told him I’d think about it.”

Martha smiled, knowing how hen pecked and cowed Brad Blakely was. She stood and poured fresh coffee for everyone.

“The only question,” Helen went on. “Is who will be on those other four spits.”

“Four?” said Jeanine. “But there are only three! Isn’t that what your mother said?”

Martha shook her head. “Mother was misinformed. Dad bought six spits, six licenses, and the roasters to roast the roasts…”

“Well,” said Helen. “I don’t know why he bought so many. Does he plan on inviting the whole neighborhood?”

“Yes, actually,” Martha said. “He does.”

“But who would volunteer?” asked Helen.

“You could,” Jeanine said.

“You first, Jeanine!”

“I already did!” Jeanine said triumphantly. “Ron and I sign papers tonight!”

Helen was, for the first time in Martha’s experience, completely flustered and unable to respond.

“Frank really wants to spitroast that Morgan chick,” said Chelsea, oblivious to the sparring match. “That bitch secretary I told you about?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Martha.

“Your wax is hot,” said Helen.

Jeanine reached back and turned off the stove.

“It’ll have to cool,” Jeanine said. “It’s too hot.”

“You’re not going to Yukio’s?” asked Chelsea.

“She was booked Solid,” said Martha.

“Anyway,” Chelsea said. “I came here to tell you about your dad’s visit to the shop. Apparently your dad has it all planned out. Did Don tell you how you get gutted?”

“He and my mother took classes,” Martha said. “So I guess my mother will do me, and he’ll do her…”

“Nope!” Chelsea said. “Remember what you said yesterday? About how big Don is and how he likes to…”

“Chels!” Martha stopped her.


“Tell me later!” Martha’s eyes shot toward Helen momentarily.

“Why?” Chelsea asked, oblivious.

“Just… tell me later.”

“Okay,” Chelsea said. “Oh, I have an appointment with my obstetrician! She thinks I have four! Three girls and a boy! Isn’t that cool? Me with a son?”

“Congratulations,” smiled Jeanine.

Martha stood and hugged the tall, short haired blonde.

“It’s not fer sure yet,” Chelsea said. “I’ll know today.”

“Call us as soon as you know!” Martha said, and Chelsea was out the door.

“Anyway,” Helen said. “Pity she’s pregnant. She’d look great on one of those fancy spits.”

“So would you!” Jeanine said. “And you have more meat.”

“I have big bones,” said Helen defensively. “So not that much more. I’m supposed to yield forty eight pounds.”

“You know how much you’ll yield?” Martha asked, a bit shocked.

“Well, I’m one thirty eight, at five foot five. There’s a simple equation for it. You’re, what, five, six?” Helen asked as she dug a pen and pad out of her purse.


“And what… one, ten?”

“One oh five.”

“And you’re a B-cup?”


“One oh five, carry the five… da… da… da! We get thirty two pounds from you,” said Helen.

“Wow,” Martha said as she inspected Helen’s numbers.

“It’s an estimate my husband uses at the exchange,” Helen said. “Not perfect, mind, but nearly always close.”

There was another knock on the back door.

“Come in!”

This time it was Tanya Harding and Brenda Davis. By noon, twelve more neighborhood mothers had stopped by to chat. Neither Martha nor Jeanine had any opportunity to wax that morning. Martha managed to get to her daily chores by one with only two hours remaining before the girls arrived home.

“I’m sorry, Jeanine,” she apologized as her parents walked in the door without knocking. “Mother! Dad! How was Phoenix?”

“Good,” said Chester. “Mr. Bailey’s bringing his family to the barbeque on Saturday, so you’ll meet them.”

“Mrs. Finney,” said Jeanine. “I brought enough wax for you if you’d like to get waxed.”

“How thoughtful of you, dear,” said Mrs. Finney. “But I was hoping to be barbed by Martha on Saturday.”

“You want me to shave you?” asked Martha.

“I was rather hoping,” said Mrs. Finney. “If it’s not too much to ask. I’m sure Chester would, but I’d rather not be all nicked up. My skin is very tender down there.”

Martha exchanged glances with Jeanine. Her friend was flushed.

“You should do it, Martha!” Jeanine said with shaky breath, and Martha was instantly reminded of the story Jeanine told her of her own mother. The whole mommy-daughter thing came to mind.

Martha trembled. “Of course I will,” said Martha. More for you, Jeanine, than for my mother, she wanted to add.

“So did you already wax?” asked Mrs. Finney.

“No,” Jeanine said. “The whole neighborhood showed up and kept us from doing it.”

“Well,” Mrs. Finney said. “You should do it now while you have time. Before the girls come home.”

Jeanine didn’t have to be told twice. She grinned at them both.

“I’ll go heat the wax,” she said, and disappeared into the kitchen.

“Lock the door!” Mrs. Finney called. “Or do your doors have locks? I never looked.”

“Mother! I can’t. My chores! I haven’t done anything.”

“I can see that, dear. Don’t worry. I’ll start. Are the girls beds made?”

“They make their own,” Martha said proudly.

“Good. What needs done?”

Martha gave her mother the list which Mrs. Finney promptly accepted.

“Give me your dress,” Mrs. Finney said.

“What?” asked Martha, looking from her mother to her father.

“Martha, this dress is not for housework. Give me your dress.”

Martha reluctantly unsnapped her pink polyester snap front housedress, very aware she wore nothing underneath. But mother would see her naked anyway, right?

Liz Finney gasped as her daughter stood naked before her, offering up the horrible garment.

“You are so beautiful,” said Mrs. Finney.

“You did good, Sweetheart,” said Chester Finney to his wife.

Martha blushed all over, standing, as she was, on display for her parents.

“Mother,” Martha said. “Mom…” she hesitated. “If you can… later… will you tell me about Silvie? I mean, what happened to her? It’s been on my mind…”

Liz Finney caught her breath again at the mention of Silvie.

“She will!” Mr. Finney said. “Well, I think I’ll go for a walk… it’s so nice here this time of year…” he excused himself and slipped out the front door.

Martha smiled at him as he left.

“Wax is ready,” came Jeanine. “Oh!”

“Don’t worry, Jeanine,” said Mrs. Finney. “She’s ready for you. I’ll get to this,” she held up the list.

Martha smiled at her and turned to Jeanine.


“Oh god!”

“You okay?”

“Uhm…” Jeanine said. “Can you do me first?”


Jeanine slipped back into the kitchen and quickly doffed her shorts and panties facing away from her naked friend. She turned slowly, and revealed her nakedness.

“Awe hell,” Jeanine said, stripping off the tight yellow tee, and unclasping her bra.

It was Martha’s turn to catch her breath. She’d never actually seen Jeanine fully nude before. Jeanine’s breasts were firmer than Martha had expected. Thyey were, of course, large, at least a D cup, probably double D. But was astonishing were Jeanine’s dark brown nipples. They were mostly thick protrusions, as big around as the tip of Martha’s pinky and seeming to grow larger as she watched.

“I’m too shaky to do you first,” said Jeanine.

Martha smiled thinking I’m not in much better shape…

“Uhm…” Martha said. “Let’s get you from the back, first.”

“Okay,” said Jeanine. “Table?”

Martha nodded.

Jeanine ended up in the same position as Martha had been when Don had taken her the previous morning. Jeanine’s entire sex was exposed.

Martha retrieved the hot wax and began applying it with the teaspoon sized spatula.

“Uh!” Jeanine grunted as the hot wax made contact with her tender flesh.


“Don’t be!” Jeanine breathed. “It helps!”

“I didn’t mean to tease you,” Martha apologized. “I’m really sorry.”

“I thought… ah… I thought it looked like you two were going to kiss! Ah! It was sooo haaaaah! Hot!”

Martha laughed and continued to apply the wax carefully. Shortly, she pressed in the cloth strips and, trying not to think on Jeanine’s words, she made ready to rip away the unwanted hairs.



Martha ripped away the strips quickly. She felt gently around Jeanine’s sex looking for stray hairs and found none.

“Done!” Martha said. “Up on the table.”

Jeanine rolled over and complied. Her mons was quite large and her cleft was parted by her very swollen clitoris. Jeanine scooted back a bit on the table and spread her legs.

The sight of Jeanine like this made Martha’s pink nipples ache. Her bare breasts tingled. But she settled into her task and applied the wax as before. When she ripped away the hair it left Jeanine’s un-tanned olive bikini area a sexy shade of pink. One more application removed all the strays.

“Oh god!” Jeanine said. “I’m sorry!” She was weeping. “I’m dripping all over your table!”

Martha couldn’t help it any longer. She caressed her friend’s inner thigh and dipped her head. When her lips touched Jeanine’s soft sex Jeanine let out a gasp. Jeanine’s hands went to Martha’s crown instantly, fingers in Martha’s hair. She was coming even before Martha’s fingers found her folds and slipped inside. Wave after wave of ecstasy coursed through Jeanine and soon Martha’s lips found a nipple, fingers still inside.

Jeanine drew Martha’s face to her own and liplocked with Martha in a way that was better than any fantasy she’d had over the past twelve years.

“I…” Jeanine breathed hard. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Martha sighed.

They held each other there on the kitchen table for what was too short a time.

“I still have to do you,” said Jeanine, pushing Martha up.

“I know.”

When Martha’s creamy mons was pink and smooth, Jeanine returned the favor, hungrily savoring Martha’s fillet. Martha wept with pleasure as her friend took her. Even as Jeanine’s hand slid completely inside her, even as she gasped at the intense pleasure that was almost painful, she wept. When she gushed as Jeanine suckled on her pink nipples, she wept. And as Jeanine kissed her so deeply she thought the life would drain out of her then and there, she wept. I should have let you have me long ago, my love, Martha thought. As she held Jeanine and quivered in the afterglow, she wept.

Out of sight, outside the kitchen, Liz Finney watched them in their splendid beauty. Like her daughter, she wept. This was defiantly not as with most days…


Part 5

As with most days Tina found Dana on the bleachers watching football practice. It was two fifteen and senior classes were done for the day.

“Going to flash Bart Haskell again?” Tina asked.

“Should I?”

Tina laughed, and followed her sister’s gaze to Barbara LeClerk. The busty blonde cheerleader was prancing around the edge of the field like she owned it. She’d been Dana’s chief rival for Bart’s affections and Barbara was on the ropes as of yesterday, when Dana took Tina’s dare and showed Bart her perfect rear end. Not only that, but Bart had the panties Dana had given him hanging from his waistband as he practiced.

Lorrie Phillips arrived in her scandalous uniform. It had only raised faculty brows earlier as Tina and her friend arrived at school.

“Hi, guys!”

“So, Lorrie… anyone say anything?” Tina asked.

“Nope!” Lorrie smiled. “Not one word. But half the girls in school will come like this tomorrow, so we’ll see.” She grinned. “Hi, Barbie!” Lorrie waved, wagging her hips. “Are those your panties Bart has?”

Barbara made a face, but otherwise ignored Lorrie.

“You never told me,” Lorrie said. “Did your mom decide to get spitroasted?”

“Yes,” Tina said demurely.

“That’s great!”

“I guess so,” Tina said, unsure how she felt about it.

“I thought you hated your mom.”

“I do not!” Tina protested. “Where did you get that idea?”

“Let me think?” said Lorrie. “Uttering the phrase: ‘I hate my mom’ over and over again points to the possibility.”

“I love my mom!”

“Well,” Lorrie said. “You’re always saying how much you hate her.”

Tina looked at Dana for rescue, but her blonde sister only nodded.

“I didn’t mean it!” Tina protested.

“If my mom were getting spitted, I’d do anything to make her happy,” Lorrie asserted.

“Is Martha doing it?” asked Lindsey who was just arriving.

“Yeah,” said Dana.

“Wow,” said Lindsey. “That’s amazing!”

“What would you do for Mom if she decided to get spitted, Linds?” asked Lorrie.




Would you volunteer if she asked?” Lorrie asked.

“Uhm…” Lindsey was thoughtful. “Probably… yeah. What about you, Tina?”

Tina thought about it. “I don’t know.”

“Oh my god…” Dana exclaimed. “Bart’s coming!”

“She’s got it so bad!” Lorrie said.

“He IS hot!” Lindsey said.

“Hi Guys! Hey Dana!” Said Bart as he strode up the bleachers.

“Hiiii Baaart!” chorused all but Dana in a cutesy sing song tone.

He was, indeed, very good looking, Tina admitted to herself. His teal jersey had a big white 21 emblazoned on it.

“So,” Tina asked. “You guys gonna win tomorrow?”

“I hope so,” said Bart. “Obama’s a pretty tough team, but I think we’re ready. We have an ace in the hole.”

“Oh?” asked Tina. “What’s that?”

“Uh…” said Bart. He smirked. “I can’t say.”

“Awe, c’mon, Bart!” said Lorrie. “I’d give you my panties to go with Dana’s, but as you can see,” she lifted her too short skirt. “I’m not wearing any.”

“Lorrie,” Bart snorted with a grin. “You really know how to be a class-A tease!”

“My mom taught me well!”

“Okay…” he relented. “It’s like this. You guys know we map out all our plays, right? We have a playbook. Here’s mine. The Obama Osprey coach showed up for the Monday makeup game, and he was nosing around the locker room. Coach Allen warned us to make sure none of us left our playbooks out, ‘cause the Obama coach likes to steal them. That’s his reputation, anyway. So Curt Vincenti and I got a blank playbook and reversed all the plays. Then we put it where someone might find it… like a nosey coach from Obama. By the end of the game, it was gone! We’d seen him watching the game with a smirk on his face… sitting right over there…” Bart pointed. “Wow, Bart!” said Dana adoringly. “That’s brilliant!”

“Yeah?” Bart said. He turned and looked back toward the cheerleaders. Barbie was glaring back, a scowl on her face and daggers in her eyes. “Do I get a reward?” he asked as he turned back to Dana.

Dana blushed beat red. “You already have my panties. What else would you like?”

“How ‘bout a kiss for good luck?”

Dana stood with a stupid smile on her face and carefully put her arms around Bard’s neck. Now that he had permission, he gathered her up into his muscular arms and laid a kiss on Dana that sucked the wind out of everyone watching…

“Wooooo!” Chorused Tina and the two Philips sisters.

Bart grinned like a triumphant bull.

“Bart,” Tina said. “You coming Saturday?”

“What’s Saturday?”

Dana whispered into his ear.

“Oh! Yeah! I heard about that.” Bart said. Then Dana whispered to him again. “I’m all over it, girl. I’ll be there!” Again, Dana whispered into his ear. “Oh, shoot, twist my arm, why don’t you?”

Then he laid another kiss upon her, Dana was more aggressive in her acceptance this time, Tina thought. Good girl!

“Haskell!” bellowed Coach Allen. “Get your stupid ass back on the field!”

“Gotta go! See ya tomorrow!”

As he passed Barbie she took off her sneaker and threw it at him. Then she looked back at Dana with un-masked loathing.

“Let’s go, Dana,” Tina said. But Dana just stood there with a dreaming look on her face. “Dana!”


“You’ve won, let’s go!”

“She’s right,” Lorrie said. “Let’s get out of here and let Barbie simmer a bit…”

“Did you see the look on her face?” Lindsey asked as they met Lana and the three youngest Cokely girls.

“What happened?” asked Melanie.

Lindsey and Lorrie animatedly relayed the whole scene to the three newcomers on the way home.

“What would be cool,” Lana observed. “Is if Barbie got herself spitroasted. I hate that bitch.”

“No,” said Melanie. “Spitroasting’s too good for her. I’d love for her to be at the gig on Saturday, and get her culling notice right in front of Dana and Bart man… especially with Dana in her fancy Lingerie.”

“You have fancy lingerie?” asked Lana.


“Our gramma’s taking us to Amanda’s Boudoir today,” said Sandy as they arrived home. She waved to her mother who was sweeping the front porch.

“All of us,” said Tina. Tina did a double take at who she thought had been her mother. It wasn’t. It was Gramma in that ugly pink polyester snap front housedress… Mom didn’t own a pearl necklace, and Tina wondered if Gramma ever took the thing off.

“I wanna gooo!” said Lana.

“Hello, Darlings!” said Gramma. “I ordered a limousine to take us all to the mall.”

“Really?” asked Sandy excitedly.

“You guys are so lucky,” said Lana.

“Why’s that, dear?” asked Gramma.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Amanda’s…”

“Why don’t you, dear?”

“It’s expensive…”

“You misunderstand,” said Gramma. “Why do you not come with us?”

“Really?” came an excited chorus from the Philips girls.

“Well, we can hardly have my grandaughters’ friends looking shabby on Saturday, can we? Let’s all go! But make sure your mother is alright with it first. She’s inside.”

The three Philips sisters rushed inside while Dana and Sandy hugged Gramma. Tina did likewise and kissed Gramma’s cheek.

“Thank you, Gramma.”

“Oh, there’s nothing I’d rather do,” said Gramma with a genuine smile.

Tina went inside to find Jeanine Philips surrounded by her daughters, getting barraged with pleas.

“Alright!” said Jeanine. “But… I have something I need to talk to you about… but I guess it can wait.”

The two strawberry blondes and the brunette squealed with joy and kissed and hugged Jeanine as if she’d just given them some ultimate gift.

Gramma came out of the kitchen back in her navy blue designer dress. Behind her, Mom was back in the pink polyester snap front housedress, which struck Tina as particularly odd…

“I thought I’d treat the girls to dinner as well,” said Gramma. “We might as well make an afternoon of it. It should give you two… some time to visit more…”

“Okay…” said Jeanine looking sideways at Gramma. Mom was turning beat red, and Jeanine was likewise blushing. Tina noticed, but the rest were focused on the stretch limousine that had just pulled up.

“Ah,” said Gramma. “Our chariot is here. Have a good time, you two. Come along, girls.”

All of Tina’s friends and sisters ran out of the house sounding like a gaggle of squealing… Tina had no idea what squealed like that other than girls acting like they were twelve… Tina went to follow, but then remembered what Dana and Lorrie had said earlier.

“I’ll be out in a second, Gramma,” said Tina.

“Very well,” said Gramma. “Do hurry.”

As Gramma disappeared, Tina went to Mom and put her arms around Mom’s neck.

“I just want you to know… that I love you. I know I’ve been a bitch to you,” Tina looked down for a second. When she looked back up, Mom was tearing up visibly. “I’ll do anything,” said Tina, and then, on an impulse, brushed Mom’s lips with her own. “I’ll do anything to make you happy.” Tina looked over to see Jeanine’s eyes wide. Strangely, Tina was not embarrassed. “Anything you want, Mom.”

The limousine’s horn sounded.

“I gotta go,” said Tina. She kissed Mom’s cheek, and slipped out. As the limo pulled away, Tina was thinking about the softness of Mom’s lips…


Part 6

As with most days over the last forty one years, Elizabeth Finney awoke under her husband impaled upon his oversized morning erection. He always had the good manners to lubricate himself before attacking her, and he’d never wake her up till he was planted well inside her and pumping vigorously. As always, Liz Finney awoke with a start, instinctively wrapping her arms desperately around Chester. Elizabeth’s body responded positively to the almost daily assault with submissive passion. She clung to him even after he’d spent and rolled off her, her body quivering in the aftermath of traumatic orgasms. Her hand would eventually move to the member so oversized on Chester’s diminutive body. Nobody would believe it to be that large without seeing it first hand, and it was never, ever less than half erect. Liz knew from experience it never took more than a moment’s to be ready to for more. Liz Finney could be forgiven for believing all men were this way. Chester’s was the only penis she’d ever known.

Eventually, if he did not take her again, he’d slip off to the lavatory to shower. Chester was fast, in and out of the shower in less than five minutes. It allowed Liz to go into the bathroom and take her time without guilt.

Elizabeth relieved herself and used the hotel’s brand new, late model Enema Master™, cleaning out her bowls thoroughly. In the shower, she douched. When Liz was satisfied of her cleanliness, she reached for a bottle of scented mineral oil. Her current favorite was infused with peach extract, and coated her entire body with a thick sheen. Liz hoped Martha was still doing it, as Liz had taught her. By the look of Martha’s skin, she very likely was.

But no matter, Liz thought as she donned the only dress she’d not donated to the Salvation Army. The dress, a Navy Blue Kerry Washington had been Elizabeth’s favorite for the past five years. It had served Liz well as it could be a professional dress, a greeting dress or even a casual dress. Well, casual is relative, of course. Casual in the circles Elizabeth Finney travelled in would be far different than casual for say, Jeanine Philips…

“We need to go, Liz!” called Chester. “We need to be there by nine!”

“Oh, Chester,” said Liz. “You know we have plenty of time. And I need to put on my face. You don’t want an old hag on your arm when we meet the new Mrs. Bailey, do you?”

As a good husband, Chester heeded his wife’s desperate cry for attention. He came into the bathroom and kissed his Liz’s cheek.

“You’re nothing close to a hag,” said the balding little man. “Mrs. Bailey will be so very jealous of you; she’ll be green with envy.”

Yes, Chester might not be much to look at, but he was a very, very good husband, Liz knew.

As it happened, the Finneys arrived five minutes early and the Baileys were late. Leonard Bailey Liz knew from his days as Chester’s attorney twenty years before. He’d since moved to Arizona after culling the first Mrs. Bailey and promptly remarried. Liz had never known Leo’s second wife. His third turned out to be a true west coast girl.

When Leo and Mrs. Bailey arrived, Elizabeth could barely believe her eyes. She’d heard about the kind of cloths professional women wore in the West, but, this being her first trip west of the Appalachian, she scarcely believed it.

Even so, Mrs. Bailey was dressed for success with a lovely blue silk scarf around her neck and matching pumps. What would have been scandalous back home was the dress made of see through white silk and under which Mrs. Bailey wore nothing at all.

Elizabeth had to keep herself from uttering an embarrassing outburst as the two approached. As one who had travelled extensively in Europe, Elizabeth found herself for the first time in a place where such attire was not only acceptable, but commonplace. The only contact she’d with it she had encountered before was in the society pages that loved to lampoon Sheila Jackson, wife of California Senator Marcus Jackson. But that was a problem in Washington DC, a city that Elizabeth loathed, and kept her husband as far away from as possible.

Other than Mrs. Bailey’s attire, it was a boring affair. It always was when Chester and Leo were together. Liz was relieved when she was finally back in the Jaguar next to Chester, listening to Cole Porter music and speeding toward Poppyfield.

Then Elizabeth found herself in Martha’s living room. Martha stood naked in front of her, and Liz wanted to weep at her daughter’s beauty. She had managed to get the toilets done and the cloths folded, when she had come back downstairs to check on Martha and Jeanine, only to find them making love on the kitchen table. That was not that big of a surprise. Liz had seen Jeanine discretely touching Martha several times over the past day, so she had suspected they were lovers. Elizabeth watched, taking a wickedly guilty pleasure in seeing Jeanine’s hand disappear inside Martha, and Martha seeming to enjoy every second of it. Liz hated herself for thinking of her daughter this way, but there it was… Martha was a woman, a beautiful one at that. And she was sensual beyond what Liz would have imagined.

Liz watched till the two lay still on the table and held each other. Then she made her way outside and began sweeping the front porch. It wasn’t very long before Liz saw her granddaughters walking up with the Philips sisters. Liz panicked, knowing Martha was still inside, without a stitch to wear.

“Hello, Darlings!” Liz yelled at the top of her lungs, waving. “I ordered a limousine to take us all to the mall.”

She kept them in the front yard as long as she could, even going so far as to invite the Philips girls. Chester would kill her if she spent too much, but he’d understand when she explained the dilemma. After she sent the Philips girls in to see their mother, she rushed into the kitchen, grabbing her own dress off the coffee table as she went, to find Martha standing naked in the kitchen looking terrified. Liz was quite proud of herself for rescuing the situation.

“Driver,” Elizabeth said. “Can you honk the horn once? I have a lagging girl in there…”

“Of course, ma’am,” said the woman in front of the stretch limousine. The horn sounded for just long enough to make its point as Chester’s Jaguar rolled up. Elizabeth stepped out again and waited for Chester to get out, even as Tina arrived and jumped into the Limousine.

“Hello, Darling,” said Elizabeth.

“Is everything alright?” asked Chester, worried.

“Quite alright,” she smiled. “You should know, darling, that I was right.”


“Martha and Jeanine, they are lovers.”

“And you know this how?”

“Darling, I just watched the two of them making love on Martha’s kitchen table.”

“Oh my,” he said.

“Yes,” Liz nodded.

“Well,” he said. “Like mother like daughter.”

“Indeed,” Liz smiled, and kissed his cheek. “Be good. I must be off. I have shopping to do.”

“Have fun!”

Elizabeth got back into the limousine and soon it was off. The ride was a delightful excursion into the world of her granddaughters and their friends. The girls excitedly recounted the afternoon’s events that had signaled a budding romance between Dana and the highschool’s star athlete.

“And then, he kissed her again!” said dark haired Lindsey Philips enthusiastically.

“What did you whisper in his ear, Dana?” asked strawberry blonde Lana with her big brown eyes and pert smile.

Dana blushed. “I told him I deserved a kiss too.”

“I take it he’s very handsome,” said Elizabeth.

“He’s beyond that,” said Lorrie, strawberry blonde like her sister Lana, but small chested like her sister Lindsey. “He’s Hawt!”

“And did you see Barbie’s face?” asked Lindsey.

“Who’s Barbie?” asked Elizabeth. The barrage of answers came and Elizabeth was able to glean that Barbie was head cheerleader, beautiful, blonde, well endowed, stuck up and a “Royal Beotch!” When Elizabeth heard about Barbie throwing her shoe she broke into a fit of giggles worthy of a pre-teen. It touched off a cacklefest of laughter in the packed compartment.

“I know someone exactly like that,” said Elizabeth, wiping away tears.

“Who is she, Gramma?” asked Tina.

“Her name is Georgia Monroe,” said Liz, almost wishing she was not talking about this. But why not? “She is, indeed, a Royal Beotch!” Liz liked how the word “beotch” rolled off her tongue as she spoke of Georgia. “She’s President of my bridge club, and is quite a good player. But when we formed the club it was strictly for social entertainment. Georgia ruined it.”

“How’d she do that?” asked Lana.

“Well,” said Liz, organizing her thoughts so they would be less emotional and more understandable. “She had lived some time in London. Her husband was an assistant to the Ambassador, you see. So we were all quite impressed with her when she first arrived at the country club, and we welcomed her into our little card games. She lorded over us how she’d been presented to the Queen, and her opinions on proper etiquette were not to be questioned. Soon, she set herself up as club president and made it a very official organization, complete with regional bridge competitions. We never intended any of that, and many of us were uncomfortable with it and where it was going. Nine months ago, we found out exactly where it was going.”

“Yes?” Tina said. “Where was it going?”

“Well, nine months ago, Georgia organized a competition. We’d all get ranked. The lowest ranked player would be the main course at the final game night. One of my closest friends lost eight years prematurely. Three months ago, another did. She was effectively weeding out all those that had begun to show any reservation about what was happening. The final day of competition for this quarter is on Sunday.”

“Wait,” Lana said. “How come you guys let her do all that?”

“Popularity will get someone a very long way,” said Elizabeth.

“Gramma,” said Dana. “Sunday? Does this have to do with what you said last night?”

Elizabeth nodded. “Yes, dear, it does. As it turns out, I happen to be the lowest ranked player. I have no hope of gaining a rank unless someone loses intentionally, and nobody does that.”

“Oh!” said Dana. “I get it. Pity you can’t get back at Georgia.”

Liz smiled. “Well, as I said. Georgia’s quite a good player. But she’s not the best. Before Georgia came along, we had all been playing for years. The other members are very, very good, and have become much better since Georgia instituted her plan… anyone care to guess who the second lowest ranked player currently is?”

“Nooo!” said Tina.

“That’s right, dear! Georgia Monroe herself.”

“Does she know?” Lana asked.

“Does who know?” Liz replied.

“Does Mrs. Monroe know?”

Elizabeth laughed, sounding a bit maniacal, even to herself. “She will on Sunday!”

Again, the girls descended into howls of laughter.

“Gramma!” Sandy said. “That’s so baad of you!”

“Well, dear,” said Liz. “A woman should reserve the right to be devious… when appropriate of course!”

“So that’s why you’re here,” said Dana.

“Yes,” admitted Liz.

“And because of Mom?” asked Dana.


“That’s beautiful,” said Dana.

“Thank you, dear,” Liz favored her blonde granddaughter with a smile.

The limousine pulled up to the Poppyfield Mall between Macy’s and the Emporium.

“Now, girls,” said Elizabeth as they made their way in. “I expect all of you to be on your best behavior. Is that understood?”

“Yes Ma’am,” said the Philips sisters.

“Yes, Gramma,” said the granddaughters.

“I’m quite serious,” said Liz. “Amanda’s has been known to eject disruptive girls, so no mischief… Yes Tina, I mean you! And, I suspect, Lorrie as well.” Liz smiled at both of them.

The mall was like any other across the country. It was two stories above ground with a third level below. The atmosphere was noticeably more humid inside than out to accommodate the myriad of ferns and ficuses that provided greenery and absorbed sound. What distinguished this shopping center more than anything from its east coast counterparts were the customers. They were, of course, mostly female. Elizabeth wouldn’t recall seeing a single male here today. Professional women tried makeup, hats and eyewear at kiosks. Roving bands of mall rats squealed and giggled annoyingly, thank goodness the girls in her charge were not acting so uncouth, and married mothers, often great with child, herded children from store to store, looking for bargains to cloth their expensive broods. They were, by and large, from more well to do neighborhoods than the one in which Martha lived. Those mall rats still in school uniforms tended to wear silk and wool rather than cotton blend and polyester that Elizabeth’s charges wore. Those same upper middle class mall rats looked sideways at Elizabeth’s girls, noting the low quality of their uniforms. So, on the surface, it was all quite normal here.

While it was not immediately apparent, this turned out to be a true western setting. The first thing that made Liz’s eyes pop was a professional woman trying on a hat. It seemed so normal. She wore an off white skirt and matching blazer made of fine Egyptian cotton, with a silk necktie dangling down her front. The woman’s “top” was, in fact, paint! It was simply painted over her breasts. Another woman was dressed similarly, but instead had a transparent scarf knotted between her breasts as a top.

They passed all too familiar shops – C&R, Jacob’s Shoes, and the very low brow Fredrick’s. Amanda’s Boudoir, thankfully, had become the 800lbs Gorilla in women’s intimate apparel, displacing more salacious retailers like Fredrick’s.

True to West Coast values, the sales girls were not clad in professional blouses and black slacks as they would have been back East. Instead they wore black and white frilly underwear with black silk stalking and black pumps. They looked terribly vulnerable to Elizabeth’s eyes.

The very white skinned redhead nearest the door looked quite startled when she saw the gaggle of lower middle class teenagers approaching. Elizabeth accosted the poor woman before she could protest, and before any of the other salesgirls could bar the door. Liz quickly read the redhead’s nametag. It said “I’m for sale as CARISSA0167 at”

“Miss Carissa,” said Elizabeth. “I am Mrs. Finney and these are my granddaughters Tina, Dana, Melanie, Sandra and Corrine, and their friends Lorrie, Lana and Lindsey. We have a special event on Saturday and I need these girls looking like proper ladies in their underthings…” she looked Miss Carissa in the eye, and produced her International Express Platinum Card. “I’m sure you’ll want to check my credit.”

The woman’s surprise was evident for only an instant. It was very quickly replaced with a delighted smile.

“That won’t be necessary, Mrs. Finney,” said Carissa. “I’m sure we’d be delighted to help the young ladies find what their looking for.”

Carissa took the girls in hand, and Elizabeth was quite proud of the fact that the girls remained on their best behavior, acting like proper ladies. Well, in behavior, yes, taste, that was another matter. Dana arrived to show Liz a god awful red and white set that was not worthy of this establishment.

“Dana,” said Elizabeth. “Underthings should enhance a woman’s beauty, not distract from it. Flamboyance is good under the right circumstances, but you want to be seen, not ignored in favor of what little you’re wearing.”

Carissa nodded. “She’s very right,” the redhead said. “Let’s check over here,” the salesgirl led Dana to a rack of items more suitable. She selected a very light, almost white pink set, looked toward Elizabeth and smiled when Elizabeth nodded in approval. When Dana tried it on, she looked… well, delightfully virginal, and quite alluring. Elizabeth knew then Dana to be a young woman, rather than a little girl…

“Wow, Dana!” said Lindsey.

“You look good enough to eat,” said Cory.

“Really?” said Dana hopefully. “But will Bart like it?”

Late, Elizabeth pulled Lana aside.

“Dear, are you the same size as your mother in the bust line?”

“Yeah, Mrs. Finney,” said the girl. “I had to use her bras when mine kind of… well they grew very fast.”

Elizabeth nodded sympathetically. “We should find something nice for your mother as well. She’s been a very good friend to my daughter.”

“That’s really nice of you, Mrs. Finney.”

“Well, I’ll need you and your sisters’ help selecting something appropriate. It should be in her favorite color.”

“That would be yellow,” Lana smiled.

“Remember, classic and simple is better than loud and distracting!”

Elizabeth went looking through the racks herself with Martha’s nakedness re-emerging in her memory. Martha in ecstasy as Jeanine pleasured her on her own kitchen table replayed in Elizabeth’s mind… as did the image of the two cuddling together with her friend, weeping in the afterglow…

Thank God Jeanine was nothing at all like Georgia Monroe! And even if she was, she wouldn’t have time to break Martha’s heart.

Elizabeth pulled out a pearl white set that was mostly shimmering lace. It was beautiful to Liz’s eyes, but she couldn’t imagine Martha in it.

“Dana,” she called.

“Yes Gramma?”

“Which of your sisters is closest to your mother’s size?”

“Tina, I think.”

“What?” Tina’s head came up with her name.

“Tina,” said Liz. “Try these on. See if they will fit please.”

“But I already picked out a set!”

“They’re for your mother.”

“Oh! Okay!”

As Elizabeth expected, they were perfect. And she did believe Tina was very near Martha’s size. They made Tina look classic and virginal…

Later, at the register, Carissa summed up the purchases to over twelve hundred, which made the girls’ eyes pop. Liz simply handed over her International Express Platinum Card, and accounts were settled.

Within minutes of leaving Amanda’s Boudoir, the group found itself at an Estée Lauder kiosk where faces were painted and nails were manicured. A light dinner completed the evening.

“We were talking earlier about who would get spitted with their mom if she asked,” said Tina out of the blue.

“And who would?” asked Elizabeth.

“Lindsey would,” said Lana.

“I would,” admitted Lindsey.

“So would I,” said Lorrie.

“You finally decided?” asked Lindsey, to which Lorrie nodded.

“Yeah,” said Lorrie. “I thought about it all afternoon. I did say I’d do anything to make her happy, and I would.”

“Now that’s very sweet of you, dear,” said Elizabeth.

“How did you ask Mom, Gramma?” asked Tina.

Elizabeth shook her head. “I did not.”

“You didn’t?”

“No,” said Elizabeth. “She was kind enough to offer on her own.”

“So,” said Tina. “You didn’t want her to get spitted with you?”

“Oh, I certainly was hoping she would. But I simply couldn’t expect it. And I just couldn’t bring myself to ask. I doubt any mother who loves her child could bring herself to do that, as much as she might want it. Martha, your mother, seemed to know my desires instinctively.”

“So,” said Lindsey. “When my mom decides to get spitted, I should offer?”

“I’m quite sure that would be appropriate,” said Elizabeth.

“Gramma,” said Tina. “What else could I do? I mean, what else is there, aside from volunteering, that would be something I could do for Mom?”

“Well,” Elizabeth was thoughtful. “I know in Kobe, Japan, they massage their girls daily. They are said to be the most pampered farm girls in the world. Girls actually volunteer to be Kobe girls.”

“So I should volunteer to be a Kobe Girl?” asked Tina.

“No, no,” Elizabeth laughed. “Not at all. I’m sorry, I’m not being clear. All I meant was that a nice massage would probably be a nice thing to do.”

“You went a long way around to get there,” said Dana.

“I do that sometimes, dear,” said Elizabeth.

The limousine was waiting for them at the appointed place when Elizabeth pushed the call button. They arrived home well past sundown. Elizabeth checked her watch, it was nine-thirty. My how time flies…

The Philips girls were quite gracious in showing their appreciation. Elizabeth found them delightful… and hoped Chester would not be terribly angry with her for spending so much. But Elizabeth’s reward had yet to come.

“Mrs. Finney,” asked Lana as she said goodnight.

“Yes dear?”

“Can I call you ‘Gramma?’” the girl looked hopeful with luminous dark eyes. “I never knew my real Grandmother.”

Elizabeth was taken aback. She blushed, and tears stung her eyes. “Of course, dear!”

“Thank you, Gramma!” said Lana with a hug. “Love you!”

“Thank you, Gramma!” said the other two Philips girls. And they rushed away, leaving Elizabeth with an errant tear escaping.

Elizabeth turned t the Limousine driver, handed the woman the call button and a pair of twenty notes.

“Thank you, dear,” she told the woman.

“My pleasure, Ma’am!” said the driver.

Inside, Martha was washing dishes, or had been. Now she was surrounded with her squealing offspring who gleefully displayed their treasure. Elizabeth could see through the back screen door three male faces, two of which she knew, who’s expression told her they dared not enter this estrogen sea that had flooded the kitchen. The girls pulled out Martha’s new pearl white lacey things and begged her to put them on. Then all decided to model their new attire to the men out back.

Outside, Elizabeth found her husband and son in law enjoying the balmy Arizona November evening with bottle’s of locally brewed beer made by Donald’s friend and co-worker Frank Stolz. Young Mr. Stolz turned out to be husband to Martha’s friend Chelsea, who had retired early. He was, Elizabeth mused, five foot seven, a full two inches shorter than his tall wife and barely an inch taller than Elizabeth herself. While the girls paraded before the group in their underthings, the men, Donald and Frank, that is, went on and on about this woman from work named Morgan who they were convinced was bent on making their lives miserable.

But all that was forgotten when Martha appeared in her new garb.

“Honey!” Don said, without lying, Elizabeth was convinced. “You look fantastic!”

“Oh, stop,” said Martha. Of course, husbands always lie to their wives… but Liz was still convinced of Donald’s honesty. By the color that came to Martha’s creamy bare skin, so was she.

“He’s right, Martha!” said Frank. “You’re definitely one hot milf!”

“ What’s a milf?” Elizabeth asked.

Chester started laughing, then turned to her and whispered. “It’s an acronym for a mother I’d love to fuck.”

“That’s obscene!” Elizabeth protested.

“That’s the point!” laughed Chester.

“You guys!” Martha said in a whiney, if satisfied, little voice. She was beat red and playing with her hair. “Oh, Mother! Before I forget. Bev called. She doesn’t arrive till noon tomorrow.”

“Noon? What happened?”

“The earlier flight got cancelled,” Martha said. “She didn’t say why.”

“That’s right,” Chester said. “So I can’t be there. Why don’t you and Marty take a limo to pick her up.”

“Alright. Did she say if she’s bringing Jack?” asked Elizabeth.

“He’s not,” said Martha. “She said Deborah is coming, though.”

“”Well,” said Elizabeth. “That’s a shame.”

“Why’s that, Mother?” asked Martha. “I don’t recall you and Jack being close at all… in fact…”

“Yes, dear. I know. But it means Beverly won’t be joining us on the table…”

“Oh,” said Martha. “But Jeanine is.”


Martha nodded, so did Chester.

“She and officer Ron signed the papers half an hour ago,” said Chester.

“Yeah,” said Frank. “Then they ran off like two horny jackrabbits.”

“I hope that’s alright, darling,” said Chester.

“Oh my!” said Elizabeth. “Yes, Darling. It’s more than alright. Jeanine is an even better friend than I thought,” she said, smiling at Martha, who blushed again under her mother’s gaze, this time with real embarrassment.

“Yoo-hoo!” called an annoyingly shrill voice. “Hello all!”

“Hello, Helen,” droned all present less than enthusiastically.

“I found a new recipe for stuffing that you all simply have to try…”


Part 7

FRIDAY October 6, 2219

As with most days Mom woke Tina and her sisters at quarter to six. But Mom’s voice was softer this morning. She did not demand the girls wake up. Instead she asked. Tina thought she sounded almost like she was pleading.

Tina noticed as well it was an easy thing to wake up, to get out of bed, and to slip into the shower, unlike any day she could remember before. She was first there today, though she was usually the last to drag herself in. Dana was only seconds behind her.

“It feels different,” Tina said aloud.

“What does?” Dana asked.

“Everything,” said Tina as she washed her hair slowly, feeling her own fingers on her scalp as if for the first time. Tina’s very lungs seemed to be ultra sensitive. The air had its own texture this morning. Yes, things had changed. Tina helped Dana with her hair and makeup, not so much to help Dana, but because she what to remember what it was like. She even helped Sandy clean the bathroom when all were done.

Downstairs, Tina arrived just in time to see Daddy leave. He accepted a kiss on the cheek from her and off he went. Tina watched him go, paying close attention to the sound of the door closing behind him. Odd, she thought. He’s not brusque. He was very careful closing it, as if the door needed to be handled delicately. The fruit on the table: melon and peaches, she savored, and felt the texture of them with her tongue.

Tina looked at the clock. Seven. If she left now, she’d get to the computers in the lab before they were all full up. Tina stood and gathered her things.

“Where are you going?” asked Dana. “It’s only seven!”

“I… I need to get to the computer lab,” said Tina.


“A little project on Kobe…”

“Hey,” Mom said. “Before you leave, any objection to inviting Deborah to stay with us?”

“Hell yes!” Dana said.

“You don’t want Deborah here?” Mom looked surprised.

“I mean, no, no objection!” Dana said.

“I don’t mind at all,” said Tina evenly. Deborah was Dana’s confidant. They kept in touch with snail-mail and email. Deborah, of course, had her own computer back in New Jersey, as well as her own internet connection. But Dana had become a Deborah fan ever since the girl revealed she had dated the hottest jock at her school, and dumped him for the hottest nerd at her school. They were inseparable every time the Cokelys went to New Jersey to visit Gramma. The last time had been during the height of summer, when Mom liked to get out of the Arizona heat.

“Mom,” Dana asked. “Can I take Deborah to the football game tonight?”

Tina rolled her eyes, knowing now that Dana wanted to show Deborah her prize quarterback.

“I suppose,” said Mom. “Uhm…” Mom paused. “Is this about that boy? The football player?”

Tina stifled a laugh with a snort. Mel, Cory and Sandy were not as discrete, openly laughing at Dana.

“What’s so funny?” asked Mom.

Tina looked at Dana who sat there with pleading eyes.

“Bart made out with Dana yesterday,” said Cory.

“Cory!” Dana protested.

“Well, that’s what you told Gramma!”

“I did not!” said Dana.

“Actually,” Tina corrected. “Lindsey did.”

“Lindsey made out with Bart?” Mom asked.

“No!” Dana said.

“Lindsey made out with Dana?” asked Melanie.

“Lindsey told Gramma about Dana and Bart,” said Sandy.

“That’s so romantic!” said Melanie.

Mom looked horrified.

“Don’t worry, Mom. All they did was kiss. I was there. She didn’t even flash him. Not once!”

“Tina!” protested Dana.

“Okay,” Mom said. “So everyone knew this long before I did? How come I’m just finding out now?”

“Mom!” Tina said. “He’s coming tomorrow, so you and Dad will meet him BEFORE he even invites Dana out on a date… except, tomorrow’s a date…” Tina thought out loud. “Anyway, I need to scoot.”

Tina felt a bit more herself again. The surreal lurch the day had started with was, thankfully, subsiding. She trotted to the front door and opened it to find Jeanine about to knock, with Lana, Lindsey and Lorrie flanking her. Lorrie, once again, wore her uniform in that “scandalous” way, which seemed to elongate her bare midriff. And, while Lindsey was, as usual, properly dressed, Lana had emulated Lorrie. The effect on Lana was to enhance her top-heaviness. As with Lorrie, Lana had cut her skirt down by half and wore the waistband over her hip bones.

Tina almost laughed, but stopped herself.

“Good morning,” she said instead.

“Leaving already?” asked Jeanine.

“Yes,” said Tina. “I need to get a computer before classes start. What’s up?”

“Do you have to?” asked Lorrie. “I was kinda counting on your being here.”

“Oh?” asked Tina. “So, what’s up?”

“Lorrie,” said Jeanine. “If Tina needs to go, she needs to go…”

“What’s so important?” asked Lana.

Tina was hesitant, not wanting to tell and have her plan ruined. But she answered anyway.

“I need to do some research on Kobe…”

“Oh!” Lana said. “Mom, I need to go with Tina.”

“What?” Lorrie said. “What’s going on?”

Jeanine was looking at Lana suspiciously. “Why?” she asked.

“It’s a project I completely forgot about! C’mon, Tina,” Lana said. “Let’s go!”

“See you guys later,” said Tina, not at all sure about Lana’s motives.

“What was that about?” Jeanine could be heard behind them.

The two walked a ways in silence.

“Kobe meat girls,” said Lana when the two were out of earshot. “Massage, right?”

Tina shrugged.

“Thanks for letting me tag along. I sure didn’t want to be in there when my mom drops her bombshell…”

“What’s that?” Tina asked.

“It’s a tidbit of information designed to shock people,” grinned Lana. “Anyway… after we left you guys. We showed my parents the stuff we got. We were all excited. But then my mom told us she’d be getting spitroasted with your mom tomorrow.”

“Bullshit!” Tina stopped walking.

“No bullshit! I’m serious!” Lana’s expression was sincere. “My dad said he was having a hard time saving up for the license for Mom’s spitroasting, so now was the time.”

“Wow,” said Tina, starting to move again.

“Anyway,” said Lana. “That’s not all.”

“Don’t tell me, you’re doing it too!”

Lana laughed.

“Actually,” said Lana. “After we went to bed Linds and Lorrie were talking till late about which one of them should… it was so annoying, they wouldn’t let me sleep.”


“They’re still undecided, which shouldn’t surprise you…”

That made Tina laugh.

“No, you! No You! No Me! No Me!” Tina emulated a scene between Lorrie and Lindsey they both knew from years ago. It caused Lana to go into a giggle fit.

“Anyway,” Tina said at length. “You were saying?”

“What?” Lana said, wiping her eyes. “Oh, yeah! Mom said… and don’t hate me for telling you this…. She said she and your mom had sex!”

“She did not!” said Tina. “I’m calling bullshit!”

“That’s what she said!” said Lana. “That’s why she ran us over to your place first thing this morning! She felt all guilty about telling us.”

Tina could hardly believe her ears. She knew it was true, somehow. She remembered the softness of mom’s lips on her own last evening… and, heaven help her… the promise she’d made to Mom… what if she asks…?

“Wow,” Tina said as she started walking.

“Yeah,” said Lana.

“My god”


Then something dawned on Tina.

“Lana, I told you what I was doing and you get it, right?”

“I think so.”

“What do you think I’m doing?”

“You’re going to try to find out about how the Japanese massage their special livestock girls… probably so you can do it for Martha.”

“Exactly. But I didn’t know my mom and your mom… were… lesbians.”

“They’re bisexual,” Lana corrected.

“So you knew, and you’re coming with me? Why?”

“I thought it would be a nice idea,” said Lana.

Tina looked at her. “What if you’re giving Jeanine a massage and she… you know…”

“Oh!” said Lana. “Oh!” It was Lana’s turn to stop, and she turned a little red. “What about you?”

Tina thought about it, then shrugged. I made Mom a promise. I told her I’d do anything to make her happy.”

“And you’re keeping it?” Lana struggled to keep up.




“Me too!” said Lana.

Tina favored Lana with a smile.

“But,” Tina said. “Don’t spill any of this to anyone else. I really want to be… you know… I want to give my mom something nobody else thought of.”

Lana nodded. “’Kay!” she said as the two went up the main steps into Poppyfield High. Inside Principle Daniels was posting notes on the main bulletin board. As he turned his gaunt, bespectacled and mustachioed face to the girls, he nodded to them.

“Good morning, Ladies,” he said.

Tina thought him an attractive older man. It was also not lost on her that his last two wives had been students from this school.

“Good morning, Mr. Daniels,” Tina said. “Is the computer lab open yet?”

“I just opened it.”

“Thank you!” replied Tina. “Oh, before I forget,” Tina added. “Did you know both my mom and my grandmother are getting spitroasted tomorrow?”

“My mom too!” reminded Lana.

“I did hear about that,” said Mr. Daniels. “Yes.”

“Well,” Tina said. “My gramma wants me to make sure the faculty is invited.”

“Does she now?”

“Yes, she does. She especially wants to meet you, Mr. Daniels.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Well,” Tina said. “She heard I like to flash you, so she’s interested in your thoughts on the shape of my bottom…”

Mr. Daniels’ expression was so priceless, it made Tina’s week. He turned beat red with embarrassment and had a hard time looking at either of the girls.

Tina grinned. “But seriously… you are invited. And I’d like it very much if you came.”

“I… uhm…” he said, still a bit flustered.


Ne finally nodded, seeming to swallow hard and force a smile.

Tina smiled back, and she took Lana and the two scurried away toward the computer lab.

“I think he likes you,” said Lana.


Part 8

As with most days at breakfast, Martha fussed over her girls. Tina’s early departure made her curious, but not worried. It was forgotten the moment Jeanine walked into the kitchen with two of her three youngest in tow.

“Where’s Lana?” Martha asked.

“She ran off with Tina,” said Lindsey. “They were being very… secretive.”

“They were, too!” said Lorrie, who did not look pleased.

Martha served more coffee to her guests, thinking nothing unusual as it was common for Jeanine to show up early with her girls. But she noted her friend’s nervous face.

“Is something wrong?” Martha asked Jeanine.

“I… uhm…” Jeanine started. Lindsey went to speak but Jeanine silenced her with a hand gesture.

“Martha,” Jeanine looked up with soul filled eyes. “I screwed up.”


“Last night, when the girls came home… I told them…”

“That you’re getting cooked tomorrow? I hope so… you’re not changing your mind are you? You already signed and knowing my father, he’s already on his way to file the papers!”

“Wait,” said Melanie. “Jeanine’s getting cooked, too?”

“When did you decide?” asked Sandy.

“Well… I decided when I found out Martha was doing it for sure,” Jeanine said. “No, I didn’t change my mind. But, Martha… I, I’m so sorry. I told the girls everything else that happened too.”

“What?” Martha said having half understood, then it dawned on her what it meant. “Oh!”

“Martha, I’m soo sorry…”

Martha shook her head… trying to clear it…

“What else happened?” asked Sandy. The rest of Martha’s daughters turned toward their mother with confused looks.

Martha was thoughtful for a moment or two. She was flushed, of course. One does not avoid a feeling of embarrassment when the gory details of one’s sex life are spread around. But why should they not know? It was no longer illegal, and had not been for a year. And what was anyone going to do about it? Cull her?

Martha forced a smile. “Jeanine and I… we’ve become lovers. We’re having sex with each other.” Oh yes, their faces were more shocked than Martha had thought they’d be. “Right here, on this table.”

Of course she’d told Donald last night. And, of course, Donald being Donald, he’d enjoyed her story then savagely taken her again and again, leaving her spent and so exhausted she’d had the deepest sleep she’d experienced in many months.

“We’re not lesbians,” Jeanine was correcting Sandy. “We’re bisexual. And I’ve loved your mom for a long, long time… and I still do!”

“Well,” said Lindsey at length. “I don’t know what the big deal is… if you love each other, and dad is okay with it and Don is okay with it… Don is okay with it, right?”

Martha nodded.

“Where’s the fire?” asked Chester, suddenly appearing in the Kitchen’s doorway.

“My mom was just telling us that she and Martha are having sex,” blurted Lorrie.

“You’re just finding out now?” asked Chester. “Haven’t they been lovers for years?”

Martha and Jeanine gave nervous laughs.

“Is that what you thought?” asked Martha.

“Of course, Dear,” said Mrs. Finney. “The way you touched each other… you were not exactly discrete.”

“Our first time together was yesterday,” said Jeanine.



“Well…” said Mrs. Finney. “You were beautiful together.”

“You saw them, Gramma?” asked Cory.

Well… I…” Mrs. Finney blushed. “I did.”

“Wow,” said Dana.

“Well,” said Melanie. “I think it’s romantic!”

“You think everything’s romantic,” said Cory.

“I think it’s romantic as well, Melanie,” said Mrs. Finney.

“Gramma’s right,” said Lindsey. “Now can we not be all ridiculous about this anymore? It’s so stupid.”

Martha and Jeanine exchanged glances when Lindsey said “Gramma.” Jeanine shrugged.

“It’s time to go, anyway,” said Sandy. “Bye Mom!” she came and hugged Martha, then hugged Jeanine. The parade of girls followed that pattern.

“Is there anymore coffee?” asked Chester after the girls had all filed out, and Martha served. “Liz,” he said. “Do you want the car, or would you rather I call a limo again?”

“The limousine was nice, darling. If you don’t mind, I’d like ask for it again. And the same driver if you can get her.”

“What exactly are you doing in all these meetings, Dad?” asked Martha.

“Old friend of mine,” he said as he dialed. “Ebenezer Jessup. He’s a professor of economics back in Georgia and wants to me to scout locations for a new university. I figured, while I’m here… hello, yes I need a limousine…”

“So who’s he meeting with today, Mother?”

“The mayor, I believe,” said Mrs. Finney. “I can hardly keep track of all his acquaintances. Jeanine, would you like to come with us to meet my daughter Beverly?”

“Uh, sure. I’d love to come, Mrs. Finney.”

“Please call me Liz,” said Mrs. Finney. “I should even unofficially adopt you as your daughters have done with me. You’re practically family, I think, all things considered,” she glanced at Martha. “They are delightful, by the way. Your girls are.”

“Thank you, Liz,” Jeanine said in a small voice.

“Ten thirty alright, dear?” asked Chester.

“That should be ideal,” said Mrs. Finney… I mean Liz.

Liz turned to Martha. “Dear,” she said. “Can you do something for me? It’s a small thing, and I hope you can, because it would mean a great deal to me.”

“Of course, Mother?”

Liz smiled. “Can you take off that hideous pink polyester snap front house dress from hell and never wear it again in my presence? Go naked if you must, but please don’t insult your beauty with it again.”

“What should I change into?” Martha asked.

“Naked is good,” Chester said.


“Naked is fine with me too,” grinned Jeanine.

“You’re not helping!”

“Martha,” said Liz. “Do you remember that blue and white outfit you wore to that disaster of a garden party we had during your senior year.”

“The white cutoffs and blue halter-blouse?”


“You hated that outfit!”

“Oh, no I did not. I thought it made you look adorable. What I hated was what people said about you when you wore it.”


“Do you still have it?”

“I do, actually. I don’t know if it still fits…”

“Oh, silly girl, of course it fits. You’re as trim as you were when you were fifteen. Do go put it on for me, please?”

Martha nodded and went upstairs, leaving Jeanine at her mother’s mercy and feeling guilty about doing that again. It took a few minutes to find the cutoffs, but she did find them. They were ridiculously short. They reminded her of Lorrie’s skirt, because when she put them on, they left her hip bones exposed and the top half of her mound visible. They couldn’t be worn with any panties Martha had. She’d had forgotten they were that revealing. The royal blue halter blouse was basically a blouse that was cut to be tied underneath the breasts. And mother wanted her to wear this? Martha went braless, hoping Mother would change her mind on this outfit. She wasn’t sure she wanted to parade around in it today. Not with mother here.

Martha regarded herself in the floor length mirror in her bedroom. She felt naked, and looked like a woman who wanted to be stripped forcibly… keep mother happy, keep mother happy, keep mother happy! She went downstairs. By the time she arrived back in the kitchen, Chelsea was there sharing her ultra sound images.

“Four!” said Liz. “My word, dear. You will need a wet-nurse. I certainly did.”

“You had four at a time?” asked Chelsea.

“Twice,” said Liz. “My first two litters were quadruplets. My last three, however, were triplets. Four would have been too much, and absolutely too many for one woman to nurse.”

“I don’t know if we can afford one,” said Chelsea.

“Don’t be silly, dear. Ask one of Martha’s girls. Her youngest will be seniors when your litter is born. I’m sure Melanie or Sandy would be happy to help out.”

“That’s a great idea! Martha, whatcha think? Nice outfit! Is it new?”

Martha did not want to blush with this much skin exposed, but she did anyway.

“Martha,” said Jeanine. “You look good enough to eat!”

“In more ways than one,” said Chester. “Oh, Liz, Naomi just sent me a text. She got the phone.”

“Oh, good.”

“She says to call after eleven.”

“I’ll need the phone, then, darling.”

“My Naomi?” asked Martha.

“Yes,” said Chester. “You mentioned last night you were having a hard time getting in touch with the girls at college. So I ordered a phone and had it delivered to their dormer.”

“That’s great, Daddy!” Martha said. “Thank you!”

“My pleasure,” said Chester. “I must go, the Mayor, I’m told is an impatient man. Congratulations on your son, Chelsea!”

“Thanks Chester!” said Chelsea. “I have to go too. I’ll talk to you guys later.”

“Wow,” said Jeanine, after the three were alone.

“What?” asked Martha.

“Funny how we three spitmuffins seem to always end up alone together.

Liz laughed jovially at that.

“What’s so funny?” Martha asked.

“I’ve never heard the term ‘spitmuffin’ before, much less been called one.”

Liz, Martha and Jeanine spent the next half hour doing the few chores there were to do in the Cokely home, before moving on to work in the Philips home. Jeanine had a more lagging list of chores, but the three of them knocked those out quickly and were just finished when the limousine arrived.

“Hello, again,” Liz said to the driver.

“Hello, ma’am. Thank you for requesting me!”

“Not at all, dear. Tell me, is this vehicle equipped with a system for conference by phone?”

“It is, ma’am,” said the woman. She pointed to a console on the door’s interior panel. “Plug your phone in here, and press this button for speaker conference. You can also use these headsets, which I think work much better.”

“Thank you, dear. Shall we go?”

Martha slipped in behind Jeanine and sat next to her on the rear-facing seat while Liz took the middle of the back seat. She couldn’t help but luxuriate on the plush seats made of soft dyed blue skin.

“It is a shame,” said Liz as the limousine pulled away. “That Beverly won’t be joining us on the spit.”

“At least she’s coming,” said Martha.

“There is that,” nodded Liz.

Martha looked over at Jeanine, who smiled. Jeanine put her hand on Martha’s bare thigh and caressed it twice, then let her hand rest there.

“We need to find time,” said Jeanine.

Martha nodded, nervously.

“Precious little of it left,” said Liz. “We have but little more than a day left. Oh, don’t look at me like that Jeanine. Those eyes of yours make me want to weep when you put on that look. Oh do make her stop, Martha. Kiss her, or make love to her, but don’t let her look so soulful…”

Jeanine did not need any further encouragement. She did kiss Martha. Not only that, she consumed Martha’s mouth hungrily. Martha was so overwhelmed by the sensation it was after her halter-blouse was off that she realized she was half naked and about to be fully naked as Jeanine already had her button fly undone on the white cutoffs.

“Wait,” said Martha. “Wait, please!” Jeanine sighed, and buried her head in Martha’s shoulder. “Mother… Mom,” continued Martha. “You said you’d tell me about Silvie.”

“Yes dear, I will. What is it you want to know?”

Martha took a breath as Jeanine was sliding the cutoffs down Martha’s thighs.

“Just a few days before Silvie was cooked, she called me. She told me she had had sex with Dad.”

Liz’ brow went up. She looked surprised, but not shocked to Martha.

“Is that all she told you?” asked Liz.

“No,” Martha said, but she did not elaborate.

Liz sighed. “You remember that Silvie was something of a romantic. She was like Melanie that way. She also had that very mirthful, sometimes nasty sense of humour like Tina and… no, not like Naomi,” she paused. “Who we need to call in thirty minutes. Anyway, she’d had her heart broken by a boy, and her grades started failing to the point she was going to get culled. So your father preempted it. You know that she was spitroasted a week later at the country club. But she was a virgin and loathed the idea of being a virgin on a spit. So your father and I spent the next seven wonderful nights with Silvie in our bed.”

“You both did?” asked Martha, who was a bit shocked.

“Did she not tell you?”

“Not that part!”

“Oh,” said Liz. “I suppose she might have been protecting me. It was illegal at the time, and I would probably have been culled had I been caught. But that was fifteen years ago. You’ve been curious about it all this time?”

Martha shook her head as Jeanine fondled her body.

“Beverly and I have been going back and forth about this since that time…”

“Goodness,” said Liz. “I had no idea! It is a shame it took us so long to start speaking honestly to each other, Martha,” she said. “My my… you truly do have such a beautiful body.”

Jeanine had handed Martha’s clothing to Liz, who set them beside her, then stripped off herself, giving away her signature yellow tee first, then her bra, shorts and ratty cotton panties to Liz.

Then Jeanine turned to Martha. It was Martha’s turn to be the submissive in this affair as Jeanine explored her body in ways Martha would never have imagined. But all the while, Martha was aware of her mother, sitting on the back seat, watching them, studying them. Any time Martha thought her crotch on display for her mother she blushed and closed her legs. Even so, Martha almost managed to lose herself in the sensations Jeanine inflicted upon her. She felt both humiliated and adored by both women, but her body, while coming to the brink, would not climax.

Jeanine, however, did, multiple times as Martha teased her friend’s large clitoris with finger and tongue. Jeanine lay on top of Martha for many moments after, clothing Martha with the warmth of her own body.

“You didn’t come,” said Jeanine.

“Stage fright,” replied Martha.

“Inhibitions can be a terrible thing,” said Liz. “No,” she said to Jeanine as Jeanine went to retrieve her clothing. “I’d like to enjoy looking at you for a while longer, please.”

Liz touched a key on the phone which she’d mounted to the door console. It rang.

“Hello?” came a voice over the speaker.



“It’s your grandmother.”

“Gramma! Hi! Where are you? You sound like you’re in a tunnel.”

“Just a moment, then,” said Liz. She fished three headsets out of the console and distributed them, donning one herself.

“How do I sound now, Naomi?”

“Much better!” said the coed. “I’m trying to dodge taggers today, so if I hang up on you suddenly, that’s why!”

“Be careful, honey!”

“Mom? Is that you?”

“Yes it is. How are you?”

“I’m fine. So Gramma is there to get roasted?”

“Not just Gramma,” said Martha. “Me too.”

“Oh my god! Mom!”

“It’s true, honey. I wish you could be here.”

“But I’ll miss you!”

“I know, sweetie. I love you very much. But you knew this day was coming.”

“Wow, I wish I could be there tomorrow! I have this lecture I can’t miss, so I can’t!”

“It’s alright, honey. I’ll give everyone your love.”

“I love you, Mom! Oh, here comes Adam! He’ll keep me safe. He’s a tagger, but he’s also my boyfriend.

“Who you talking to?” asked a male voice in the background.

“My mom,” said Naomi.

“Naomi,” said Jeanine. “It’s Jeanine, from next door?”

“Oh, Hi Jeanine!”

“Are Maddy or Miley around at all? Do you ever talk to them?”

“Every day,” said Naomi. “I’ll see them at lunch, in like, fifteen minutes.”

“Oh, good!” said Jeanine.

“Naomi,” said Martha. “Jeanine’s getting roasted with us!”


“Yes, so if you can have Miley and Maddy use this phone to call…”

“Absolutely. So it’s a threesome, hey?” Naomi giggled at her own joke.

“Not quite,” said Liz. “Your mother and Jeanine haven’t invited me into their sexual adventures yet.”

“Oh, Gramma! You’re so… what’s that word you like so much? You’re such a naughty girl!”

“Oh, not so naughty as your mother and Jeanine. We’re on the way to pick up Aunt Beverly and your cousin Deborah at the airport, and they are sitting naked in front of me in a limousine in the afterglow of a lovely sexual adventure.”

“Mom, it’s a joke right?”

“Well…” Martha said trying to hide the embarrassment in her voice.

“It’s not a joke,” said Jeanine, completely confidently. “It’s all true.”

“Oh, wow! I don’t know what to say!”

“Just so you know,” said Jeanine. “Your father is fine with it, as are Miley and Maddy’s dad. Everyone knows by now about it, I think.”

“Well,” said Naomi. “That’s really nice. What do the girls say about it?”

“Melanie said it was romantic,” said Liz.

“She thinks everything is romantic,” said Naomi. “Good for her! God, I’m… you know what? The girls on this campus are pretty libertine. I heard they weren’t before the law changed, but when it did… now having girls on girls is kinda all the rage, you know? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when my own mom and her best friend find they like each other even more than they thought.”

“That’s very well put, dear,” said Liz.

“Thank you, baby,” said Martha, her eyes tearing up. “Thank you…”

“Okay,” said Naomi. “Mom, I love you, I’ll try and talk to again later, maybe tomorrow. Jeanine, I’ll have Maddy and Miley call soon as I find them.”

“Thanks, Naomi!” said Jeanine.

“I gotta go! Love you!” and the phone clicked off.

Fifteen minutes later, they were back in their outfits and in the terminal at Sky Harbor Airport. Jeanine was explaining things to Madeline over the phone with some tears. She finally hung up as the two other women looked on.

“I just said goodbye to my baby,” said Jeanine.

“I know,” said Martha, stroking Jeanine’s back.

Jeanine smiled. “You know, she’s thrilled we’re lovers!”


“She said: ‘About time!’ her words!”

Several arrivals were announced, among them Beverly’s. When Beverly and Deborah appeared, they looked like sisters rather than mother and daughter. So much so, in fact, Martha had a hard time telling which was which at first. Both wore their wheat blonde hear pinned up elegantly and sported Elizabeth’s hazel eyes and clear, creamy skin. Both wore two inch heels with sheer black silk stalking. One wore a slate gray wool knit dress, long sleeve dress with oversized turtleneck that form fitted Deborah or Beverly’s body. The other wore a cream colored blouse and dark purple pinstriped skirt.

“Gramma!” shouted Deborah, revealing herself to be the one in blouse and skirt. Beverly strode directly to Martha and gave her a tight embrace.

“Hey, you!” said Beverly. “God, I’m glad I got to see you again. Hello, Mother!”

“How was your flight, dear?” asked Liz.

“Long,” said Beverly.

“Some sheik bought a stewardess,” said Deborah. “Hi, Aunt Marty,” she embraced Martha.

“Bev, Deborah, this is my best friend, Jeanine Philips.”

“Well,” said Beverly. “It’s nice to finally meet you after hearing about you for so long! I always envy the adventures you and Marty have!”

Jeanine took Beverly’s offered hand. “She’s been a great friend,” she said. “But, wow. Beauty sure runs in this family!”

Beverly blushed demurely.

“And I love that dress,” said Jeanine.

“Really? My husband says I spend way too much money on cloths,” Beverly said. “But I think he’d rather I just walk around naked.”

“It’s awfully cold for that back home this time of year for that,” said Deborah.

“But not here,” said Liz. “I’m sure we’ll all find time to spend in the nude soon enough. It’s far more relaxed here in the Southwest than we are used to.”

A woman strode by wearing only body paint over her breasts to go with her skirt. Both Deborah and Beverly’s eyes popped out.

“I can see that…” said Beverly.

“Where do we collect your luggage,” asked Liz.

“We only brought carryons,” said Deborah.

“Well,” said Liz. “I suppose we could be off then. Should we have lunch?”

They agreed to go to a restaurant in Phoenix. The limousine driver recommended Vincenzo’s on East Camelback which had a unique take on continental food. They were there shortly and dining on succulent loin cuts.

“Marty,” asked Beverly as the food arrived. “Is that the outfit from the garden party fiasco?”

“It is,” Martha smiled.

“What fiasco?” asked Jeanine.

Liz laughed heartily and told Jeanine about how she had, during Martha’s senior year in high school, tried to set her up with a promising young man who she cared for not at all. So she bought and wore this scandalous, for the time and place, outfit to meet and greet guests coming to the garden party Liz had arranged for the occasion. As it turned out, the boy’s parents so disapproved of Martha’s outfit, they forbid him from being seen anywhere near her. The outfit was the talk of the country club and the high school for weeks after.

“But the boy married one of Martha’s friends,” said Liz. “But she only lived till her eldest was ten, then he traded her in for a new model.”

Martha felt sullen.

“Don’t worry, Dear,” said Liz. “I asked Marty to wear the outfit. It reminds me of how precious our time is and how horrible I was for that day.”

Martha had never been called “Marty” by her mother before, at least not in her presence. Hearing it, as if Mother had been using it forever was unsettling and Martha knew not what to make of it.

Back in the limousine, Beverly and Deborah flanked Liz in the back seat. As they sped home Beverly spoke of the country club, describing it and the various characters that inhabited it to Martha and even more so to Jeanine. In general, Beverly liked the people there, but had little tolerance for those who were sycophants of Georgia Monroe. Georgia she truly loathed.

“This is a woman who lords over all, never fails to remind us her husband served the ambassador in London, and that she was presented to the queen…”

“I can’t stand the Monroes at all,” said Deborah. “I don’t know how Gramma can.”

“She’s quite a bridge player,” said Liz.

“I mentioned you were getting roasted this weekend only an hour after you told me,” said Beverly. “And wouldn’t you know it, she pats my arm and says, ‘yes, luv, I know!’ You told her first, Mother! How could you?”

“I did not!”

“Then how did she already know?”

Then Liz eyes went mirthful and she began laughing hysterically.”

“What’s so funny?” Beverly asked with true annoyance in her tone.

“My darling,” said Liz. “What Georgia does not know is that she will be roasted on Sunday.”

“What? How is that?”

Liz wiped the laughing tears from her eyes. “I’m the lowest ranked player at the moment,” said Liz. “I would be roasted if I were to participate in the finals on Sunday… and the club bylaws say I must, I’m obligated to… unless I’m already gone. Georgia is subject to the exact same rules as everyone else in the club. She wrote them, and that is the irony. She is, right now, the second lowest ranked player behind me.”

“Oh!” said Beverly. “So she thought… oh my god! Mother, you’re not that devious!”

“I beg to differ,” said Liz. “I’m as devious as I need to be… besides, Georgia was ruining the debutante ball, and we can’t have that.”

Martha had been watching the exchange completely perplexed at first, then very much aware of the woman she’d grown up under. Mother was who she was on the surface. There was a whole other person underneath. That planner was the one she found to be the most frightening.

“God, it will serve them right,” said Deborah.

“Serve who right?” asked Liz.

“Cambria and Asia Monroe. They’re debutantes. I almost wish I was going to be there.”

“You’re not?” asked Martha.

“No,” said Deborah.

“Deborah,” said Martha changed the subject. “Dana is looking forward to your coming. Would you like to stay at our house instead of the hotel tonight?”

“Uhm,” said Deborah. “Alright. Or she could stay with me and Mom at the hotel!”

“Alright,” said Martha. “You two can work it out when you see her.

An awkward silence descended upon the limousine’s rear compartment. Martha was suddenly aware of Jeanine and her own barely clothed bodies so close together in the rear facing seat and Jeanine’s body heat radiated next to Martha in stark contrast to the limousine’s air conditioning. Martha was also keenly aware of her proper family, her sister and mother quite properly dressed across from her…

So, Deborah,” Jeanine said. “Why aren’t you going to the debutante ball?”

“I won’t be there for it,” Deborah evaded. “But my sisters will. Caitlin, oh my god, it’s all she talks about.”

“Incessantly,” said Beverly.

“One of the boys actually asked to be here escort. Rommie doesn’t care so much. That’s my older twin. She’ll get assigned an escort and be perfectly happy with whoever. But Cait, it means a lot to her.”

“It sounds like you’re very protective of Caitlin,” observed Jeanine.

“We all are,” replied Deborah. “I mean, she barely made it through her junior year. It’s a miracle she’s still around to attend the ball.”

“Caitlin’s as pretty a thing as they come,” said Martha to Jeanine. “Well,” said Jeanine. “In your family that’s saying quite a bit. I’ve never seen a family with so many beautiful women in it.”

“Beauty isn’t everything,” said Beverly defensively.

“But it is something,” said Jeanine. “If nothing else, you look good on a spit,” she grinned.

“Is a spitmuffin supposed to look good on a spit?” asked Liz.

“A ‘spitmuffin’?” asked Beverly.

“Yeah, mom!” said Deborah. “Don’t worry, Gramma. You’ll make a great looking spitmuffin.”

“I daresay I’ll be a novelty in this part of the country.”

“It’s a shame Josh couldn’t be here,” said Martha. “Couldn’t he make time?”

“Apparently not,” said Beverly. “Where did you hear the term ‘spitmuffin’, Deborah?”

“At school,” replied the young blonde. “One of the transfer students from California says that’s what they say there.”

“It’s true,” said Jeanine. “That’s what we always said. I’m originally from San Francisco,” Jeanine said to Beverly. “Josh is your husband, right?”

“He is,” Beverly said simply.

“Mom’s mad at Daddy for not coming,” said Deborah.

“I’m sure he is far more annoyed with me,” said Liz. “I only told him on Wednesday evening what my intentions were.”

“Well,” said Beverly. “He has a new wife lined up already. It would have been nice if he could be more accommodating to his own family.”

“Wait,” said Jeanine. “I’m confused. I thought you were only thirty eight?”

“I am,” said Beverly.

“And you have ten kids.”

“I do. Well, I did.”

“I thought… Martha says that buys you extra time?”

“It does,” said Beverly. “But my marriage is, shall we say, a bit of a drag. Neither of us is happy. But I have daughters in Yale, Princeton and Cornell. It looks like Rommie might get into Stanford or Harvard. Caitlin is very likely to marry her boyfriend, who I adore… and I have my own diversions.”

“Yes you do,” said Deborah, smirking.

Beverly gave Deborah a quick look Martha couldn’t quite decipher. Some secret, perhaps?

“Oh Martha,” said Beverly. “I do wish I’d come sooner.”

Martha smiled. “So do I.”

If you had,” said Liz. “You’d have witnessed the budding romance between your sister and her friend.”

“Oh?” Beverly raised a brown. “Is something wrong between you and Don?”

“No,” Martha said. “Nothing at all is wrong.”

“Actually,” said Liz. “Everyone is quite happy for Martha and Jeanine.”

“No way!” exclaimed Deborah.

“Seriously?” Beverly grinned, and Martha gave a little nod.

“That’s hot!” said Deborah. “The stuck up girls at our school still tease lesbians ruthlessly. They can’t use it to get them culled anymore, but they still make their lives miserable. They say it’s a man-hating thing.”

“To be fair, dear,” said Liz. “Lesbianism is a form of hatred toward men. But Jeanine and Martha are bisexuals. I know quite well they both love their husbands very much. You’ll find Ron, Jeanine’s husband, to be a very amiable man.”

“I like him,” smiled Jeanine.

Martha wanted, more than anything, to be away and alone with Jeanine somewhere, anywhere but here at the moment. The discussion of her sex life with three generations of her family was truly embarrassing her and setting her on edge the more the conversation went on. She lay her head back on the seat, then rolled it over onto Jeanine’s shoulder and shut her eyes for a few moments, hoping it would all go away.

“You guys are so cute together,” said Deborah, once again intruding on Martha’s senses.

“They are indeed,” said Liz.

“Hey, Aunt Marty,” said Deborah. Martha opened her eyes again and faced her niece. “Wanna know a secret?”

“Sure,” Martha smiled politely.

Deborah reached over with one arm and put her palm on Elizabeth’s cheek, directing the older woman’s face toward her own. Then the girl planted a kiss on her grandmother that sucked the wind out of Martha’s lungs.

Liz had initially offered resistance to the assault, but submitted in short order to Deborah’s assertive advance. Deborah’s hand landed on her grandmother’s belly and came up to cup the older woman’s breast.

“God I love doing that,” said Deborah as Liz panted in the aftermath. “I wish you’d get a dress like Mom’s, Gramma. It’s so much easier to get off.”

Martha’s senses were suddenly on fire, and Jeanine’s hand that had hovered over Martha’s breast was now gripping it.

“I…” Martha started. “Mom, I’m…”

“She’s my whore,” said Deborah. “So is your sister.” Deborah added as she pulled Liz’s dress off her shoulders and below her bra. “The first time I raped Gramma I did it in front of Grampa.” She unclasped Liz’s bra, and took it from her. “He was a very good audience.” Liz offered only timid reluctance.

“Mom,” said Deborah. “Why don’t you sit between Martha and Jeanine and give us some space.”

Martha obeyed Deborah’s wishes and scooted over to make room for Beverly, and Beverly slid over in submissive obedience to her mistress/daughter.

Deborah touched the intercom button to the driver.

“Driver,” she said. “We’ll need a little time. Can you add half an hour to our trip?”

“Yes ma’am,” said the driver over the intercom speaker.

“Thank you,” Deborah told the driver. Then she drew Liz over her lap face down, and shifted to the middle of the back seat so that her lap was under Liz’s hips. As she was pushing up Liz’s dress, she was looking Martha directly in the eye. “You look perplexed, Aunt Marty. Didn’t you know Gramma’s greatest fantasy is to be humiliated?”

Martha shook her head ‘no,” and continued to watch as Deborah drew off Liz’s panties.

“You’ve been a bit naughty, Gramma,” said Deborah. “Did I not tell you to explain things to Aunt Marty?”

“Yes, my love,” said Liz in a shaky voice.

Martha’s hand slipped over Beverly’s, which was trembling heavily.

Deborah smacked Liz’s bare bottom five times to which Liz squealed each time and sobbed in the aftermath. Deborah put Liz’s underthings in her purse and drew from it a cruel looking phallus carved from dark wood. It was long and ribbed with a handle on one end. Martha watched with morbid fascination as Deborah forced Liz’s knees apart, exposing the older woman’s sex. It was bare, as if it had recently been waxed, and it glistened with moisture and seemed to hungrily consume the phallus as Deborah forced it in.

Liz gasped.

Deborah pulled Liz back into a seated position directly in front of her and once again forced Liz’s knees apart. But Liz opened them more willingly this time, showing her mound to be adorned with a nicely groomed patch of light brown pubic hair that seemed to embrace only the top of Liz’s cleft.

Deborah’s fingers found that cleft as she reached around with the other hand to work the phallus. She worked it slowly at first, as she gingerly massaged Liz’s pleasure center, but her efforts slowly gained momentum. Soon, Liz was panting and gasping, her surprisingly firm breasts bobbing as Deborah extracted orgasms from her grandmother without mercy.

Martha glanced over and did a double take. Jeanine had her hand inside her own open shorts and was masturbating shamelessly. Beverly was cupping her own breast, seeming to tease her nipples through the thick wool of her dress.

Martha’s own body was reacting to the domination of her mother. The thought of trading places occurred to her. But did she really want that?

Liz gushed onto the carpet, her body shuddering finally with her head laid back over Deborah’s shoulder, moaning at the ceiling. Deborah put her lips to Liz’s neck and sucked hard, leaving and ugly mark there.

“Don’t disobey me again,” warned Deborah.

“No, my love,” promised Liz.

The scene soon shifted as Deborah helped Liz reassemble her dress, but denying Liz her undergarments when she asked for them.

Martha simply sat in shock, unable to think of anything to say. She met her mother’s eyes and found that it was true: Liz was basking in her own humiliation.

The limousine came to a stop, and the passenger side door came open, and Martha became aware that they’d arrived home. She was the first to step out of the Limousine. Her only thought was to get away, far away from what she’d just seen.

What met Martha was no less unexpected than what she’d just witnessed. Dozens… no, hundreds of her neighbors were awaiting her outside the Limousine in front of her house. As soon as she appeared, they began to applaud enthusiastically.

She recognized many, others she did not. John and Nina Haskell were there from three blocks over, on Tulip, she remembered. Their son was the quarterback for the highschool football team that Dana wanted to date. John proudly wore a gray sweat shirt displaying the logo for the Poppyfield Sidewinders. Nina wore nothing but shoes, bra and panties. Chelsea was likewise dressed, and her husband Frank wore a Sidewinders t-shirt. Brad Blakely was there as well, grinning like a fool as he applauded and looking not at all hen pecked next to Helen, who’s thong seemed ill able to handle the wide expanse of her hips and who’s bra seemed overwhelming to her modest chest.

In fact, all the men and boys were dressed in Sidewinders shirts, and all the women and girls were dressed in lingerie. Some of it cotton and plain, some of it fancy, and some of it quite gaudy. The throng of people shook Martha’s hand and kissed her cheek and surged with their appreciation for Jeanine as she emerged, then again, even more so, for Liz. Finally she began to make out the comments which universally had to do with the event tomorrow in the back yard. It was completely surreal, and Martha barely noticed her sister and niece slipping out of the Limousine as inconspicuously as possible.

Up near the front porch, Officer Ron, still in uniform, sipped beer with Don and Chester while speaking with other neighbors. Don eventually broke away and arrived to rescue his wife.

“Hiya, Legs!” he said, and then picked her up bodily in his arms and carried her off to the hoots and cheers of onlookers.

“My hero!” said Martha, snuggling against his wide chest as he strode into the house. “What’s going on?”

“Look out back,” said Don as he set her down.

Martha gave him a quizzical glance, and he nodded toward the kitchen. Through the window over the sink she could see the neighborhood had come out in force setting up tables and hanging banners. As she’d seen out front, men wore Sidewinders jerseys and women wore underwear and sneakers. Bethany McKay, who was six months pregnant with a first brood, was even out there. The girl had gone from an A Cup to a C cup in just a few weeks, she’d recently told Martha with excitement.

“Did everyone take the day off?” asked Martha of her husband as he joined her.

“The shop closed at noon,” said Don. “There’s the big game with Obama, and there’s tomorrow. I guess nobody was in the mood to work anymore this week. I know I’m not.”

Martha turned in his embrace, his big hands comforting her bare midriff.

“What are you in the mood for?” she asked, putting her arms over his shoulders.

“A little of this,” smiled Don. “A little of that… the girls are all going to the game, then they’re spending the night next door. Ron and Jeanine will stay with us tonight.”

“You thought of everything,” said Martha. “What about Beverly and Deborah?”

“If they want to join in…”

Martha let out a laugh… “Not sure that’s a good idea…”


“I’ll tell you all about it later…”

“Really… who did Deborah rape?”

Martha shook her head in shock. “You know about that already?”

“Chester’s been telling me Deborah’s a little domineering… is it true?”

“Except for the part about being only a little domineering… She’s acting like she owns Mother and Bev.”

“So tell me about it.”

Martha relayed the tale of the limousine ride, leaving nothing out. She most enthusiastically, to her own surprise, spoke of making love to Jeanine while her mother watched.

“I was too uptight to orgasm,” Martha lamented. “Jeanine noticed.”

“That’s too bad,” said Don. “But Tina found something that should help you relax.”

“What’s that?”

Don kissed her deeply. “It’s a surprise.”

Martha smirked, then noticed the clock on the wall said three thirty.

“By this time tomorrow, I’ll be cooking.”

“Then we’d better make every moment count.”

Martha brushed his lips with hers and reveled in his very masculine embrace as he kissed her again.

Suddenly, Cory, Mel and Sandy appeared, all dressed in their new lingerie and old sneakers.

“Are you going to the game like that?” asked Martha.

“Yes,” said Melanie. “Daddy, it’s okay, right?”

Don nodded. “Have a good time, girls.”

The three girls rushed into the kitchen, kissed both parents on the cheek and rushed out.

Don led Martha back into the living room where Deborah was resisting Dana’s pleas to come to the game.

It should have been a perfectly normal thing, Martha thought. Dana adored Deborah. They’d been virtually inseparable last August in New Jersey. They were almost exactly the same age as well, but now Martha saw Deborah differently. She looked like a predator, and Dana, like prey. Like Deborah would consume innocent Dana at first opportunity and spit her out after a few moments diversion…

“Please, Deborah!” begged Dana. “It’ll be fun!”

“Deborah,” said Chester. “You should go,” he said, even as Martha wanted to side with Deborah.

“Oh, alright!” said Deborah. “But can I take Gramma too?”

“Sure,” said Chester, to Liz’s dismayed look.

“Honey,” Martha whispered to Don.


“Dana with Deborah?”

“What? Oh, I’m sure it’s fine… don’t worry.”


“Don’t worry. It’s okay.”

Martha saw her mother speaking with Chester while Dana led Deborah upstairs for a quick shower. She sat down on the sofa, suddenly exhausted, and Tina appeared with a tall glass of pink lemonade and put it in Martha’s hand.

“Thank you, honey.”

“You’re welcome, Mom,” said Tina, smiling sweetly. Like the others, Tina wore her new lingerie. Hers was white and royal blue… just like the outfit Martha wore…

As Martha regarded Tina, Lana appeared behind her. The blonde girl’s breasts were suspended in black lace, her skin had that olive quality her mother had, but her freckled chest betrayed her father’s Celtic heritage. Nearly naked, one would never guess Jeanine was Lana’s mother. Only Lana’s eyes were unmistakably Jeanine’s.

Ron and Jeanine finally came in through the back of the house followed by Beverly.

“Wow,” said Beverly as she strode from the kitchen to the living room. She accepted a tall glass from Lana and took a seat. “There’s a big party tomorrow in your back yard,” Beverly said to Martha.

“We don’t do things by half,” smiled Ron cheerfully.

“Dear,” said Liz to Martha. “May I borrow the lingerie I bought for you yesterday?”

“Of course,” said Martha. She stood and set down her drink. Elizabeth followed Martha upstairs through the kitchen. By the closed door to the girls’ bathroom Martha could hear the shower going and the high pitched chatter between Dana and Deborah.

“Mother,” said Martha.

“Yes, dear?”

“You won’t let anything happen to Dana, will you?”

Liz looked shocked. “What ever do you mean?”

Martha opened her closet and pulled out that shimmering white lace bra and panty set, handing it to Liz.

“I mean, please don’t let Deborah rape Dana.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” said Liz. She looked shocked and insulted.

But Martha was not reassured. She nodded anyway, and left her mother to change. Back downstairs, Beverly was catching up the men on happenings back in New Jersey, lamenting that her husband had already found another woman and had scheduled her for conversion next weekend.

“Deborah and I are going together,” said Beverly.

“Really?’ asked Tina. “How come you can’t go with Mom and Gramma?”

“He had it planned for over a week,” said Beverly. “Or so he says. Probably longer.”

“Another mother-daughter roasting,” said Jeanine, then catching herself with a glance toward Lana who was listening in to the whole conversation. “Hey,” Jeanine said to Lana. “How come you’re still here?”

“I’m not going to the game,” said Lana.

“Why not?”

Lana looked to Tina. “Uhm… Tina and I…”

“We have a project we have to do,” said Tina.

“On Kobe,” added Ron. “It’s okay, hun.”

“Your sisters already left?”

“Yes,” said Lana.

“Tina!” Dana called from upstairs. “Can you come up for a minute?”

“Coming…” Tina hurried into the kitchen with Lana escaping with her. They could be heard noisily making their way up the stairs.

“It’s past four,” said Jeanine.

“Oh! We need to call Linda and Mary and Miley!” Martha acknowledged and made her way into the kitchen.

“I don’t have the number,” said Martha after she’d picked up the phone receiver. “Dad!” she went back into the living room.”

“…Her biggest fantasy is to be spitted with one of the girls,” Ron was saying to Beverly.

“Has she asked?” asked Chester.

“No,” Said Ron.

“Dad,” said Martha, interrupting the conversation. “I need the number to the girls’ new phone.”

“Oh!” Chester stood and pulled out his wallet. Off a card he read off the number to Martha. But Martha held her hand out for the card, which he surrendered. She favored him with a smile and made her way back to the kitchen phone. As Martha dialed the number with Jeanine anxiously standing by, Martha noticed the three remaining cull licenses fanned out on the kitchen table, and wondered… the phone rang, it went to voicemail. Martha left a message.

“No answer?” Jeanine asked with disappointment.

Martha shook her head, and Jeanine gave Martha a comforting hug. It lingered. Martha kissed Jeanine’s cheek, and Jeanine turned into Martha’s lips and accepted her affection with them parted… it became passionate, and Martha succumbed to the erotic embrace.

“I wish they could see us,” said Jeanine into Martha’s ear.

“That’s beautiful,” said a small voice. The two turned to see Tina standing there completely nude looking virginally innocent, ready to be sacrificed. It dawned upon Martha that there were three blank culling licenses in front of her on the kitchen table. Of all the things Martha knew, she knew Tina was the wildcard, the one with the best chance at a life, and it occurred to Martha that she could not stand to see Tina on a spit.

“Christina Lane Cokely!” Martha exclaimed. “Why are you naked?”

“It’s okay, Martha,” said Lana Phillips as she appeared behind Tina. “Gramma asked her to stay naked.”

“Did she!” Said Martha, perturbed. Tina nodded so emphatically her jutting milky breasts bobbed. “What happened to your new underwear?”

“Deborah’s borrowing them,” said Tina apologetically. “She’s going to the game with Dana and Dana said Deborah had nothing with her.”

“I see,” said Martha, arms crossed.

Jeanine said something that ended with: “She looks good enough to eat…”

“I know,” said Martha. “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Mother arrived downstairs wearing her pearls, pumps and underthings. “Oh, don’t be silly, dear,” said Mother. “Tina likes the attention. She always did.”

“True,” said Martha, not quit ready to condone her daughter’s nakedness.

“Well,” said Mother. “I suppose I’m off to see a football match then, and I’ve never so much as sat down to see one at all.”

“Dana knows football,” said Tina, her breasts jiggling enough to keep Martha’s attention. “She’ll explain it. It’s fun once you know what’ you’re looking at.”

“I suppose,” said Mother.

Dana and Deborah appeared then and Deborah was indeed wearing Tina’s new things. Mother mumbled something about needing to talk with Dad and slipped out of the kitchen.

“So,” Martha tore her eyes from Tina with great effort, and looked to Dana and her niece. “You’re off then? Have fun. And don’t get into trouble!”

“Thanks Mom!” said Dana as she kissed Martha’s cheek.

“Bye Aunt Martha!” said Deborah acting cheerful as Dana led her out.

Martha turned back to Tina and was about to order her back upstairs to put something on, but Jeanine had other ideas.

“Uhm,” said Jeanine. “Why don’t you girls keep Aunt Beverly company. We’ll be right out.”

Martha could not tear her eyes off Tina as the nubile girl glided out in front of Lana. She felt horrified at the sight and frightened.

“My God,” Martha breathed.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jeanine.

“I think Tina wants to get spitted with us!”

“That would be so sweet of her!” said Jeanine in a sweet and serious tone. Martha looked askance at Jeanine, unable to form words of protest. Jeanine, who hoped one of her own daughters would volunteer simply wouldn’t understand… or, perhaps, it was Martha who did not. It occurred to Martha that Jeanine had already seen four of her own culled. Three had gone directly to the butcher shop at the local supermarkent.

Suddenly, the phone rang, breaking the moment. Martha snapped it up.


“Hi! Mrs. Cokely?”


“It’s Miley Philips. Jeanine’s daughter? I just saw you called and haven’t seen any of your girls since I spoke with Mom. I just wanted to tell you I’m looking for them now and wanted to make sure you would be available to talk.”

“Will you see them soon?” asked Martha.

“Well, I’m on my way to the quad. It’s the last place I can think to look. Apparently some girl got herself tagged and the whole school seems to be there.”

“Not one of mine!”

“Not likely,” said Miley. “Not with their grades. None of them get too many tagged days.”

“Oh, good!”

“Yeah, I’m at the quad now. I can’t see who the girl is, but she’s up there masterbating. She’s putting on quite a show! Is my mom near?”

Martha held the phone out to Jeanine.

“It’s Miley.”

“Oh,” said Tina as she was passing back through carrying one of Martha’s old comforters. “Say ‘hi’ for me!”

Beverly appeared, whispering something to Tina and headed upstairs. As Martha watched, Tina unloaded her burden in the living room and chased after Martha’s sister.

“Oh, God,” Martha’s heart was beating in her throat. “What now?”

“Oh my God!” said Jeanine, as if to punctuate the moment.

“What?” Martha jumped.

“It’s Naomi! She’s been tagged!”


Part 9

As with most days the notion of sharing cloths, even underwear was no big deal to Dana. It did, however, seem to bother Deborah, but she seemed to have accepted the idea. She thought nothing at all of asking Tina to loan Deborah her new things. But Dana was beginning to think Deborah had become something of a snob in the last few months. She made a face when Dana suggested it.

“But I just got them!” complained Tina.

“You already said you don’t want to go to the game and Deborah hasn’t got anything nice to go in,” said Dana. “C’Mon, Please? I’ll make it up to you, I swear.”

Tina, Dana knew, was not at all fond of Deborah, or had not been last summer. That probably had something to do with Tina’s resistance. Dana suspected the feeling was mutual.

“Please, Tina?” Dana repeated.

“C’mon, Tina,” said Lana. “You don’t need them tonight anyway.”

Tina reluctantly reached behind her back and u8nclasped her bra, then slipped out of her panties, handing them to Dana.

Deborah emerged from the bathroom wrapped modestly in a towel.

“Tina,” said Deborah with a bit of a twang. “You look yummy!”

“Right,” Tina made a face.

“She’s right, dear,” said Gramma, who herself had emerged from the master bedroom in Mom’s shimmering white lace and her own pearls draped over her cleavage. “You look as beautiful as your mother when she’s naked.”

Tina, who adored Gramma, blushed in a very out of character way. Her arms demurely trying to clothe herself.

“I have to find something to put on…”

“Don’t,” said Gramma in her even manner. “Let everyone see you. You’re too beautiful and tonight is our last night…”

“Deborah’s right,” said Lana. “You do look yummy.”

Tina turned then, and slowly, seeming reluctant, made her way down the stairs followed by Lana.

Momentarily, Deborah re-emerged in Tina’s blue and white underthings.

“So,” said Deborah. “Gramma are we ready?”

“Should we bring something to put on later?” Gramma asked of Dana. “Won’t it get cold?”

“No, Gramma,” said Dana. “It’ll be warm till at least ten.”

“I’ll meet you downstairs, then,” said Gramma.

Dana found Deborah a pair of flats to wear, and the two went downstairs. Tina was still standing frozen in the kitchen wearing nothing but skin in front of Jeanine and Mom.

“Are you off?” Mom asked.

“Yes, Mom,” said Dana.

“Don’t get into trouble!” said Mom. “And have fun!”

“Thanks Mom!” said Dana. “Bye guys!”

In the living room, Gramma gave Grampa a kiss and he cupped her breast as Deborah took Aunt Beverly aside. It was far more affection Dana had ever seen Gramma and Grampa exchange before.

“Have fun, sweetheart,” he said while Deborah pecked her mother on the cheek.

Finally, out the door, Dana admitted to herself she’d been anxious all day to be on her way to the game. Outside, the procession toward Poppyfield Highschool had become a sea of nearly naked women and girls with a sprinkle of men wearing Sidewinder Jerseys and T-Shirts. The sun was low in the sky with a few high clouds offering their shade, but the radiation from the asphalt was stifling. Dana was thankful she was nearly naked herself.

“This would never fly at home,” said Deborah. “It’s a pity, actually.”

“I still feel naked,” said Gramma.

“But you love being naked,” said Deborah.

“I do,” Gramma admitted, her pearl necklace bobbing on her breasts.

“Really, Gramma?” Dana asked, a little surprised to hear Gramma say that.

Gramma blushed, Dana saw, and Dana thought her cute in a girlish way.

“I’d do it more often if I wasn’t so old and wrinkled,” said Gramma.

“I think you’re beautiful,” said Dana, and she meant it.

“Well,” said Gramma. “Modesty won’t do me tomorrow, will it?”

“You’ll look great!” said Dana, reassuringly.

“I’m surprised so many are coming,” said Deborah. “It seems like the whole town is showing up.

Dana laughed. “We have our own public announcement system.”

“You do?”

Dana nodded. “Her name is Helen Blakely. And her daughters, of course. Anything they know, everyone knows.”

Does everyone know about you and this football jock?” asked Deborah.

“Probably,” said Dana.

“Is he hot?”

“Oh, yes!” grinned Dana.

“You going to fuck him tonight?”

Dana’s head snapped toward Deborah.

“No,” she said. “I don’t think so.”

“Didn’t you say there’s a cheerleader who wants him?”

“Yes, Barbie. She’s head cheerleader.”

“So what if this Barbie fucks him first?”

Dana shook her head. “He won’t let that happen.”

“Oh?” Deborah said. “How can you be sure? I don’t know how girls are here, but back home, they’re pretty ruthless. Especially about boys, not to mention, super popular jocks.”

The sea of bodies flowed by the Poppyfield High Campus to the football field. It was flanked on each side by bleachers, one reserved for visiting fans. Those stands were just beginning to fill up with the predominantly dark skinned fans of the Obama Ospreys out of Phoenix. They were getting an eyeful of barely clad local girls. To be fair, Dana noticed, only about a quarter of the girls and women were in lingerie, and those seemed to come from her own neighborhood. But even the Osprey Cheerleaders, who consistently outperformed all others in the Regionals and were no strangers to wearing sexy clothing, stood agape with incredulity.

“You’d think they’d never seen a woman wearing one of those see through dresses so common around here,” said Deborah.

“Poppyfield is known to be conservative,” said Deborah. “I think the whole region north of Phoenix is…”

Then Dana saw Barbie. The two locked eyes in mutual disdain, Barbie in her miniskirt and halter top dueling Dana in her unmentionables. Barbie sneered and leaned over to her brunette cohort, talking and pointing.

“Don’t tell me,” said Deborah. “That’s Barbie.”

Dana nodded.

“She’d be pretty if she wasn’t snarling like a rabid rat,” said Deborah.

Dana couldn’t help it; she laughed so hard her sides hurt. “Oh, that’s mean!”

“True,” said Deborah.

Finally, Dana spotted Bart. He stood wearing his full gear, save his helmet, drinking Gatorade on the sidelines.

“That’s Bart Haskell,” said Dana.

“My!” said Gramma. “He is very appealing.”

“Introduce us!” said Deborah.

“I…” said Dana nervously.

“Oh, come on! You can’t be embarrassed by us…” Deborah grabbed Dana’s wrist and Gramma’s hand and towed the two of them toward the good looking specimen of a man preening on the sidelines.

“Bart Haskell?” said Dana.

“Yes,” he looked over. “Hi Dana!”

“I’m Dana’s cousin, Deborah!”

“Well,” he smiled. “Hello cousin Deborah!” Then he turned to Gramma. “Wow, Mrs. Cokely! You look… fantastic!”

“That’s my Grandmother, Bart!” protested Dana.

“No way! Your Grandma is hot!”

Gramma was dumbstruck, smiling and blushing head to toe.

“If you come to the barb-b-cue tomorrow you get to see her naked,” said Deborah, hugging Gramma from one side and kissing her cheek.

“Oh,” said Bart. “I’ll be there!”

“So tell me, Bart,” said Deborah. “Do you have a lot of kissing experience?”

“Uh… is this a trick question?” Bart looked to Dana, who smiled sheepishly, hoping desperately Deborah was not about to humiliate her.

“Okay,” said Deborah. “So you have limited experience… how would you rate Dana as a kisser?”

Bart looked incredulously at Deborah, to Dana, and back to Deborah…

“Hot?” asked Deborah. “Very hot? Jalapeño hot?”

“Oh,” Bart smiled. “At least Very Hot!”

“Good answer! Okay, I like him, Dana. You have my approval. If you win, Bart, you can have Dana’s cherry. If not, you’ll have to settle for that snarling hag over there…” she pointed toward Barbie, who was, indeed snarling.

Dana, however, wanted to hide… she flashed back on the image of Tina standing naked in the kitchen, and looking so scared. Dana felt exactly that naked at this very moment. She felt a whole lot of guilt for not comforting Tina when she had the chance, and knowing this, she knew she deserved no refuge now…

“Uh…” Bart said looking at Dana, who felt herself get smaller under his gaze.

“Have a great game, Bart Haskell!” said Deborah. Again, Deborah towed Dana, this time up, into the stands. Dana held Bart’s gaze with her own, humiliated but unable to break her gaze away from him as she stumbled up to the top row where Deborah picked out seats. Dana sat with Gramma and Deborah sitting protectively on either side.

“You’ll have to explain the game to me, Dana,” said Gramma.

“Okay,” said Dana, absently. Numbly, she did exactly that as Ospreys won the coin toss and through the kickoff return.

“Okay,” said Dana. “The clock starts when the center snaps the ball to the quarter back. The quarterback can run the ball, or he can hand it off to his running back, who will run the ball, or he can through the ball to a wide receiver if he does not step forward past the line of scrimmage…”

The Osprey drive started from their own fifteen yard line. They picked up a first down with a twenty five yard pass to the forty, but the next three plays were stopped at 3rd and 2 on the 48.

The first sidewinder drive was a thing of beauty. The Osprey defensive line, which consisted of the largest players on the field today, ran around like rank amateurs. As Bart passed for twenty, ten, twelve and sixteen in the first four plays. Having started with a touchback, they made it to the Osprey 22 before their drive stalled and they were forced to attempt a field goal. Fortunately, Sidewinders kicker was pretty good, and they scored first.

Obama’s second drive ate up the quarter. It was a series of third down conversions that ended in a touchdown. Obama’s fans went wild and the Obama cheerleading squad celebrated with their signature vaulting pyramid.

By the beginning of the second quarter Dana was over her humiliation and Gramma was up to speed on football.

“Hi, Dana!” said Miss Snodgrass, Dana’s skinny math teacher. Her waifish form was clad in a postage stamp thong and bra that was merely a bit of lace sewn to straps. The latter suspended Miss Snodgrass’ ping pong ball sized breasts like they were indeed a burden.

“Oh,” said Dana. “Hi, Miss Snodgrass. This is my cousin Deborah and my Grandmother, Elizabeth Finney.”

“Hello, Mrs. Finney,” said the skinny teacher. “My, you certainly don’t look old enough to be a grandmother.”

“Thank you dear,” said Gramma. “That’s very kind. Will you be at the picnic tomorrow? I asked the girls to make sure their teachers were invited, but you never know if children will follow through.”

“I wouldn’t miss it,” said Miss Snodgrass. “Is it true you and Mrs. Cokely are being done together?”

“It is, Dear,” said Gramma.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” said Miss Snodgrass, who looked a little flushed at the thought of that. “Well,” she said as there seemed to be nothing more to say… “Thank you for the invitation. It was very nice to meet you!”

“What a nice woman,” said Gramma after Miss Snodgrass had gone. Dana smiled. She was nice enough, Dana agreed.

The second quarter exploded suddenly with a seventy five yard run by the Sidewinders. The stands around them roared in celebration, and again when the kickoff put the Ospreys back on their own five yard line.

When they came back down, Gramma had her arm over Dana’s back, fingers on Dana’s neck… Dana accepted this without thinking, remembering how Gramma liked to touch her there.

“Wow,” said Dana. “I don’t think Obama can score again this half,” she told Gramma. “That’s lousy field position.”

“The Sidewinders seem to be doing very well,” said Gramma.

“The Obama coach stole a fake playbook,” said Dana.

“Really?” asked Deborah.

“Yeah,” Dana said. “Bart was telling me about it. Apparently, they reversed all their plays in the fake book to throw the Ospreys off.”

Dana’s instincts proved correct. At halftime, the score stood at 10-7 Sidewinders.

“I’ll be back,” said Dana.

“Where are you going, Dear?” asked Gramma.

“Uh… to get us some drinks,” Dana lied. “Lemon Aid or Iced Tea?”

“Do they have Iced Coffee?” asked Deborah.

“I’ll see.”

But once free of her cousin and Gramma, Dana made a b-line to the locker room.

“Hey!” she called to Bart as he was about to pass.

“Hey,” he said.

“You’re doing great!”

“What’s up with your cousin?”

Dana looked away. This was not good. “I… I don’t know. I’m really sorry, Bart…”

“Well,” he looked away as well. “Anyway… are you really a virgin?”

“Does it matter?”

Bart pursed his lips. “Naw… I gotta go… I’ll see ya ‘round…”

“Okay!” said Dana. “I’ll see you later!”

The discourse sat very wrong with Dana. Why was it so cold? Was it because she was a virgin? Dana was so engrossed in her own distress she almost forgot to buy the drinks. As it turned out, there was iced coffee. She spent what little money she had on the three drinks, two iced teas and Deborah’s iced coffee, and made her way back. She found Gramma by herself.

“Where’s Deborah?” asked Dana.

“She had to powder her nose,” said Gramma, accepting her iced tea.

Deborah returned just as Ospreys kicked off to the Sidewinders.

“Oh, Good!” said Deborah as Dana handed her her drink. “Coffee!”

“What are those three standing back behind the line?” asked Gramma.

“Wide receivers,” said Dana. “They run forward and catch the ball, or fake it, depending on how the play is run…”

Bart did fake, with a hand off to his running back. The running back jinked back and forth then passed the ball back to Bart, who threw it to his now very clear wide receiver. Ospreys finally stopped the man on their own five yard line. Two plays later, the score was 17-7.

Again, Sidewinders fans went wild. And back in their seats, Gramma’s hand was now on Dana’s ribs.

Obama began their next drive on their 25 yard line and brought the ball down the field for the next five minutes of game time. Dana, however, was watching the opposing team’s sidelines. The Obama coach was in a huddle with the defensive line during the whole drive. At the end of that drive, they put a running back into the zone to make it 17-14.

“I wonder what’s going on over there…” Dana said, and Deborah shrugged and shook her head.

“This is a good game,” said Gramma, applauding the other team’s efforts. She seemed to be genuinely enjoying it, which made Dana very happy. Dana looked across the field as Gramma’s hand, once again, lay on her ribs just under her bra band.

Sidewinders started their next drive on their twenty three yard line. They set up and I formation with a single wide receiver on Bart’s left wing. He handed off to the running back, who flicked it back only a few yards away. But midway between the running back and Bart, an Osprey slid through the Sidewinder formation as a hot knife through butter, and caught the ball at his midsection. It so stunned the Sidewinders they could not stop the big defenseman before he ran for the Ospreys’ third TD.

The remainder of the third quarter was painful to watch. The Ospreys took apart every Sidewinder play easily for three and out. But the Sidewinder Defense managed to keep the Ospreys to a field goal by the end of the third quarter for 24-17.

“Go Sidewinders!” Gramma was clapping.

“Boy,” said Deborah. “Obama really has their number now, don’t they?”

“It sure looks that way,” said Dana as Gramma’s fingers were making their way over the underside of Dana’s breast. Dana shivered as those same fingers deftly teased Dana’s nipple making it hard and tingly…

Dana drew a little gasp as Gramma pinched her nipple and sent a jolt through her young body. She stole a glance at Deborah who she found to be watching Gramma’s hand with sideways glances.

What could she do? Dana thought. The fear of what would happen if she shook off Gramma’s attentions trumped the embarrassment of Deborah’s knowledge. Finally, Gramma’s hand cupped Dana’s breast fully, her thumb petting it.

On the field, Sidewinders were third down and two on the Osprey thirty. With two wide receivers in an I formation, Bart called the snap and backed up looking for a clear receiver. Almost instantly, four huge Ospreys rushed through the Sidewinder’s offensive line as Bart tried to get away. It was too late. The first sack of the day put Sidewinders back on the thirty five yard line and left Bart lying on the Ground.

Both stands of spectators were on their feet as Dana struggled to see above taller people in front of her. The coaches and medics from both teams rushed out when Bart did not get up.

Dana’s heart was in her throat beating wildly. She felt the intense desire to rush out to him and saw Barbie being held back from doing exactly that. For several tense moments, they all watched till Bart stood on his own. Stands, Osprey and Sidewinders fans alike applauded.

“Had the wind knocked out of him,” yelled the coach to the stands. It brought a nervous chuckle from the crowd.

Out of the huddle, the field kicker took position. Bart would hold. But as the ball was snapped back, Bart stood as he caught it and through it to a running back who jinked to avoid a tackle, then ran the ball in to tie up the game.

Again, sidewinders fans went wild! It was certainly a brilliantly executed fake in revenge for the sack.

“Go Sidewinders!” Gramma called out again as she hugged Dana during the post TD celebration.

But the game was not over, and Bart limped off the field not as fit as he’d protested after the sack. His game was over.

Dana stood as he was making his way toward the locker rooms.

“Where are you going?” asked Deborah.

“I need to see him!” Dana said, determined. “I’ll be back!”

“Dana,” Gramma said. “Don’t forget about us!”

Dana stopped. She turned and went to kiss Gramma’s lips. They were, she thought, very soft. She’d no idea at the time why she rewarded Gramma for fondling her breast in such a way, but when she broke away, she saw Gramma looking like a child who’d just been praised unexpectedly.

“I won’t,” said Dana, shocked at herself.

“Dana,” said Deborah. The look of concern on Deborah’s face gave Dana pause. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” said Deborah, her face breaking into a mischievous grin.

Dana grinned back and made her way down the stands.

At the bottom, she looked over at the cheerleading squad. She could not see Barbie at ground level, but the brunette Barbie always ran with was… Paula? Dana couldn’t remember her name. But the Brunette was watching Dana with furled brows.

Dana looked away, feeling spied upon as she continued moving toward the locker rooms nearly a hundred yards away from the field. It sat on the edge of the Gymnasium behind several bushes quite secluded from the crowds at the football field. Dana found nobody outside it, so she opened the door and called in.


No answer. Dana pushed the door open and looked in finding the boy’s locker room completely deserted, save for gear, and sox or whatever else laying around.

Dana was confused, of course, and went into the Girls’ Locker Room hoping to fix her face a bit before Bart eventually showed up. She was thinking maybe he’d returned to the field, but had no idea how she’d missed him.

Inside the Girls’ Locker Room Dana heard grunting and a series of high pitched moans. Her heart sank.

“No!” Dana begged. “Please no!” But when she followed the sounds to their source in the massive girls’ showers, her fears were confirmed.

Bart lay on the tiled floor of the shower flat on his back and completely naked. Barbie, in all her glory, straddled his hips impaled on his erection, which Dana could see from her vantage sliding in and out of the cheerleader as she used her thighs to bob up and down over Bart.

Dana let out a sob. Bart lifted his head just enough so that his wide eyes met hers… but hers were already filled with tears.

Dana broke and ran from the humiliation. She ran for what seemed forever, though it was only moments, and found a place to hide among some shrubs at the edge of the school grounds, sobbing and weeping. All she could think of was that kiss! Not the first kiss, the last one. The one Dana had asked for and received. It had meant so much to her and it meant nothing to him!

She sobbed and wept for what seemed a while. When she finally was cried out, she wiped washed her face at a drinking fountain and went to find Deborah and Gramma.

The game was over. People were filing out solemnly. It appeared as if the Sidewinders had lost, with all the gloom. When she finally found Deborah and Gramma they were wandering aimlessly near the locker rooms.

“There you are!” Gramma said. “I was so afraid we’d lost you.”

“No, Gramma. You didn’t lose me at all,” said Dana.

“Dana,” said Deborah. “Have you been crying?”

“What happened?” Gramma asked. “What’s wrong, dear?”

Dana blubbered suddenly unable to speak a coherent word, and fell into Gramma’s arms.


Gramma rocked her back and forth… “There, there, dear,” Gramma said. “We’ll make everything better… you’ll see…”


Part 10

As with most days Tina had plans and the anticipation gnawed at her the entire day. It was always something she kept private, like when she planned for a full day to flash Principle Daniels at Monday’s Make-Up Game. Co-Conspirators, she’d found, were not practical, for the most part.

But she’d found she enjoyed having Lana in on her plans. Lana was always the smart one among the Philips sisters. She was not adventurous like Lorrie nor anal like Lindsey. Lorrie and Tina were natural friends, and had always been. It seemed odd that Lana had latched onto Tina, but then, she was the smart one. She’d figured out exactly what Tina was up to. And as the two searched the computer networks for the literature they wanted on Kobe, Lana grew more and more excited and anxious.

“That link!” Lana said. “No, no! The second one!”

Tina clicked on the indicated link. Up came a PDF file titled:

“Daily Massage Care for Superior Meat”

“Oh my god!” Tina said slow and even, but no less excited than Lana. She scrolled down. The detailed drawings showed the twice daily massage regimen Kobe Girls were given twice daily. It claimed, perhaps accurately, that the massage techniques were one of the primary reasons for the superior quality of Kobe 200 Euro a Pound Meat.

“This is it!” Tina said, grinning.

“Make two copies!” Lana begged.

“Already queued,” said Tina. The two stood excitedly by the huge Computer Lab printer as it spat out the seventy five sheets of the first copy. Tina let Lana have it, and waited for her own, as Lana had to run further to class than she did. When her copy was ready, Tina had to run, literally, to beat the bell.

After that spurt of energy, the day dragged. When Tina’s math class finally started, at Ten AM, she felt like it was Three PM. Miss Snodgrass made this particular class, the last she had each week, a particular tedium. The woman was nice enough, but her halting way of speaking was tedious on her best days.

Finally, at ten to noon, Miss Snodgrass stopped the class.

“How many of you are going to the game today? Raise your hands…” asked Miss Snodgrass. All but Tina raised their hands causing Lorrie Phillips to give Tina a funny look.

“”Okay,” said the teacher. “Tina, you’re not going? Where’s your school spirit?”

Tina looked up. “Uh, Ma’am, my Mom’s getting culled tomorrow, and I have something planned to do for her tonight… so I kinda can’t be there.”

“Oh,” said Miss Snodgrass. “I see. Well that’s as good an excuse as I’ve heard.”

“My sisters will be, though!”

“Good!” said Miss Snodgrass. “Obama’s a tough opponent, and I hope we can cheer them to victory. It’ll mean a lot for the school if they win! But, since you mentioned it, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you and your family for inviting the faculty to the big barb-b-cue tomorrow, Tina! Oh, and I’d like it known that since tomorrow, all the teachers will be attending in their underwear, we’ll be doing the same for our Sidewinders at the game, in honour of the affair tomorrow. I know how you girls like to tease, so here’s your opportunity with the faculty’s blessing. Let’s rattle the opposition and their concentration!”

After class, Lorrie accosted Tina.

“What happened this morning?”

“Nothing?” replied Tina.

“Well, why did you run off with Lana so early?” And what’s this thing you’re doing for your mom?” Lorrie’s attitude bordered on naked anger. “I needed you this morning!”

“Look,” said Tina, hoping to appease her friend’s annoyance. “Lana tagged along, ask her why, I don’t know. I had a project to do. That’s all there is to it.”

“Oh yeah?” said Lorrie. “What was the subject of this project?”

Tina stammered.

“That’s what I thought!” Lorrie snapped. “Let me know when you want to come clean!”

Lorrie wheeled on a heel and stomped off leaving Tina frozen in her guilt. Had it been the first time Lorrie had pulled this kind of tantrum, Tina might have broken into tears, but it was not. It still felt awful. The truth was, Lindsey, Lorrie’s other sister, was even worse. In fact, when Tina started school back when she was four years old, Lindsey and Tina had started off as the closest of friends. That lasted till they hit puberty about eighteen months ago. Lindsey lost it one too many times, and Lorrie became Tina’s refuge.

A year and a half later, things might be shifting again, thought Tina, this time toward Lana. Tina had always, since she’d met Lana Philips, regarded her as too quiet, aloof and too good for the room. Lana was, of course, the smart one. Lana was the straight A Phillips sister. Then the sister with the big boobs as well as brains. Tina had never give Lana much thought till today except as a boy magnet, and Tina had never benefitted from the male attention Lana received, mainly because Lana seemed to be indifferent to it herself. But this morning had proven to Tina that Lana had something Tina liked. Tina was not sure what it was. But that something gave Tina comfort in the face of Lorrie’s tirade. It gave Tina enough presence of mind to put her in gear to get home, and study the seventy five pages she’d printed out this morning.

“Hello, Tina,” Mr. Daniels voice startled Tina out of her thoughts.

“Oh! Hello, Mr. Daniels,” said Tina, thinking the smile on his thin, Mustachioed face looked goofy and odd. Odd, because it was so rare. But he held her gaze continuing his goofy smile.

Tina stopped, grinned to herself, then turned, trotted up to Mr. Daniels and kissed his cheek. Then in a fast, graceful moved Tina had developed over the years and was quite proud of, she slipped off her panties and thrust them into Mr. Daniels pocket protected shirt pocket.

“A present from me,” she whispered smiling into his ear, and kissing his lobe.

Tina lifted her skirt and turned, her body still in contact with his, till her bare rear was in contact with his hips, smiling at him over her shoulder.

“I have a good mind to take you over my knee and give you the spanking of your life, young lady!” Snorted Mr. Daniels with amazing presence of mind through his flushed face.

“Ooo! Mr. Daniels! Do you promise?” Tina said. “I can’t wait.”

By this time, Tina had attracted the attention of many passersby, including Dana. Dana, looking quite stunned, followed Tina as she trotted down the hall grinning all the way.

“You really are going to give that poor man a heart attack!” said Dana, only half joking.

Tina continued to grin.

“You on your way to see Bart?”

“Are you kidding?” asked Dana. “Coach Allen won’t let girls anywhere near his players today! They’re facing Obama, remember?”

“How could I forget, silly me,” mocked Tina. “At least Bart’s coming tomorrow. You might not be a virgin by sundown!”

“Oh, stop it!” protested Dana. “Lana was looking for you, by the way.”

Tina stopped walking. Do I want to go there? She thought.

“Where was she?” Tina asked.

“I saw her in Home Ec. She said she’d wait by the multi-purpose room.”

The two made their way outside into the stifling dry heat of this mid-November Indian Summer.

The multi-purpose room was on the way off campus, so, no escape unless Tina rudely ditched Dana, which she could, but not today. Dana would be anxious to get home and ready for the bitch from Jersey. Lana would be a good buffer, at least. How Dana couldn’t see what a kniving, prissy, stuck up, backstabbing, controlling, holier than though bitch Deborah was beyond Tina. And everyone thought Melanie saw the world through rose coloured glasses. She had nothing on Dana’s blindness toward Cousin Deborah.

Before the Dana and Tina made it across the quad, Melanie and Cory caught up with them.

“Hey!” said Mel. “We’ve been invited to a slumber party!”

“What?” asked Dana. “Tonight?

“Yeah,” said Mel. “Lindsey says our parents will want some alone time at our place. So we’re all spending the night next door.”

“Wait,” said Tina. “Five move one way and two back? Why don’t Lindsey, Lorrie and Lana just come to our house?”

“Yeah,” agreed Dana. “Besides, Deborah’s going to be here. What about here?”

“So?” said Cory. “She can come too.”

“She won’t like that,” said Tina, grinning. Dana looked at her sideways, but obviously knew Tina to be right.

“Who’s coming?” asked Lana who just appeared out of thin air.

“Our Aunt Beverly and her daughter Deborah,” said Dana.

“Oh, yeah!’ said Lana. “And I guess Lindsey sprung her idea on you.”

“She said your Dad liked it,” said Mel.

“When did she tell you?” asked Lana.

“After first period.”

“She wasn’t supposed to say anything yet,” grumbled Lana. “She was supposed to wait till my Dad spoke with your Dad.”

“So, what were you two doing this morning?” asked Cory.”

Tina winked at Lana, then turned to Cory and said: “We had sex before school.”

“You did not!” Cory protested as Dana nearly doubled over snorting.

“Sure we did!” agreed Lana. “We fucked on the floor of the computer lab! Mr. Daniels watched and played pocket pool.”

“That’s mean!” said Mel.

“I don’t know,” said Tina. “Mr. Daniels seems to like me at least half naked.”

“Someday,” Dana said trying to catch her breath. “Someday he’s going to spank you so hard!”

“I hope I’m there to watch!” said Cory, who had laughed so hard her eyes were tearing. “So you’re going to tell us what you were really doing?”

“No,” said Tina simply.

“Where’s Sandy?” asked Dana.

“No idea,” said Cory, wiping the tears out of her eyes.

“She already went home,” confirmed Mel.

“So,” Lana said as they headed homeward down Hollyhock way. “Tell me about your cousin.”

“Not worth your time,” said Tina.

“She’s actually very nice,” said Dana.

“She’s a backstabber.”

“Tina is jealous of her.”

“Dana gets wet for her.”

“She’s Gramma’s favorite,” said Dana. “Which really pisses Tina off.”

“Actually,” said Tina. “Dana is Gramma’s favorite, and Deborah undermines Dana at every opportunity. But so far as Dana is concerned, Princess Deborah can do no wrong.”

“And Tina only has assumptions with no facts,” said Dana.

“Time will tell.”

“You guys might try not acting like an old married couple!” said Lana, grinning. “It’s weird!”

“What’s weird is Dana’s obsession with Deborah!”

“She does sound interesting!” said Lana.

“That I’ll give her!” said Tina.

“Hey! My Dad’s home early!” exclaimed Lana.

Sure enough, Officer Ron’s squad car was just pulling into the Phillips Driveway. As the girls walked up, the big Irishman stepped out and watched them approach through mirrored ray-bans.

“Hi, Daddy!” Lana called.

“Hi, sugar,” said Officer Ron. “Where are your sisters?”

“No idea.”

“Hello, Girls. Did Lana tell you about the slumber party tonight?”

“No,” said Melanie. “Lindsey did.”

“Good,” said Ron. “There’s a new family in town. So Mrs. Newbire is sending her girls over. They’re very nice, and you’ll be good hostesses I hope.”

“But Daddy!”

“No buts! I expect you to be gracious and friendly!”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I ordered Pizza and some of those scary movies you girls like.”

“OOO!” cried Cory. “Creature from the Black Lagoon?”

“One, Two and Three,” confirmed Officer Ron.

“We all love those,” said Lana.

“I’ve never seen any of them.”

“They’re awesome!” said Lana. “These researchers…”

“Don’t spoil it!”

“We need to get ready anyway,” said Cory. “The big game is starting soon!”

“Oh, yeah,” said Lana. “I’ll meet you guys later.”

“Hey!” cried Tina. “Lana, wait.”

Lana stood and turned toward Tina. Tina waited for her sisters to get a distance away before speaking.

“So, are you going to do it?”

“Do what?”

Tina snorted. “You know! Give your Mom the Kobe treatment!”

“What Kobe treatment?” asked Officer Ron.

Poor Lana turned beat red all the ay to her blonde hairline.

Tina pulled out her copy of the pages the two girls had printed that morning.

“Uhm,” said the Cokely girl. “We did some research on Kobe Meat Girls this morning. They give their girls daily massages… you know, for meat quality. The girls supposedly really love it.”

Officer Ron took the pages and began flipping through them.

“Now that’s interesting,” said Officer Ron. “When did you plan on doing this?”

“Well,” said Tina. “I hoped while everyone was at the game…”

“Lana?” asked Officer Ron.

“I hadn’t thought about it,” said Lana. “I only found out what Tina was up to this morning.”

Officer Ron nodded. “That’s what I thought. So you really haven’t thought this through.”

“Well,” said Tina. “I have.”

“Think, Girl!” He addressed Lana. “Do you understand what might happen?”

Lana nodded, and, to indicate she knew exactly what he meant, she drew her finger down her front from her sternum down her belly.

“Alright then,” said Officer Ron. “I’ll have a talk with Don. If he agrees, you can do it. But you’ll have to wait till he gets here and your mothers get back.”

“Where’s Mom?” asked Lana.

“She went with Martha to the Airport to pick up Beverly and her daughter.”

“Oh,” said Lana, obviously disappointed.

“It’s okay,” said Tina. “It’ll give us time to study. I’ll see you in a bit. Bye Officer Ron!”


Tina picked up her bag and made her way across the short front yard to her own front door. The cool air inside was a refreshing relief from the heat outside. Daddy was pacing the front room looking a bit haggard. He held his company cell phone to his ear and was listening intently.

Tina stood in shock, not expecting him to be home at all. She thought quickly, thinking she could tell him about her plan and ask if he could send her sisters away so she and Mom might not be disturbed.

“E-ya, Tom, can you hold on just a second?” said Daddy. “Yeah, hangon. Tina,” he looked at her. “I bought a bag of lemons. Can you make some lemonaide for everyone?”

“Sure, Daddy, but…”

He held up a finger. “Yeah, Tom. I’m here. Oh, Hi Morgan,” he said as he rolled his eyes. LATER, he mouthed to Tina. She could hear some woman screeching over the phone’s tiny speeker. “Yeah, no problem…”

Tina shrugged and made her way into the kitchen where, on the kitchen table, she found a brown paper grocery bag filled to the top with lemons. Pink, she hoped. Next to the bag was something she did not expect to find. Three blank culling liscenses were fanned out next to the three that had been filled out for Gramma, Mom and Jeanine. Tina picked one up, her hand shaking.

“On (blank) day of (blank) month of (blank) year, the female human being called (full name blank), birth certificate number: (blank), shall be converted in the State of Arizona to livestock for the purpose of rendered meat. Said female will be claimed by a federally registered firm within 48 hours, or rendered in state within 72 hours…

At the bottom was a place to sign for the legal guardian if the female was married or veal as well as a place for the livestock to sign if she was an unmarried non-veal volunteer. Non-veal volunteers were defined as any female who had begun her senior year in high school or achieved the age of 782 weeks. Some fast math told Tina she was above that age… barely.

It was at that moment Tina realized she could simply volunteer with a shocking jolt of realization attacking all her senses. She could take the form, fill it out, and she’d be meat! Just like Mom! There was even a pen. Probably the same one Mom had used.

Tina reminded herself of the lemons, even as her body tingled terribly. She was relieved when she cut the first one open and found it to be pink, thank God… such a knife was sharp enough to cut her open… She had to be careful not to cut herself.

Fifteen Lemons made five gallons of strong lemonaide the way her family liked it. It seemed like only seconds as she could not tear her mind off the image of a spit poised to enter her.

“I swear I’ll get that litte…” Daddy was muttering as he stormed into the kitchen.

“what’s wrong, Daddy?”

“Grrr!” he said, then gave Tina a look of embarrassment. “Mind if I vent?”


“There’s this hot little number at work, name’s Morgan! Got herself hired last month. Now, we run a very tight ship, or so I thought! Every piece of equipment sent to us goes out in tip top shape! Sometimes better than factory specs! WE even rebuilt a bunch of vintage Caterpillars the Hollywood folks thought beyond help! They were ecstatic! So we’re good! Then this prissy college coed comes out of UCLA and starts fixing what ain’t broke! So now, instead of checking off a repair, I have to give a full report on the condition of the parts replaced! It takes five times as long and cuts the available man hours by two thirds! Our productivity is hanging by a thread and only then because we’re all doing overtime!”

“That’s not good,” Tina said, not exactly following the story.

“No, it’s not! Frank says she needs a good butt fffff…. Damn. Sorry sweetie.”

“Oh!” Tina mocked horror. “My virgin ears!”

“Yeah…” said Daddy, shaking his head and grinning inspite of himself. “Still… you get the idea.”

“I do,” said Tina. “Did you invite her tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” Daddy nodded. “I did. Maybe she’ll use one of these blank licenses.”

Tina poured hot water over ten tablespoons of sugar.

“One can hope,” Tina said, her senses tingling again and embarrassed to be feeling it in front of Daddy.

“How much are you making?”

“Five gallons.”

“Oh,” said Daddy. “Is that a lot?”

Tina shook her head. “With our crowd? Not even!”

“Oh…” said Daddy.

“Daddy,” said Tina, grinning to herself mischievously.


“I flashed Mr. Daniels again today…. Yu can spank me later!”

“Don’t think I won’t!” said Daddy with furled brow.

“I don’t!” Tina grinned at him.

Daddy put his arms akimbo and shook his head.

“I think I know why Mr. Daniels is so frustrated with you!”

Tina just smiled. Men are so easy! She finished mixing the lemonaide and found space for it, barely, in the refrigerator. Inside she found five sandwiches marked with her and her sisters’ names and the word “lunch” written upon the wrappers. She pulled them out and set them on the table just as her three youngest sisters, led by Sandy, barreled downstairs.

“Mom made lunches,” said Tina, grabbing hers and heading to the front room.

Daddy was watching the news, so she sat and watched as she ate her sandwich. All she saw that interested her was the story about Princess Caroline and her friends exposing their breasts to a group of choir boys and then, rumour had it, being ordered by Queen Elizabeth III to spend the day in the nude at Buckingham Palace. You’d have thought the world was ending the way the British Commentators spoke. There was even talk about abolishing the monarchy.

“Aren’t you going to put on your lingerie?” asked Sandy, who wore light blu8e lace with her sneakers.

“I’m not going to the game,” Tina said.

Daddy came in from outside, letting some heat in and cool air out.

“Hey,” he said to Sandy. “So, slumber party tonight at Ron and Jeanine’s!”

“Really?” Sandy asked excitedly.

“Go tell your sisters!”

Sandy ran into the kitchen and noisily upstairs.

Daddy turned to Tina.


Tina tried to speak, but couldn’t form words.

“That’s about the nicest thing you could do for your mother, you know? You’ve no idea how proud I am!”

Tina lept up and hugged Daddy, feeling his massive hands on her back.

“Now, why don’t you go shower, put your new things on, and be ready for Mom when she gets back!”

“Hey!” said Cory excitedly from the kitchen. “Come quick! Look out back!”

Out back it seemed as if a carnival were being set up across the two rows of mulberry trees. Throngs of their neighbours seemed to have gathered in the heat, and dressed, the men at least, in shorts and Sidewinders jerseys while many of the women wore lingerie. Three banners had been hung: “Thank you Mrs. Finney!” and “Thank you Martha!” and “Thank you Jeanine!”

“Wow!” said Tina.

Some men were assembling picnic tables and both women and men rolled waste baskets in.

“Yeah!” said Daddy. He patted Tina’s bottom. “Shower!”

“’K, Daddy!”

Tina showered quickly and finished by coating herself in peach scented mineral oil the way her mother had taught her since she was ten, and let the oil soak in before donning her pearly white and royal blue lingerie.

When she came back downstairs, she thought she heard cheering and applause… no, it was definitely applause, and she found Lana, in her black Lingerie standing at the open front door between the heat and the coolness.

“Hey,” Lana said when she noticed Tina. “Check this out!”

Outside, Officer Ron and Grampa stood on the front porch. Daddy was striding across the lawn toward a throng of men and women, clad as they were in the communal back yard surrounding a big black limousine. Shortly, Daddy re-emerged carrying Mom in his arms. She wore blue hot-pants and a white, collared halter that were very similar in colour to the underwear Gramma had selected for Tina. Gramma and Jeanine followed close behind, and Officer Ron received his wife into his arms and kissed her deeply, to more applause and cheers while Daddy and Mom disappeared inside.

Behind Gramma, Aunt Beverly and the bitch, with her platinum blonde hair and “I’m better than you” boutique bought style managed to navigate the crowd with characteristic aplomb… the cunt.

Tina made way for her parents ad Daddy carried her mother in and disappeared into the kitchen.

Then next thing Tina noticed was Dana pleading pathetically with the cunt.

“Please, Deborah?” begged Dana with puppydog brown eyes. “It’ll be fun!”

“Oh, I suppose,” said the bitch. “But Grandmother must come as well!”

Tina rolled her eyes and grabbed Lana’s hand, leading her into the kitchen.

“That black lace looks fantastic on you,” said Tina, who meant it, sort of. She opened the refrigerator and extracted the five-gallon container of Lemonaide. She did a mental count: six adults, no, seven counting Aunt Beverly, and extracted six tall glasses, handing them to Lana.

“Ice is in the freezer,” said Tina. “It’s still not cold enough.”

The two soon had a tray to serve up. When Tina gave Mom hers, Mom regarded her with a very curious look of… well, Tina felt as though Martha were inspecting her. Yesterday’s surrealness returned in full force.

“Goodness,” said Aunt Beverly as she looked through the back window over the sink. “Someone’s throwing a big party in your back yard.”

“We don’t do things by half,” said Officer Ron.

“Dear,” Gramma said to Mom. “May I borrow the Lingerie I bought you yesterday? It seems I’ve being accousted by Dana and Deborah and being marched off to a sporting event.”

As Mom and Gramma went upstairs, Aunt Beverly took a seat next to Daddy and Jeanine at the kitchen table.

“I’d no idea it could be this hot outside Egypt!” said Beverly. “I feel so overdressed!”

“So strip off!” said Jeanine. “Nobody will mind!”

“I would,” said Beverly. “But I’m not wearing underwear.”

“Oh,” said Daddy. “When all the girls are gone, you could grab a quick shower and just wear one of Martha’s robes.”

“I feel like I’m cooking,” said Beverly.

“Oh,” said Tina. “Are you cooking tomorrow too, Aunt Beverly?”

“Oh, no, Dear. I’m sorry, I can’t.”

“Pity about that,” said Grampa.

“But soon!” said Aunt Beverly. “Deborah and I are going together next week.”

“Really?” asked Tina. “How come you can’t go with Mom and Gramma?”

Beverly shook her head. “Unfortunately Uncle Josh had to nix it for us. He had an emergency and cannot be here this weekend, or we would.”

“Another Mother-Daughter Roasting,” said Jeanine dreamily, causing Tina and Lana to exchange glances. “Hey!” said Jeanine. “How come you’re still here?”

“I’m not going to the game,” said Lana.

“Why not?”

“Uhm, Tina and I…” Lana looked to Tina for help.

“We have a project we have to do,” said Tina.

“On Kobe,” said Officer Ron. “It’s alright, hun. It’s pretty important stuff. There will be other games.”

“Where are your sisters?” asked Jeanine.

“They left early,” said Lana.

“TINA!” called Dana from upstairs. “Can you come up here for a minute?”

What now? Tina thought as she rolled her eyes, knowing Dana was going to ask a favour involving turd-face.

“Coming!” Tina called back and made her way upstairs.

“Hey!” said Dana. “Can Deborah borrow your lingerie for the game? You’re not going, right?”

I knew it!

“But I just got them!” Tina protested.

“Tina, you already said you don’t want to go to the game! C’mon, please?”

Now, Tina loved all her sisters, and had a real affection for Dana… but sometimes, SOMETIMES, she just wanted to scream at her clueless blonde twin.

“Please?” Dana begged.

Lana appeared at Tina’s side. “You won’t need them tonight, Tina.”

Oh god, Lana, you’ve no idea who you’re siding with! But Dana’s puppy dog brown eyes were so difficult to say no to…

“Oh, all right!” Tina said, reaching back and unclasping her beautiful new shimmering lacy bra, and slipping out of her matching panties.

Deborah peaked out of the bathroom, modestly wrapped in Tina’s favorite fluffy blue towels! Even with that insult it still occurred to Tina: she couldn’t remember ever having seen Deborah naked, though she and her sisters seemed to end up nude in front of Deborah all the time…

“Tina,” said Deborah. “You do look yummy!”

“Yeah,” Tina said. “I’m so sure!”

“She’s right, Dear,” said Gramma, who emerged wearing Mom’s new pearly white lace with her omnipresent string of pearls for adornment and blue pumps. She looked positively lovely in her near nakedness.

“You look as beautiful as your mother,” said Gramma.

Tina had never been one to blush at a complement, nor was she in any way demure, as she’d demonstrated t Mr. Daniels incessantly. But at Gramma’s comment, she felt truly naked, and her creamy flesh went pink as her arms moved to cover herself most selfconciously.

“I’ll have to find something to put on,” Tina said, feeling terribly naked.

“Don’t,” Gramma said. “Please. Let everyone see you.”

Surreality became acute. It was as frightening and alluring as the blank culling licenses. As the thought of a long, cold spit… She held Gramma’s gaze for a moment, then turned and carefully felt her way downstairs, almost afraid she’d tumble.

Tina found herself on the kitchen landing gazing at Mom and Jeanine engaged in a passionate liplock for several moments.

“That’s beautiful,” Tina breathed, forgetting her own nakedness in those moments.

Mom and Jeanine’s faces parted and turned to Tina, both pairs of eyes growing wide.

“Christina Lane Cokely!” Mom breathed. “You’re naked!”

“It’s okay, Martha,” said Lana from behind Tina. “Gramma asked that she stay naked.”

“She did?” asked Mom.

Tina nodded.

“What happened to your new lingerie?” Mom accused.

“Deborah’s borrowing them,” Tina said defensively. “She’s going to the game and Dana said Deborah had nothing to wear.”

“Oh,” said Mom.

“Calm down, luv,” Said Jeanine, stroking mom’s back. “She looks good in her skin.”

“Good enough to eat,” grinned Lana.

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” said Mom.

“Oh, don’t be silly, Dear,” Gramma said as she arrived downstairs. “Tina likes the attention. She always did.”

“Well,” said Mom. “That’s true.” Tina, for her part, wanted to protest, but thought better of it.

“Well,” said Gramma. “I’m off to this football match, and I’ve never so much as watched a game in my life.”

“Dana knows football,” said Tina, grateful for the change of subject. “She’ll explain it. It’s actually fun once you understand what you’re seeing.”

“I suppose,” said Gramma. “I must speak with your grandfather. I shall see you soon,” and with that, Gramma left the Kitchen even as Deborah and Dana arrived.

“Are you off?” Mom asked.

“Yes, Mom!” Dana said.

“Don’t get into trouble, and have fun!”

“Thanks Mom! Bye guys!”

Tina hugged herself.

“Why don’t you girls go visit with your Aunt Beverly,” said Jeanine. “We’ll be right out.”

“Okay,” said Lana, taking Tina’s hand and leading her into the front room.

On the couch, Daddy sat reading what Tina thought was her copy of the Kobe sheets with Aunt Beverly sitting beside him. “…The meat girl will nearly be asleep when her back is relaxed. At this point, you may roll your meat girl over and begin massaging her thighs and pelvis… Tina, why are you naked?”

“It’s alright, Dear,” Gramma, who was in the corner with Grampa. “I told her to go nude.”


“Hi, Tina!” said Aunt Beverly. “Are you really going to massage your mother?”

“I hope so,” said Tina.

“I wish I could get one,” said Beverly. “But I guess you have to be on the menu to get a massage around here,” she grinned. “Who’s this lovely thing?”

“Bev, this is my daughter Lana. Lana, this is Martha’s sister Beverly.”

“Nice to meet you, Lana,” Aunt Beverly smiled sweetly.

“Tina,” said Daddy. “In our room, in the closet, you’ll find a comforter. It’s black and green, very thick. Can you go get it?”

“Sure, Daddy,” said Tina. She slipped though the kitchen barely noticed as Mom and Jeanine where whispering to each other about something. She heard the phone ring once as she went up the stairwell before someone, probably Mom, snapped it up. With her parents’ comforter in her arms she could not see ahead of her and had to carefully feel her way downstairs, but once back in the kitchen she saw Mom hand the phone to Jeanine.

“It’s Miley,” said Mom.

Tina loved Miley. She was Naomi’s best friend in the world, and Tina missed her almost as much as she missed Naomi.

“Say ‘Hi’ for me,” said Tina. Mom nodded even as Beverly appeared.

“Tina…” Aunt Beverly asked. “What’s going on?” Tina filled her in. “Listen,” Beverly continued. “I really do need a shower. Can you show me where everything is?”

“Okay,” Tina said. “Let me get rid of this.”

In the front room, Lana was sitting between Officer Ron and Grampa reading her copy of the Kobe sheets as Tina plopped down the comforter.

“Tina,” Lana said. “It says we’re supposed to tie up the girl. Did you know that?”

“No,” Tina said, feeling a bit harried at the moment. “I’ll be right back.” She Slipped back into the Kitchen and led Aunt Beverly up the stairs.

“Do you use oil?” asked Tina as she retrieved a fluffy pink towel and wash cloth.

“Of course,” said Beverly. “Your grandmother taught all of us to do that. I take it your mother passed that on?”

Tina nodded. “We have Peach, Lemon, Apricot, Apple…”

“I adore apple,” said Aunt Beverly. “Can you undo my clasp?” She turned her back to Tina and pulled her hair away revealing that the back of the nit, turtle neck dress had a clasp and a zipper in back. Tina undid the clasp and unzipped it, revealing Aunt Beverly’s creamy bare back. She wore no bra. As the dress slipped off, Tina saw her aunt wore nothing at all underneath. Beverly turned to show off the dark blonde pubic thatch that adorned her mons and Tina’s nipples hardened in spite of herself.

Aunt Beverly smiled.

“So,” she said. “Are you going to volunteer for tomorrow’s roast?”

Tina was instantly wet, and her breasts tingled unbearably.

“You’d look beautiful on a spit.”

“I…” Tina’s body was on fire. Everything, every one, it seemed, was pointing her to volunteering. It had been in the back of her mind since she kissed Mom. “I don’t know,” here eyes roved over Beverly’s nude form.

Aunt Beverly was slightly taller than Mom by about an inch, but with the same hazel eyes and small mouth. That platinum blonde hair was natural, and Beverly’s breasts were more round whereas Tina’s, and Mom’s, tended to be more pointed. At Beverly’s mound, under a rounded belly, she sported what was, in fact, a well groomed dark blonde thatch that dipped under her crotch and covered her cleft fully. Tina flinched as Aunt Beverly touched her arm.

“Why don’t you join me,” she said in a sultry sweet tone. “Help me wash.” As sweetly as it was delivered, it was no less a command by an adult to a teenager.

Obediently, Tina slid into under the cascading warm water and picked up the wash cloth and soap. She barely managed to keep focused, not wanting to embarrass herself as Beverly’s hands kept touching her in her most private parts. Tina went to work, diligently, deliberately and slowly washing away whatever it was that caused Beverly to want a shower.

“It would be a nice gesture to your mother,” said Aunt Beverly.

“Huh?” asked Tina, as she struggled to keep her body from slipping as it reacted to Beverly’s caresses.

“Volunteering, I mean,” said the older woman. “Think about it, alright?”

“Yes, Aunt Bev.”

“Now, which oil do you like?”

Tina did, in the end, manage to keep control as Beverly smeared Peach Oil over her flesh with deft sensuality. She felt as if she was about to be ravished, or was about to beg for ravishment at any moment. By the time she dried, Beverly had a chesure look about her, as if Tina was a favorite dish Beverly was about to devour.

Downstairs, they found only Lana sitting alone in her black Lingerie.

“What happened?” Tina asked. “Where is everyone.”

“I don’t know,” said Lana. “Suddenly they all went upstairs and closed your parents bedroom door!”

“I better go find out,” said Beverly, who had wrapped herself in the big towel. It was the last Tina would see of her, or any of the adults in the house that day.

Tina and Lana could only stare at each other, knowing for certain that what plans they had were dashed.


Part 11

As with most days Deborah Longford watched the players with appraising eyes. These new ones, she saw, were too innocent to be a problem, meaning the Phillips family. The police officer might be a nuisance if she had to deal with him, but he looked horny enough to be tamable. The football game, as expected, was a complete waste of time and a bore. What drama there was along the sidelines, however, that was worth Deborah’s precious time. A plan began to take shape after Dana expressed interest in the local hero, a very appealing jock named Bart Haskell, and had pointed out her rival for his affections in the form of, what else, a ditzy cheerleader. After Dana spoke of the little deception by the home team, in forging a playbook for the visitors to find and exploit, a concrete strategy had formed in Deborah’s mind. Yes, thought Deborah with the eye of a stage director. This cast will do quite well.

The first item came naturally. Endear herself to the love interest by teasing him with the promise of a virgin sacrifice. “So tell me, Bart,” said Deborah. “Do you have a lot of kissing experience?”

“Uh… is this a trick question?” Bart looked to Dana, who smiled sheepishly, hoping desperately Deborah was not about to humiliate her.

“Okay,” said Deborah. “So you have limited experience… how would you rate Dana as a kisser?”

Bart looked incredulously at Deborah, to Dana, and back to Deborah…

“Hot?” asked Deborah. “Very hot? Jalapeño hot?”

“Oh,” Bart smiled. “At least Very Hot!”

“Good answer! Okay, I like him, Dana. You have my approval. If you win, Bart, you can have Dana’s cherry. If not, you’ll have to settle for that snarling hag over there…”

The look on Bart Haskell’s face was nothing short of priceless. Deborah could almost see his salivating glands kicking in as she walked away. At the time, there was no fully formed plan. That came later when Dana confided what Bart Haskell had told her about the fake playbook. Deborah excused herself, after Dana went for drinks and slipped in near one of the Obama Osprey observers on the sidelines. She thrust a note into his hand.

“Take this to your coach,” she said. “It’s important.” The black man looked at her quizzically. “If you want to win this game, that is.” Now it was up to him. But she had another task.

As the Sidewinders offensive line watched the Defense on the field, Dana tapped the quarterback on the shoulder.

“Hey!” he said, obviously taken aback and surprised at Deborah’s forthright manner. Oh, yes, thought Deborah taking in his form. He was very much a hottie. Whoever married this guy would hit the genetic lottery.

“I just wanted you to know Dana’s getting spitroasted tomorrow with her mom.”

“No way!” he looked shocked and not a little disappointed. Deborah maintained her concerned expression, though she wanted to laugh.

“Yes,” she continued. “Pity, really. Her dad’s taking her cherry tonight, but she does like you a lot. But I have to tell you, she’ll be in real trouble if she’s not a virgin for her dad.”

“You’re kidding!” said Bart. “I didn’t know her dad was like that…. God… what a jerk!”

“I know! It’s sad, really. But I don’t want her to get into trouble. You know how it is.”

“Yeah… well. Thanks.”

“I knew you’d understand!” Said Deborah. “Besides,” she nodded toward Barbara the Cheerleader. “It’s not as if you have no prospects.”

“Yeah… I guess…”

“Anyway. Nice to meet you, Bart Haskell!”

“You too. Thanks Deborah.”

“For what?”

“Well, for protecting your cousin.”

Deborah gave him her sweetest smile just as the offense was being called back onto the field, and made her way back up into the stands. All there was left to do now was to wait and watch, and see the pieces fall into place.

Deborah looked up in the stands to see Dana pointing things out to Grandmother. Grandmother was only half paying attention, more interested in exploring Dana’s scantily clad flesh with her fingers than the game. Of course, Grandmother was acting on Deborah’s instruction to seduce Dana, not that she needed any encouragement. Grandmother had a dozen nude pictures of Dana in her bedroom taken from the time Dana was eight. Dana had been her favorite for that long, and, to Deborah’s constant displeasure, Grandmother spoke incessantly about her. Dana was also Grandmother’s fantasy. It was also Grandmother’s fantasy to be spitted with her Daughter and Dana. It was just the thing that would get Deborah out of her own spitroasting next week.

That was Grandfather’s rule. He would not spitroast two daughters or two granddaughters in one month, unless, of course, they volunteered. He was quite uncomfortable with the idea of culling Deborah’s mother so soon after Martha. But that was not really his choice. Grandmother had insisted on this weekend and hoped above all hope to have two granddaughters and two daughters go with her. Grandfather couldn’t deny it to her until that choice was taken away from him by Deborah’s father Josh, who had postponed Deborah and her mother’s culling by one week.

It was by the slimmest of margins Deborah had managed to avoid it this weekend. Father already had Mother’s replacement lined up in the form of a client’s daughter, Cassie Bernard. The home-wrecker had planned on attending with Father to watch Deborah and her mother be skewered alive and roasted, which simply would not do! So, Deborah enlisted the unlikeliest of help in the form of Sybil Monroe, granddaughter of none other than Georgia Monroe (who had been, at one point, Grandmother’s illicit lover). Sybil, who’s father was, of course, another Government official, provided the documents and software needed to help her friend Deborah. You see, Cassie Bernard had a very young sister who she loved very much. Putting out a government culling order on Cassie’s sister would not be questioned, but it would be acted upon. You see, The Garden State Elite do not submit to Government Institutions, no, no, no! If, on the rare occasion one of them receives such an order, that young woman is immediately scheduled for a family banquette, to send her out in style. And so it was for young Miss Bernard. Tomorrow, as Grandmother and Aunt Martha roasted in the womb of their family love, so would Miss Bernard two thousand miles back east. Cassie, of course, would attend, and she had, of course, insisted her future husband attend as well! And Father would, under no circumstances, hear of his own flesh and blood going to the spit without his presence… and so Deborah’s culling had been postponed, and so had Mother’s. Mother, of course, would go next week to make room for the new whore, and probably couldn’t be helped. But Deborah swore she’d find a way to help the whore to her own spit very, very soon…

But that was for the future. The task at hand was to get Dana for Grandmother, in more ways than one.

It was when Bart Haskell disappeared off the field that Deborah became worried her plan might fall apart. If Dana managed to find him before the idiot cheerleader did…

But when Deborah found Dana walking around with tears streaming down her face, she knew, it had been all too easy.

“Let’s get her to the hotel,” Deborah suggested, and Grandmother agreed.

Deborah hailed the taxi in which Dana bawled out the story. She’d caught Barbie and Bart (B&B, cute!) having sex in the girls locker room… oh how delicious! Deborah thought. It was better than expected. Bada Bing, Bada Boom! B&B Twice! Deborah would giggle about it in private.

Once at the hotel, it took no time at all to get Dana into the shower, and Grandmother was more than anxious to get naked with her, leaving Deborah free to open Grandmother’s luggage.

Deborah found them right where she’d packed them over a week ago, her favorite toys. They were a pair of F-Phalluses she’d purchased in Amsterdam last July. They looked, as their name suggested, like very oddly shaped “F”s. Made of black tinted silicon, the leg of each F was, in fact, the main phallus like any other phallic toy. It was the two arms that made them different. The longer of the two, unlike a normal F, was the lower arm. It extended six inches, and the upper arm only four. Both arms, and the leg of each one was nearly a full two inches in diameter.. What made them even more unique were the bulbous ends of those arms. The lower arm Deborah inserted vaginally, and the upper, into her rectum. A nob place where the upper arm met the main shaft (or leg) she twisted, and the bulbous tips of both arms expanded, holding the phallus in place, and effectively giving Deborah a stable penis with which to impale anyone she fancied.

They were all the rage in Europe, where, it was said, some Princess commissioned their design so she could dominate her veal, be it male or female. Deborah had hoped she could try that sometime… maybe on one of Cassie’s cousins…

With her nethers filled and secured, The leg of the phallus extended menacingly from under Deborah’s cleft, giving Deborah a feeling of power that tickled her senses like nothing else. With it, she could invade, just like a man! When Grandmother appeared outside the bathroom her eyes went wide.

“My god, Deborah!” said Grandmother. “I promised Martha we wouldn’t rape Dana.”

“We won’t,” said Deborah, forcing lubricant into Grandmother’s anus, and following it with the upper arm of the second F-Phallus. “We’ll make tender sweet love to her and help her get over her heartache with that silly boy…” Deborah turned the nob that expanded the heads of both arms, causing Grandmother to gasp.

When Dana appeared, wrapped demurely in a towel, her eyes went far wider than Grandmother’s had. Deborah approached her and planted a tender kiss on Dana’s lips.

“Why?” Dana asked with a shaky voice.

“We want you,” said Deborah, and she saw Dana melt. All too easy.

Deborah led Dana back to where Grandmother was already reclining, and guided Dana’s hips till her pucker met the tip of Grandmother’s phallus. Again, Dana’s eyes went wide.

“Force yourself to relax,” cooed Deborah. “Just let it in…”

Dana let out a gasp it slid in and she slid down. Grandmother’s hands ran up Dana’s sides lovingly, exploring every inch of her as Debora thrust her own phallus into Dana’s wet, wet folds. Deborah looked down, she could see blood mixing with Dana’s juices, and the former virgin writhing and weeping in her pain and ecstacy…

and Deborah’s own body gushed at the sight…


Part 12

As with most days, Lana Phillips awoke with no plans at all save to do what was already planned for her. Not only did she take one day at a time, she took life moment by moment. Even with this attitude, she maintained, somehow, a B-Average in her studies and was quite content with her lot and life, connected only to her parents and siblings and, through them, to those they associated with.

Lana’s spur of the moment excursion with Tina this morning was quite typical of Lana’s way, though few knew enough to understand this, even her sisters barely did. Lana’s decision to be spitted with her mother was, likewise, spur of the moment and a response to circumstance. She’d been sitting on Daddy’s lap, enjoying the feeling of his thick erection through his uniform pants when she’d made the decision that she’d not wait for Mom to ask. She knew Mom’s fantasy. The woman had dropped enough hints over the years. She was about to whisper her decision into his ear when her mother called all the adults present: Chester, Donald and Daddy, upstairs. Only a few minutes later Tina and Beverly appeared, and Beverly promptly disappeared with the rest of the adults leaving Tina alone with her, and any plans they had completely shot… which is the way it always went with Lana. Plans never, ever worked out.

But Tina insisted on waiting. She turned on the television and the two watched mindless sitcoms that couldn’t be remembered five minutes after they went off the air. It was a full two hours later that Tina had had enough. She grabbed her mother’s pink housedress to cover her own nakedness, put on a pair of sneakers and turned to Lana.

“Wanna go for a walk?”

Not really, thought Lana.


Still wearing only her black lingerie and flats, Lana followed Tina out into the balmy Arizona twilight. The stifling heat of the day was lifting with cooler (relatively, but still warm) breezes keeping sticky sweat from forming.

The two girls meandered down the tree lined path between back yards talking little and mostly to express disappointment. They occasionally ran across maudlin Sidewinder fans who lamented a heartbreaking loss to the Obama Ospreys. Fortunately, many pointed out, it was too early in the season for Cheerleaders to be at risk, but the loss was a bad omen, none the less.

Poppyfield was quite a safe town, even at night, and Lana felt no danger at all clad as she was. Were she in Flagstaff, Tuscon, Phoenix or even Scotsdale, she’d have been plucked off the streets by the first gang of ruffians who passed by… but not here. Daddy was part of a very tight Police Dept, and they tolerated no ugliness. Lana could, at least, enjoy the walk on that level. She could be stark naked and be in no danger… soon, however, Lana eased into the new circumstances and managed to thoroughly enjoy the walk and occasional conversation.

Their meandering path took them to places Lana did not recognize in the dark. But the couple up ahead looked familiar. The young man and young woman stopped, looking ready to bolt till Tina put them at ease.

“Hi Bart, Hi Barbie,” Tina said in her unperturbed manner. Lana followed up with a little wave and a friendly smile.

“Hi Gals,” said Bart. “What’s up?”

“Oh,” said Tina. “Just out and about… you?”


“It’s a beautiful night,” said Barbie.

“How’s your sister holding up,” asked Bart, looking concerned.

Lana watched Tina stiffen. “Fine, so far as I know. Why wouldn’t she be?”

“Uh,” said Bart. “I heard she was being culled tomorrow…”


“Who told you that?” asked Lana.

“Uh, Cousin Deborah… she was…”

“That rat bitch! That cunt! I swear…”

“Soooo… it’s not true?” asked Barbie.

“It better not be true,” said Tina, red faced. “If that little lying, backstabbing cunt convinced her to volunteer, I’ll kill her! I swear, I’ll cut her myself!”

Lana had never seen Tina so angry. The girl was pacing back and forth as if she were a caged animal.

“Gee, Tina!” said Bart. “Tell us how you really feel!”

“I don’t think Dana would volunteer.”

“Deborah said something about your Dad taking her cherry…”

“WHAT!?” Now that really set Tina off with a whole lot of screaming about how “My daddy would never do that to his baby girl ever unless she really wanted it…” basically, except at the top of her lungs.

“But why would Deborah lie?” asked Barbie.

“Because she’s a rat cunt!” exclaimed Tina. “It doesn’t matter. A snake is a snake. They act like snakes! I’ll bet Deborah had something to do with you two being together, didn’t she!”

“Well, uh…” Bart began.

“Does it Matter?” asked Barbie.

Tina stopped.

“No,” she said. “I guess not. Much as I’d like to claw your eyes out, Barbie, I guess it’s not your fault… besides… I’ve got a rat cunt to skewer! Lana, can you come with me to the hotel? That’s probably where bitch took her.”

“But she’ll be with your Gramma, won’t she?”

“And that just… if Gramma’s involved, I’ll give her a piece of my mind too… But god, Mom’ll be heartbroken if Dana volunteers.”

“Can we come?” asked Bart, and Barbie gave him a dirty look.

“Why do you care?”

“Because I’m involved, no matter what. I want to help… and so do you!” he turned to Barbie, who pouted.

“You don’t have to come,” Tina said. “Honest. We’ll deal.”

“I’m coming, like it or not,” Bart said.

“Look, Bart. No offense, but you made your choice… you chose Barbie over Dana. Rubbing salt in the wound isn’t going to help…”

“You don’t understand,” said Bart.

“Sure I do.”

“No, you don’t… Barbie, tell them.”

Barbie looked hesitant, and Bart gave her a look. “Okay…” she finally said. “I’m… My Dad’s the junior pastor at the Baptist Church, and he’s giving me to the church to be mounted on Sunday… so Bart can’t be my boyfriend after that…”

“She didn’t want to be a virgin before being mounted,” Bart said… “And I wasn’t going to help her out, but when Deborah said what she did…”

“You’re kidding, right?” said Tina.

“No,” Barbie shook her head. “I’ll be mounted every three months till next November. Then I’ll be part of the thanksgiving feast if one of the parishioners doesn’t buy me as a wife…”

“I heard of that,” said Lana. “They were doing something like that in San Francisco last year… about exactly one year ago… I saw it on TV with my Mom.”

“So… how does this affect Dana?”

“It means I really, really want to make it up to Dana,” said Bart. “And Barbie is not her rival…”

“Much as I’d like to be…”

“Tina,” Lana piped up. “If anything’s going to make Dana happy, it’ll be Bart. You saw her yesterday!”

“Well,” said Tina. “Okay… but Barbie, please stay out of sight when we go in after Dana.”

“Don’t worry,” said Barbie. “Last thing I want is to be in trouble…”

“Okay, then…” said Tina. “Let’s go… which way is the Hotel…”

“That way,” Barbie pointed.

“That way!” Acknowledge Tina.

“What time is it, anyway?” Barbie asked Bart.

“Nearly ten.”

“Oh… I better call my dad soon as I get there. I think there’s a payphone in the lobby…”

“There is,” Lana remembered. “Next to the Rest Rooms.”


“Tina,” said Lana in a low voice. “You sure about Barbie coming with us? I mean, Dana and Barbie don’t exactly get along…”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time…” said Tina. “When in doubt, go with your gut… which is what I’m doing… hey, Barb…”


“Who’s that brunette you’re always hanging with?”

“You mean Roberta? Dark Curly Hair, Cheerleader on my squad?”

“Yeah…” said Tina. “She’s always giving me the evil eye…”

Barbara laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Honey, Berta’s not giving you the evil eye… she’s giving you her version of the ‘Come Hither’ look… she’s our resident dominatrix clam eater… loves to tie girls up, and she wants you in the worst way…”

Lana and Bart burst into barely suppressed snorts and giggles as Tina’s cheeks burned with her slack jaw… The mood lightened considerably by the time the four reached the lobby of the Poppyfield Inn Hotel.

Except for one receptionist, the big, well lit lobby was deserted. A pretty girl who’s nametag read Zoe 0128 manned the reception desk.

“I’m sorry,” said Zoe 128. “I can’t give out room numbers. It’s against the rules.”

“Please?” Tina begged. “I need to see my grandmother. My sister and cousin are in there with her and I’ve got to talk to them!”

“Sorry… no…”

“Hi, Zoe,” said Barbie.

“Oh, Hi Barb.”

“How’s your Dad?”

“Good! He’s good!”

“Hey, listen. We really need to see Mrs. Finney and Tina’s sister. We know they’re here. I’d truly appreciate it if you’d help us out. It’s her Grandmother for goodness sake, and she’s getting spitroasted tomorrow!”

“Look… I…”

“Zoe, I’d be very grateful!”



“Oh, alright! Finney, Chester and Elizabeth, room 518. But there better not be any trouble, Barbie! I’m trusting you!”

“Thank you sooo much!!!” Tina said, and rushed off to the Elevator.

“Where do you know her from?” asked Lana.

“Church… Hey, I’ll stay down here and call my Dad… he’s probably having a fit that I’m not home!” She looked at Lana. “He’d have a fit if I were walking around like that!”

Lana smiled at her, and followed Tina and Bart to the elevator. On the ride up, Tina offered Bart a plan to get the door opened.

Lana was the first out of the elevator and the first to find room 18, she turned to the others and pointed. Bart knocked.

“Room Service,” he called. “Mr. Finney sent up some refreshment.”

There was movement inside, and the door cracked open, revealing Deborah’s face.

Tina flew at her, shoving the door open and Deborah back. The platinum blond Jersey Girl fell back onto her rump and her robe flew open, revealing the phallus she wore between her legs that pointed straight up.

“Tina! What is wrong with you?” cried Gramma.

“Gramma, I hope to god you weren’t part of Deborah’s lies!” sobbed Lana’s friend. “Please tell me you weren’t a part of this!” But the phallus Gramma wore between her legs betrayed her.

Lana got hold of Tina as Bart found Dana curled up nude on the bed, blood oozing from her cleft. Dana’s arms wrapped around Bart’s neck as he gathered her even as her eyes remained squinted shut. Tina shook free of Lana and collected Dana’s shoes and underwear, all she had worn, then noticed her own she’d loaned to Deborah.

“These are mine! They were a gift from my Gramma!” Tina sobbed, and followed Bart out of the room, leaving a trail of dripping blood from Dana.

They said nothing to each other or anyone else until they were outside the lobby and Barbie had joined them.

“My god, what happened?” asked Barbie.

“We don’t know,” said Lana. “But… we don’t know. Is there someplace private we can go?”

“I know a place,” said Bart.

“Okay,” said Tina. “Hey baby,” she cooed to Dana, caressing her forehead.

“Hi Mom,” whispered Dana. “Love you…”

“Mom?” asked Barbie.

“Must be the dress,” said Lana. “It’s their Mom’s.”

“Ah,” nodded Barbie.

Like all the communal back yards in this area the one between Rose and Carnation sported a path lined with trees on either side, mostly Mulberries. Unlike the one behind the Cokely and Phillips homes, this one featured a massive oak tree just at the block’s center, on the south side of the path. It was to the base of this tree Bart led them.

Bart let Dana down till her feet touched the ground but kept her arms around his neck.

“Hang on, Sweetie,” he whispered into her ear, and began to deftly climb the trunk. Tina was on his heels, and Lana mused that Tina’s bare bottom looked ridiculous from below her dress… she followed anyway. A few feet up, Lana found ladder rungs had been nailed to the tree, making climbing much easier, and followed them up what seemed to be quite a distance till she found herself emerging onto a platform high above the ground.

“Wow!” said Lana. The view was impressive. She was at least ten feet, at the platform, above the highest rooftop. With some effort, mostly due to a sense of vertigo, she stood and all of Poppyfield seemed to be in view. Turning, Lana could pick out her home, which was lit up, and the Cokely home, which was dark.

“Wow!” Said Barbie.

“I never knew this was here!” said Lana.

“Not many do,” said Bart. “You can see it from the ground, but it’s not easy. Even harder if you don’t know it’s there!”

Bart was sitting with his back against the tree trunk, Dana curled up in his arms and Tina next to him caressing Dana’s face and shoulders.

“How’d you find it?”

“My grampa built it with my Dad and my Uncle when they were boys,” said Bart. “My house is right there…”

(Part 12 incomplete: to be continued)

Lana followed Bart’s pointing finger to a good sized home to the south. It was still well lit even at ten thirty at night, as it was.

“My Dad’s probably brooding about the loss today,” said Bart. “I’ll hear all about it tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry,” said Dana groggily, still curled up in his arms.

“It’s not your fault, Babe,” cooed Bart.

Barbie was standing off to one side weeping quietly, most likely over Bart, while Tina was making an effort to get Dana’s things on.

Lana approached Barbie and caressed her back. Barbie moved into Lana’s side and rested her head on Lana’s shoulder.

“I’m really sorry,” whispered Barbie.

“I’m sure you’re forgiven,” said Lana. “Funny how things work out.”

“Yeah,” Barbie replied, glancing over at Bart. “This is where it happened the first time, right?”


“You know,” Barbie said. “Our dads, and your brother?”

“Oh!” Bart looked away. “Yeah.”

Barbie nodded.

“What?” asked Tina as she finally managed to get Dana’s bra clasped behind her.

“Nothing,” said Barbie. “It’s kinda private.”

“Yeah,” said Bart. “Very.”

“That’s okay,” said Tina as she tied Dana’s right sneaker. “I guess we all have our secrets.”

“Yeah,” said Lana, surprising herself instantly that she’d said it out loud. “We could play Truth or Dare!”

“Let’s not and say we did,” smirked Barbie. “Besides, you already know my secret!”

“Getting mounted is a secret?” asked Lana. “What’s so secret about it?”

“I don’t even know what that is,” said Tina.

Barbie giggled. “She’s so cute when she’s being innocent, drawing a stuck out tongue from Tina.

“Am not!” Protested Tina, with Dana’s other shoe half on. She turned back to her task fitting the shoe and began tying it. “So what is it?”

“Mounting?” asked Barbie. “It’s a sort of sacrament. There’s this totem that’s put up in the church. A girl gets mounted to it and is supposed to have a greater connection to god. Both my Mom and Step Mom have done it.”

“What? Tied to it? Or nailed?” asked Tina.

“Oh, not crucified,” said Barbie. “Mounted… there… uh, there are these dildos sticking out of it… they hold you to it.”

“So you have sex with a stick?”

“Sort of…”

“In church? In front of everyone?”


“Yeah,” said Lana. “Double penetration,” she said almost to herself, remembering the show she’d seen last year from that San Francisco News program.

“No way!” said Tina.

“Yeah,” said Lana. “Vaginally and anally.”

“It’s intense,” said Dana.

“What is, honey?” asked Tina.

“Anal sex.”

“You had anal sex?” asked Tina.

“Gramma fucked my ass.”

“God!” exclaimed Bart.

“Deborah was so mean to her,” said Dana. “She forced her.” Dana paused. “Tina, don’t tell Mom!”

“I won’t,” said Tina. “I promise.” She caressed Dana’s forehead.

“So, Dana?” asked Barbie. “I’m really sorry… I know I hurt you…”

With that, Bart proceeded to explain the lies Deborah told and Barbie’s situation. At the end of it, Deborah stood on very shaky legs and hugged Barbie.

“I’m sorry I was mean to you,” said Dana, and the two spent the next few moments in tearful apology to each other…

“So,” Barbie said after the tearfest was finally over. “What’s your secret, Tina?”

“I… uh, I’m a virgin…”

“Duh!” said Barbie mockingly.

“We can fix that, if you want,” said Bart with a grin, drawing a swat from Dana as she curled up in his lap again.

“Hey,” Barbie said. “We both lost our virginity on the same day! I just realized that.”

“I know one of Tina’s secrets!” said Lana, for which Tina gave her a dirty look. “Oh, c’mon, Tina! It’s not that bad.”

“Okay,” said Barbie. “Spill.”

Lana looked at Tina, who shrugged.

“Go ahead,” said Tina.

Lana took a breath. “Tina’s been begging Mr. Daniels for a spanking!”

The group laughed, including Tina.

“That’ll send Berta over the edge,” said Barbie.

“Who’s Berta?” asked Dana.

“Barbie’s friend,” said Lana. “The dark haired cheerleader who always leers…”

“She doesn’t leer,” defended Barbie. “She admires with a serious face… inappropriately…” the group laughed again.

“My secret is my mom,” said Lana. “She has this fantasy about being spitted with me or one of my sisters…”

“That’s your mom’s secret,” said Tina.

“Yes,” Lana said. “But I’m going to do it.”

“Really, Lana?” asked Barbie. “You’re volunteering?”

“Yes,” said Lana. “I’ll even eat my Mom’s pussy if she let’s me.”

“Oh God! That’s hot!” said Barbie.

“Would you do your Mom?” asked Bart of Barbie.

“If she were still alive,” Barbie affirmed. “She got butchered when I was five,” she explained to the others.”

“How about you, Tina?” asked Bart.

“I’ll… I have another secret.”

“Spill!” said Bart.

“I frenched kissed my Mom… and I liked it…”

“You did not!” protested Dana. “You kissed Mom??”

“I did.”

“Her mom is so beautiful!” said Lana. “Tina looks a lot like her.”

“So’s your Mom!” said Tina.

“Even your Grandmother is hot, Tina,” said Bart.

“Don’t’ even mention her, please!”

“Sorry,” apologized Bart. “But would you eat your Mom’s pussy?”

Tina was thoughtful, then she nodded. “Yeah…”

“I would, too,” said Dana. “If she wanted me to.”

“Would you suck you’re Dad’s cock?” asked Bart looking at Dana.

“Uh…” Dana hesitated. “I guess.”

“I’ve never even seen one,” said Tina.

“I’ve seen my Dad naked,” remembered Lana. “It’s scarey! Would you suck you’re Dad’s cock, Barbie?”

“I already did,” said Barbie.

“You did not!” protested Lana. “You said you were a virgin!”

“I lost my cherry…” Barbie said. “But Papa didn’t fuck me. But my step mom decided me and my sisters needed to learn to give head… so we did.”

“Wow,” said Tina. “You win! That’s a big secret!”

The look exchanged between Barbie and Bart was enigmatic, and gave Lana pause. But she also noticed that neither Tina, nor Dana had observed it.

Lana cocked her head. “So…. What is your deep, dark secret, Bart?”

“Uh…” hesitated Bart.

“Bart has no secrets,” said Barbie. “He’ll get any girl he wants, if he ever figures out how incredibly hawt he is… but he just doesn’t get it…”

“That’s not true!” said Bart. “I just know what kind of girl I want.”

“What kind of girl?” asked Dana.

Bart grinned and kissed her cheek.

“Awe!” chorused the others, including Barbie.

“That’ll send Melanie over the edge!” said Tina.

“Who?” asked Barbie.

“My baby sister. Very romantic.”

“Okay,” said Bart. “So… can I trust you guys?”

“Yes!” chorused Tina and Lana.

“Bart,” said Barbie. “Be careful.”

“Okay… I mean, if you end up hating me, can I still trust you guys?”

Tina and Lana exchanged glances.

“I mean,” said Barbie. “You can’t tell anyone ever!”

“Is it that bad?” asked Lana.

“Let’s put it this way,” said Barbie. “If you ever do, Bart will end up on a spit!”

“Seriously?” asked Tina, Barbie nodded.

“Okay,” said Tina. “I swear, I’ll never, ever tell anyone.”

“So do I,” said Lana.

“Babe,” said Dana. “I do too. But only tell if you really want to.”

“I really do…” said Bart. “Uh… okay, here goes. I’m not a virgin.”

All four girls groaned.

“No,” said Bart. “I’m serious!”

“As if we didn’t know already,” smirked Tina.

“No… wait…” protested Bart.

“That’s okay, Bart!” said Tina. “Everyone knows how squeaky clean you are!”

Looking subdued, like a chastised little boy, the star quarterback bit his lower lip and was silent. But Barbie knoticed again how he and Barbie exchanged glances.

Tina, meanwhile, had turned her attention back to Dana, who was now sitting between Bart and her sister leaning on the trunk of the massive oak.

“It’s so nice ehre,” Lana changed the subject. “Pity we didn’t know about it sooner.”

“Is it okay if we come up here, Bart?” asked Dana. She looked positively exhausted, with deep circles under her eyes and slightly slurred speech.

“Sure,” said Bart. “Any time.”

“Check this out,” said Barbie. At the edge of the platform, a swing arm was attached to one of the thick branches. She swung it out to reveal a winch with a rope coiled on it. At the end of that rope was a 2x4 with a hole in its middle for the rope to pass through, and a knot below, creating a swing seat.

“It’s an elevator!” Barbie grinned.

“Yeah,” said Bart. “My Dad made it for my mm when she was pregnant with my older sisters.”

“I’d love to bring my Mom up here,” said Lana. “She’d love this.”

“Yeah,” said Barbie. “My Mom sure did.”

“You brought your Mom here?” aked Lana.

“No,” said Barbie. “Bart’s mom did. My Mom and his were pretty close.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“That’s our house,” Barbie pointed to the house exactly opposite the yard from the Haskell home. “I’ve got twelve sisters and a baby brother. It’s kind-of a madhouse in the morning. But my stepmom is nice.”

“Twelve?” asked Tina.

“Cindy’s youngest litter is five. She had four of three each and my brother came in the first one.”

“I never met any of your other sisters,” said Lana.

“Well,” said Barbie. “Most of my birth Mom’s didn’t make it through their junior year in high school. One of my Mom’s eldest is married and another is in her senior year at a Christian College in California. Both of them are twenty one.”

Lana then told Barbie about her own sisters Miley and Madeline and the four sisters she’d had who’d been culled.

“And I’m next,” smiled Lana.

“You scared?” asked Barbie.


Barbie sighed. “I kinda wish you could be there Sunday in Church…” Barbie looked at her watch. “Oh God! It’s nearly eleven! I need to get home!”

“I’ll lower you down,” Bart stood up.

“Papa wasn’t happy about my being out so late,” said Barbie as she straddled the rope swing.

“Should I go with you?” asked Lana.

“Uh…” Barbie was thoughtful. “Okay, sure.”

Bart manned the crank and carefully lowered Barbie the terrible distance to the ground, then quickly cranked it back up for Lana. Shakily, Lana straddled the rope and sat on the worn wooden seat, heart beating in her throat.

“Scared?” asked Bart.

“Yes,” said Lana emphatically.

“Don’t be,” Bart smiled. “It’s okay. It’s safe. I’ll let you down nice and easy!”

Easy meant agonizingly slowly. All the way down Lana’s pulse pounded her ears. When her feet finally touched the ground she was shaking so hard she almost lost her balance.

“You okay?” asked Barbie, catching Lana and helping her steady.

“Sure,” Lana nodded, trying to convince herself. “I’m okay.”

“Com on,” Barbie nodded toward her own home. “It’s just up here,” and Lana followed Barbie the twenty paces to the back door of the LeClerk home.

“Uhm,” Barbie said as she went to open the back door. “We’re, uh… we’re Christian NudistsI hope you don’t mind. I’m not allowed to wear cloths inside… do you mind taking those off when we get in?”

On the face of it, Lana had no issue with nudity. Her mother and all her sisters walked around the house naked all the time… but not out of habit, just when necessary.

“I didn’t know there was any such thing as a Christian Nudist,” Lana said.

“Yeah,” said Barbie. “It’s a small community. Every year we go to the Eden Two retreat in Mexico for a couple of weeks, then on t Africa for Papa’s missionary work. We’re breaking ground on Eden Three in the British Congo next year….”

“Is that in Africa?”

Barbie nodded. “Like I said, we go to Africa every year for at least a month. Converting the heathen, you know…” Barbie smirked.

Lana smiled at that while reaching back to unclasp her black lace bra. Barbie, meanwhile, opened the door to a very dark passageway. Barbie flipped on the light to reveal a narrow hallway with a laundry room on the right and a large kitchen on the left, both unoccupied. However, even in this functional part of the house Lana could see two things would dominate. The first was a very clean sense of style. The kitchen appliances and the front loading washer and dryer sparkled like showroom models. The walls up to the chair rail were made of rich dark wood paneling. Under coffee cream painted walls above. The popcorn ceilings were white and imbued with glitter, while the floor was granite tile.

The second thing was the African accents, such as the ebony carvings and mahogany masks interspaced with group photos of natives and missionaries, always nude (save for the occational ostritch feather adornments) that decorated this hallway.

“Is that you, Barbie?” asked a breathy feminine voice.

“Yes, Mom,” called’ Barbie singsong like. “I have a friend with me.” Barbie had already doffed her teal cheerleading outfit and shoes in what seemed a single expert motion.

Lana tried to slip her panties over her shoes, but gave up when she almost fell, and kicked them off and picked them up, then followed Barbie’s very firm glutes into the living room.

The hall opened into a very large living area with the front Double Doorway in a recess directly ahead and a staircase to the right leading back over the laundry room. To the left was very ornate dining table with a multitude of stools instead of chairs packed around it. Two hutches displayed fine china behind glass doors with more African art.

To the right was L shaped sofa upholstered in naturally dark girlskin sitting away from the wall with a walkspace behind it and more African artwork and photographs between the light beige drawn curtains. The sofa had two naked women seated upon it, of which one was a short Hispanic woman with dark skin and a belly great with child. The other was tall, slender and redheaded with white, white skin and pink tips on egg shaped breasts. Asside from her perky little nipples her breasts had no colour at all. Even her areola seemed non-existant.

To Lana’s left, on a wall table facing the front door was what amounted to an altar with Christ crucified. But unlike crucifixes lana had seen before, this depiction had Christ looking up to the sky in appeal, rather than down toward the ground in death. He was also quite naked, his beautifully painted bisque porcelain body sported a delicately detailed erection Lana found strangely appealing, with three additional figures at the base. To Christ’s left, two women, Mary was bare breasted and dark haired knelt with the nude, redheaded and pregnant Mary Magdelene. To Christ’s right stood St. Longinus a fabulously detailed Roman Centurion holding a spear poised to pierce Christ’s side.

Beyond the altar was another recessed area around which appeared a stocky, balding man of about forty years. He had a bit of a pot belly and enormous, softball sized testes over which hung a bulbous penis that was at least half erect. It was perhaps six inches long and as thick as Lana’s wrist.

“Bart,” the redhead was getting up as Lana turned the corner. “How about… oh!”

“Bart’s not here,” said Barbie. “Mom, Dad, this is my friend Lana Phillips. Thanks Eva,” she said to the pregnant latina who took Barbie’s things and promptly disappeared upstairs.

“Well, hello!” said the naked man, who held a jar of petroleum he shifted to his left hand in order to offer Lana his right one. “I’m Pastor Bob,” he said. “And this is my wife Cindy.”

“Nice to meet you, Pastor Bob,” Lana said.

“Where’s Bart, honey?” asked Cindy.

“He’s taking care of his Girlfriend,” said Barbie.

“What girlfriend?” asked Pastor Bob with furled brow.

“Dana Cokely,” said Barbie.

“The vixen you told us about?” asked Cindy.

Barbie looked toward Lana, her normally healthy complexion almost as white as Cindy’s breasts.

“She…” said Barbie. “She’s actually really nice. And Bart’s really into her…”

“Awe, honey,” Cindy came to Barbie and embraced her. “I’m so sorry…”

Barbie sobbed twice, but exercised good self control and managed to stiffen her demeanor as she extricated herself from her stepmother’s arms.

“They’re actually really cute together,” said Barbie. “She’s really sweet, I think…” Barbie sniffed. “She’s the reason I’m late.”

“Barbie helped us rescue Dana…” said Lana, and the two proceeded to describe events. By the end, both pastor and Mrs. LeClerk stood slack jawed.

“It’s the mark of a good Christian to reach out to your enemies,” said Pastor Bob. “But it’s a shame he wasn’t able to take your virginity…”

“Oh,” said Barbie. “But he did.”

“He did?”

“Yes,” Barbie said. “Right after the game…”

“Well, Wonderful!” Pastor Bob broke into a grin that split his fleshy face. “Thank goodness! I was afraid I’d have to do it!”

“No, Daddy.”

“Lana,” asked Mrs. LeClerk. “Will you be coming to Barbara’s mounting on Sunday?”

“Uhm,” said Lana. “I don’t think I can.”

“Oh?” asked the woman. “Prior engagement?”

“Well… I…”

“Lana’s going one of the roasts at the big picnic tomorrow,” said Barbie.

“The one we’ve heard about?” asked Pastor Bob. “I wish we could come. You look like you’ll be delicious.”

“You can’t come?”

“We don’t go to outside events unless we’re invited,” Mrs. LeClerk said.

“Oh,” said Lana. “Then please, do come. I invite you. Bring your family!”

“We’d be delighted!” said Pastor Bob. “Goodness gracious, this will be a treat. “

“It will be wonderful to see you off,” said Mrs. LeClerk. “I’m sorry we did not meet you before now. I would have liked to get to know you better. Some of Barbara’s friends are… a bit off the wall.”

“She’s talking about Berta,” said Barbie, rolling her eyes.

“Oh,” Lana said, completely disinterested in Berta. Instead, she her eyes settled on the elaborately sculpted crucifix with the savior nude and aroused.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” asked Pastor Bob after a moment.

“Yes, it is!” agreed Lana. “Where did you get it?”

“I had it made. I met this old man in Africa years ago. Somata is his name. The locals call him ‘Master Somata.’ Anyway, after knowing him a while I finally asked him if he’d carve something other than the totems he was famous for. He asked me what I had in mind and I told him. He carved these, by the way.”

Pastor Bob pointed to two photographs to the side of the crucifix. Each was of an intricately carved totem with a woman mounted and impaled upon it.

“This one is my first wife, Barbie’s mother. That was about twelve years ago. Then two years ago he carved this one for Cinthia, her first private totem. Of course, she was mounted on my first wife’s before, that I have on the wall over there.”

“Wow,” said Lana.

“The kicker: Somata is blind.”

“No way!”

“Yep. Anyway, I described what I envisioned to him and he seemed very, very enthusiastic about what I described. That was a year ago. Two months ago, this arrived,” Pastor Bob indicated the crucifix.

“It’s amazing,” Lana said. “The detail is beautiful.”

“Exactly, the man is truly touched by God!”

“Very much so,” said Mrs. LeClerk. “Lana, may I ask what time you think we should arrive?”

“I’m not sure,” Lana said. “I think people will probably be there around ten-ish… I think. You could call us in the morning. I’ll give you the Cokely’s number.”

Mrs. LeClerk led Lana to the kitchen and took down both the Phillips and Cokely home phone numbers. She also handed Lana several cards which listed her husband as head Pastor and her as secretary of the Poppyfield Christian Nudist Association.

“It would be so nice if we could come in the nude,” said Mrs. LeClerk.

“Well,” said Lana. “Martha, who is sort of the hostess, told Mrs. Blakely that she could come naked if she wanted to… so I think it would be okay if you did. I mean, it’s not like I get to wear anything…”

“Maybe you could say the benediction for them, Darling,” suggested Mrs. LeClerk to her husband.

“I’ll ask if it’s appropriate tomorrow,” said Pastor Bob. “Lana, could you please tell young Mr. Haskel he’s too come straight here as soon as he’s free tonight… that is, as soon as his girlfriend condescends to part with his company…”

“Yeah,” said Lana, sensing she was being dismissed. “Sure.”

“Goodnight, Lana,” Mrs. LeClerk said, confirming what Lana felt. “It was certainly nice to meet you.”

Lana took her hand, smiled, and let Barbie escort her to the back door. When the cheerleader handed Lana her lingerie and shoes, Lana was suddenly reminded she was completely naked and quickly put them back on.

“Thanks, Lana,” said Barbie.

“For what?”

“You saved me from a spanking. See you tomorrow?”

“I hope so,” Lana said, accepting a hug and a peck on the cheek. “Night!”

“Wow,” said Lana out loud to herself after the door closed behind her. “Weird!”

At the base of the tree, Lana found Tina sitting and making a show of twiddling her thumbs with an annoyed expression.

“What’s up?” asked Lana, who saw Tina jump.

“Oh God! Don’t do that! Scared me half to death!”

“Tina, you were looking right at me as I walked up!”

“I was not!”

“Yes…. Nevermind… where’s Bart and Dana?”

“Up there,” said Tina. “In the throws of passion,” she said expressively. “Three was a crowd, you know.”

“Oh,” Lana said, and sat down beside her friend.

“Our plans got fucked,” Tina said after a time.

“Yeah,” agreed Lana.

“I’m going to get that bitch.”

“Barbie’s nice,” said Lana.

“Not her! Deborah!”

“Oh… yeah.”

Above them, the branches creaked. The two looked up to see Dana descending on the “elevator.” Lana and Tina rose and met Dana as her feet touched the ground. The blonde was aglow with a ridiculous and deliriously happy smile.

“Tina,” Dana said. “Do you know what heaven is like?”

“What, honey?”

Dana put her hand behind Tina’s neck and planted a deep kiss on her sister’s lips. That lasted long enough for Bart to catch them in the act as he made it to the ground.

“Wow!” he said.

“Yeah!” Lana agreed. “Wow!”

Tina looked as If she’d been drugged when Dana finally released her from that assault.

“I think we better get home,” said Dana. “It’s getting cold.”

“You’re right,” said Lana. “I’ve got gooseflesh. Oh, Bart. Pastor Bob wants you.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Lana shook her head at the hint Bart just gave her. “What I mean is, he wants you to go straight to see him. That is, if ‘his girlfriend condescends to part with your company…’”

“Oh,” Bart said. “You guys okay getting home?”

“Yes, babe,” said Dana. “We’re just over there a couple of blocks.”

The trio said goodnight to Bart and meandered home. Dana seemed to have her strength back, and walked home as if she’d just been infused with a divine energy… perhaps she was. They walked speaking not at all, all the way to the Cokely back door.

Once there, Lana stood at the edge of the Cokely’s deck watching Tina and Dana enter the house. Through the kitchen door, she could hear and make out movement and heard a chirp of surprise from more than one woman.

“Lana,” said her mother’s voice. Mom poked her head out the door, and found Lana. “Come in! Its cold out here!!”

Lana hurried in, having received the invitation she desperately craved, and rushed into her mother’s arms, returning the embrace with more passion than she thought herself capable of.

“I thought I missed out on my massage!” Mom said.

Martha stood nearby, unselfconsciously nude, fixing tall glasses of pink lemonade. Martha’s sister, Aunt Beverly stood quite self-consciously nude attempting to hide her privates and her breasts with hands and arms all the while blushing bodily.

“So, Mom!” Tina was saying. “We had this thing planned…”

“I know, darling,” Martha said, kissing Tina’s cheek. “I know. In the morning, I’m all yours. Daddy won’t have the energy to interrupt us, I promis. You and Dana can have me all to yourselves.”

“Great!” said Tina giddily.

Martha picked up the tray of Lemonade glasses and thrust it toward Beverly, who reluctantly took it, and headed upstairs.

“Lana,” Martha said. “Feel free to spend the night. Use one of my eldests’ beds in the girls’ room.

“Thank you, Martha,” said Lana.

“You two, you need to sleep or you’ll be hell to get up in the morning… Go! Now!”

“Okay! Okay!” protested Tina. “I’m going!” and she followed Dana upstairs as she was being chased by Mrs. Cokely.

Finally! Mom and Lana were alone. Mom moved to follow Mrs. Cokely, but Lana caught her arm.

“What’s wrong, honey?”

“I… Mom… I want to go with you tomorrow.”

“With me? What does… oh!” Mom looked Lana square in the eye then finally ran her fingers through Lana’s blonde hair. “Are you sure? “

Lana nodded, then in a quick, fluid motion, threw her arms around her mother’s neck and planted a kiss on Mom as if it her life depended upon it.

“Mmm! Mm-mm-mmmm!” Protested Mom. “Easy, Girl! Like this!”

Mom kissed Lana back, hard, with a loving authority, but slow, deliberate and powerful. Lana succumbed, letting Mom take the lead and feeling herself become submissive to her mother. She ran her hands down Mom’s bare body and slender hips and over Mom’s bubble bottom.

“Oh! God!” Mom’s whole body shuddered as Lana’s fingers caressed the tender soft flesh of Mom’s bare bottom. Lana flinched at the reaction but Mom held her head in both hands and forcibly kissed Lana almost to the point of suffocating her.

“Are you sure?” Mom asked when she came up for air. She was holding Lana tightly, pressing Lana’s body into her own.

Lana hesitated, fear suddenly welling up in her belly. But Mom’s hopeful expression made the decision. Lana nodded.

“Oh! God,” Mom said again and again, she consumed Lana’s mouth.

Lana’s senses reeled from the amorous attack, letting Mom do whatever she wanted and accepting all the attention as if she were a love starved puppy. Mom began covering Lana’s face with kisses the way she did when Lana had been a very, very good girl. The motherly attention made Lana feel easier even as her bra was unclasped and was drawn away by Mom. Mom’s hands were now on Lana’s breasts, as were Mom’s eyes. The intense attention was as if it were an appraisal by a true expert looking for the slightest flaw. Lana sighed as the touching sent tingles through her breasts and up and down her body. Lana gasped when Mom’s lips engulfed her left nipple and sucked so hard Lana thought it might pop off. Mom soon moved to Lana’s right breast and gave it the same attention before she finally dropped to her knees. Mom covered Lana’s belly with kisses and put her thumbs under the waistband of Lana’s panties… suddenly, Mom hesitated.

Lana, her knees week, her belly filled with butterflies was lost in the moment. Even though she was staring straight into her mother’s eyes as they looked up, Lana was only barely aware, if she was aware at all, that Mom had suddenly stopped. Mom put her attention back on Lana’s belly, and ran her fingers over it. With her index finger, she traced the line from Lana’s sternum to the waistband of her panties, then looked up again.

“Honey,” Mom said. “They’ll cut you open… they’ll take out your organs… then they’ll stuff you with spiced bread cubes… then they’ll run a spit through you… You’ll cook… alive… till your life ends…. Are… are you sure?”

“Yes!” Lana blurted breathily, surprising herself with the assuredness of her own answer.

Mom’s eyes were wet. Her mouth formed the words “thank you!” She kissed Lana’s belly again and drew Lana’s panties down till they were halfway down Lana’s thighs. Mom kissed the bare skin of Lana’s mound which caused Lana a thrill so powerful it forced a high pitched gasp.

As Mom kissed and caressed Lana’s sex, Lana closed her eyes, and was again lost in the sensations. When she opened them again, she saw her father standing in front of her at the base of the staircase, quite nude and with wide, surprised eyes. Lana’s own eyes went wide as she saw him, but Mom’s attentions forbade her do anything about it. Dad sported a girthy erection under the bulbous belly so out of place on his otherwise fit body. Lana’s eyes locked with Dad’s and remained locked as Mom’s fingers slid inside her, forcing another gasp, even as Mom found her hymen.

“Honey,” Mom said with surprise in her voice. “Your still a virgin!”

Dad stepped forward, startling Mom, and took Lana into his arms, and kissed her.

“Honey… I…” Mom was embarrassed. “Lana… she wants…”

“I know,” Dad said. “I heard…”

“You did?”

“I heard,” he repeated.

“Is that okay, Daddy?” Lana asked.

He nodded. “It’s perfect.”

Daddy gathered the two of them into his arms. Lana’s virginity survived scant minutes beyond that loving embrace.


Part 13

As with most days Martha awoke at 5:30 AM in Don’s arms. In fact, as was quite common, she was spooned in his embrace, one massive hand cupping a breast and very likely part of the reason his erection was large between her bottom cheeks. In the early morning darkness she could hear the light snoring of her father, though she could not see him. He was on the other side of Beverly, who was not snoring, but rather breathing softly next to Martha. Bev lay on her back, her chest rising and falling rhythmically. Bev’s blonde pubic hair, usually so neat, was growing straight up between her hips, which caused Martha to smile to herself even as her body tingled as the realizations from last night were re-awakened.

Martha had run her fingers through that hair last night, combing obsessively it till it stood up straight. Martha could not help herself. The images she’d conjured in her mind forced her to focus on Beverly’s body, or on Jeanine’s, who must be on the floor. Poor Jeanine. But Martha had let the men do what they would to her. Martha needed any attention she could get to orgasm. Orgasm was the only thing that would relieve the agony of what she saw, in her mind, happening to Naomi.

Today, sweetheart, I’ll be joining you.

It was the phone call.

“It’s Naomi! She’s been tagged!” Jeanine had announced.

On the phone, Martha was frantically talking with Miley Phillips till she reached Linda, Martha’s firstborn. Then, thank god for this fancy phone, Linda and Miley were on the line and managed to get a headset on Naomi as her body was about to be stripped of its clothing and its humanity. Now, Martha knew, Naomi’s body would be reduced to bone, the rest of it digesting in the stomachs of her fellow U.N. Elko Students.

Martha’s senses were still alight, though muted, from Naomi’s word painting of what had happened. The play by play was horrific, exhilarating and, my god, sexy as hell! The intensely arousing shock… multiple shocks from that conversation were once again awakening in her.

With Miley and Linda on the line, Martha spoke to them sitting at the kitchen table giving them instructions as to how she wanted the two young women to take care of her baby. Jeanine and Beverly flanked Martha as Miley and Linda did Naomi. As Miley and Linda pleasured Naomi’s helpless body, Martha was likewise attended by her sister and her best friend cum lover.

Even as Naomi was tied down and sliced open, the Miley and Linda never left her side, hands remained in contact with Naomi’s skin. Mother and daughter orgasmed together bridging the expanse of several hundred miles that separated them. Naomi described, in gasping detail what was being done to her by the very lucky culinary student who happened to be on duty that day.

The memory of it continued to electrify Martha’s senses. Don’s morning erection, still present as if begging for entry into Martha’s backside, reminded her of the spit Naomi rode, and the one she’d soon ride in only a very few hours. Part of her wanted to invite it in, now, this instant. To impale herself on her husband’s erection. Her rectum had entertained Don’s erection three times last night when she wasn’t already filled with Ron’s or her father’s.

But instinct bred of years of routine would not be denied. The salty residue of dried sweat coated Martha’s skin uncomfortably, and she needed to get it off of her. She needed to start breakfast and make sure the house was presentable for guests, and make coffee, and make sure all was in order…

Expertly, Martha extricated herself from her husband’s massive arms, not waking him. Neither did Beverly did not stir as Martha slipped to the foot of the bed between her sister and husband. Martha stood and surveyed the scene. Beverly now slept between two men, Martha’s husband and her father. She looked at Dad. The old man looked small and frail in the nude save for one feature. That erection stood straight up, pointing proudly at the ceiling at fully nine inches. It had known Martha in every way a penis can know a woman.

Martha smiled, her body still tingling with the memory of Naomi hovering wraithlike in her brain. Silently as a thief, Martha stole out of the bedroom and padded down the hall to the girls’ bathroom. There, she could shower without waking anyone.

But as she went down the short hall, she heard the sound of breathing from the girls’ bedroom. The door was never open at this time. Never. Then Martha remembered Lana was in there… Martha having invited Lana to stay over, maybe she left it open. But when Martha looked in, she only saw one occupied bed…

After a moment of curiosity, Martha saw something that took her breath away. Dana and Tina both naked and sharing Tina’s bed, which was so cute, Martha thought only for an instant till she realized their glow of post coital bliss. Tina was spooned in Dana’s embrace… Dana’s hands… Martha’s senses received another jolt. Dana had a hand on Tina’s bare breast and the other between Tina’s legs. Martha could barely breath at the incestuous site, and she gasped audibly, with a little squeek.

Tina stirred. “I’m awake! I’m awake! Don’t worry, I’m getting up…”

Martha smiled and almost laughed out loud, her eyes getting wet at the beautiful, if surreal sight. She continued to gaze at the girls, her second litter, for long moments. The pair were the easiest of all her daughters to nurse because she’d been able to do both at once rather than having to trade off with her two litters of three. The threebies always had one wailing while she fed the other two… except Melanie, that is… she tended to be quieter. When Don could spare enough money, she would pay a high school girl to help her nurse. But Dana and Christina were here easy litter. She’d almost completely forgotten that since Linda, Mary and Naomi left for college in Nevada.

What will it be like here after I’m gone? Martha thought. Surveying the scene she had visions of Tina and Dana becoming lovers. Why do I automatically go there? I know myself! That’s why! And where are Ron and Jeanine?

Martha dove into the linen closet and retrieved one of her large bath towels and wrapped it around her nakedness suddenly very self conscious, then padded down the stairs. The kitchen was a mess, damn it! She went to the sink and pulled up the blinds on the window there, and looked out.

Even in the pre dawn gloom she could see the common yards had been converted into an enormous picnic area. The roasters and tables formed a semi circle jutting out from the back porch deck giving a nicely protected area for the family. It would also allow their neighbors to become spectators as she, herself, was prepared and roasted. The open sides of the roasters were designed specifically for that purpose, she imagined.

Beyond the roaster-table semi circle were more picnic tables than she could count, arranged in clumps of four or five. Between them was enough space for children to run, or others to play or picnic mats to be laid out.

Then there were the banners, strung tightly between the trunks of mulberry trees lining the snaking central path declaring appreciation for Mother, Jeanine and herself.

Martha sighed. The pre dawn light, which foretold the sun’s arrival, revealed frost on the lawn. It was unseasonably cold last night.

Martha turned to the kitchen table and gathered what dishes were on it. It was there she saw one of the three blank culling licenses had been filled out. It was for Lana Phillips! Martha moved to the door to the front room, opened it, and saw immediately where Jeanine and Ron had disappeared to. Between their naked bodies lay Lana, her blonde hair a contrast to her mother’s dark hair. Mother and daughter clung to each other, large breasts compressed, while Lana was spooned in Ron’s embrace.

I’m so sorry I missed that! Thought Martha. It was not nearly so surreal as seeing Tina and Dana together, but it was surreal, never the less. You got your wish, Jeanine, my love!

Once again, Naomi filled Martha’s thoughts. She was intensely aware of her body’s urges. Shower! I need a shower!

As Martha started up the stairs, she looked up and had a start. At the top landing stood Dana with Tina clinging to her, both still gloriously naked and as hairless as they had been when they were born.

“Good morning,” Dana finally blurted.

“Shh!” Martha shushed her blonde daughter. “Everyone’s still asleep… Good morning, babies,” Martha said, realizing she had not used that pet name on any of her daughters since Dana and Tina were nine. Martha ascended slowly fully aware of the sexual, sensual energy between the two girls. It still sent a tingling shock through her with her every step. How long have these two been involved? Was it new? Incest between sisters was not unheard of, but it was uncommon. She’d never have imagined these two becoming intimate. Melanie and any of the girls, yes! But Tina and Dana? It was not until Martha’s hands lighted on a cheek of each of her middle girls that she became aware she was trembling. She meant it as a gesture of approval which was a surprise even to herself. Tina let out a little gasp at the touch and Dana simply smiled as each leaned their heads into their mother’s palms.

“I need a shower,” Martha finally sighed, wishing she could let the moment linger longer. Martha slid by their nubile nakedness, down the short hall, and into the girls’ bathroom. It was perfectly clean! Even the toilet and enema master had been fully scrubbed. Martha was sure she’d seen grime around them both yesterday.

Martha doffed her towel and turned on one of the shower heads, suddenly realizing both girls had followed her, Dana leading Tina by the hand, and they energized two of the other three showerheads.

Martha regarded her girls. Both were breathing hard enough for their perfect, high breasts to be heaving and rippling ever so slightly as they exhaled. Dana’s pointy breasts did not jut out quite the way Martha’s own did, they were sort of a mid-step to Tina’s perfectly round breasts that were the size of oranges. The smoothness of their fair, untanned skin seemed to glow down their flat bellies to their perfect and perfectly smooth clefts.

Martha stepped under the water, and Dana followed, pulling Tina in by the hand behind her. The three began washing their own hair each one, barely glancing at each other. As Martha rinsed red tinted droplets of water between Dana’s legs.

“Dana! You’re bleeding!” Martha exclaimed, with still enough presence of mind to make it a loud whisper.

Dana’s hand went between her legs and the tips of her fingers came back with only a little red on them.

“Dana’s hymen is broken,” Tina’s voice came evenly in her normal tone as if nothing at all was different.

“Oh…” Martha said. “But… how?”

“Bart,” Dana said, voice shaking, eyes cast down.

“Oh! The football player? But…”

“It’s a long story, Mom,” Tina said. “They’re in love! Please don’t be angry…”

Since when is Tina defensive of Dana? What brought… My God! Martha thought as Tina’s hands lighted protectively on Dana’s shoulders. Tina’s in love with her sister!

“Dana invited him to come today,” Tina added.

Martha nodded after a moment. “Good,” Martha said, and forced a small smile. “What’s he like?”

Dana looked up, eyes dreamy.

“I like him, Mom,” Tina said. “I like him a lot, and I think you and Daddy will too!”

Martha nodded again.

“Did he make love to both of you?” Martha cold not believe those words came out of her own mouth! It was as if she’d suddenly become Tina! Or herself when she was Tina’s age.

Tina shook her head. “No,” she said. “I’m still a happy little virgin…”

Martha favored Tina with a smile, then smiled broadly for Dana’s pleading eyes, and kissed Dana’s forehead. She went for the conditioner on the shower’s shelf and applied it to her hair.

“Uhm,” Martha said as she worked the viscous fluid in down to her split ends. “Can I ask… how long?” The quizzical brows on the girls’ faces told Martha to be clearer. “How long, I need to know… how long have you been sexual with each other?”

Dana and Tina exchanged glances. “Just last night,” Tina offered, her voice still clear as a bell. Then she gave a nervous little smile. “Dana wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer…”

Dana was blushing down to her silky mound at that.

“Really,” Martha said, suddenly thankful for Tina’s tone, which gave her a sense of normalcy. “Am I to believe that Dana was the instigator here?”

“Nooo…” Tina protested sheepishly. “That would be submissive little me… I… I kissed her…”

“She couldn’t help it,” Dana said. “And then… well… I guess I needed her…”

“After Bart?” Martha asked.

“Yes…” Dana smiled, rinsing conditioner out of her own hair. “Tina is soo… submissive! I was amazed! She’s like you, I think…”

“How… what makes you think I’m submissive?” Martha asked, her own trembling voice ripping at her attempt at pretending she was not what Dana said.

“It’s how you are with Jeanine,” Tina said. “I’m not wrong… am I…?”

Martha did not answer. Her thoughts scrambled for a new topic…”

“Naomi got tagged yesterday,” Martha regretted saying it the moment the words came out. God, I can’t talk about this now! I’m naked and they’re naked with me!

“What?” the girls chorused.

Oh my God! Martha thought as she tried to fend off their prodding. In the end it was futile. She had to tell the story, to relive it! She started with the call from Miley Pillips and, as they sat on the shower floor with the water off, brought them all the way to the point at which Naomi was on the phone, an ear-piece in her ear, tied naked and spread eagle to the preparation table on the quad at Elko U.

With both Phillips girls, Don, Jeanine and Ron listening in, she told the girls, Martha and Naomi connected on a level that the Mother in her could not have imagined in her wildest dreams. Naomi had described, in graphic detail, step of her preparation. Martha gave the Cliff notes, but did not really skimp on the details that much. She told how Miley’s fingers danced over Naomi’s sex and how Linda and Mary, Martha’s other two eldest, kissed her lips and nipples even through the slicing of Naomi’s belly, and the removal of her organs. They attended Naomi even though the fancy custom spit made by an engineering student sliding through her, and both Mother and Daughter orgasmed simultaneously, Naomi to Miley’s attentions, Martha to Jeanine’s. Then after Naomi was silenced by the spit’s end in her mouth, Miley took over the narrative, Martha told the two girls, and described Naomi’s writhing over the coals till she expired.

As Martha relayed the story, she realized her fingers had slipped inside her sex and she was suddenly on the verge of orgasm. Even then, she realized both Tina and Dana were in exactly the same state, watching their mother masturbate as they each pleasured themselves as if their hands had lives of their own. The exotic humiliation jolted Martha. My girls are watching me masturbate!

“And then,” Martha said, unable to stop. “I came again!”

A moan from Tina and a gasp from Dana cleared Martha’s sensory haze enough to know both girls vigorous self abuse had them close to orgasm. Martha climaxed at the notion and it caused a chain reaction in Tina and Dana.

Long moments of dominating waves of orgasmic agony followed depriving Martha of all knowledge of the world around her. The quiet time that followed seemed to last forever and the three sat in existential bliss for that time till Martha began to get up and her girls followed her lead.

With her back to the girls, Martha soaped herself in her shame till she felt a pair of hands soaping her back lovingly. Tina’s shining hazel eyes met hers when she looked back. Dana’s hands lighted upon Martha’s bottom, and Martha allowed them their exploration. The touching was beyond intimate, but more sensual than sexual. Dutiful cleansing and curiosity from Tina and Dana made Martha smile. Their small hands made their way to every part of their mother’s nakedness. They found time to linger a bit at Martha’s nethers and at her pointed, jutting breasts, which both girls cupped and caressed with wide eyed fascination. How perfect this therapy is in the afterglow!

As Tina and Martha turned to give Dana’s body the same soapy, exploratory attention, Tina looked over at Martha and fixed her gaze. Tina’s hands, all the while, were fondling Dana’s flat tummy and the small of Dana’s back at once as she finally spoke.

“Mom…?” Tina asked.

“Yes, Tina?”

“Uhm… do women always get… you know…”

“Excited?” Martha suggested.


“Sexually excited?”


“When we think of getting spitted?”


Martha, on Dana’s opposite side, a hand on Dana’s pointed breast nodded. “Yes,” she said. “Terribly so. Why do you ask?”

Tina looked away then. She knelt down as she serviced Dana’s lower body and Martha followed her daughter down.

“It’s just… you and Jeanine… I know you love Daddy…. I know she loves Officer Ron… but it’s you and her! It’s like it was meant to be! Dana has Bart now… and… well maybe I should go with you… to be out of the way… and there are a lot of people coming…”

“Noooo! Dana protested, pulling Tina up by her shoulders and hugging her.

“But Dana! You have Bart and he won’t want me too! I can’t be in your way! Remember last night I told you I’d love you forever? I do! I will! You can eat me and Bart can eat me and I’ll always be a part of you! And…”

“But we want to be spitted together!” Like Mom and Jeanine!” Dana held her out to look into her eyes. “Mom! If… I’ll go too if she goes!”

Martha had watched the exchanged with horrified incredulity and sexually charged jolts of shock. She could not believe what she was hearing, and she could not believe it was sending her body into sexual overdrive!

“But then Debbie wins!” Tina said, almost immediately.

That got Martha’s attention, allowing her to snap out of the stupor Tina had caused.

“What?” Martha exclaimed. The girls froze. Martha looked from Tina, to Dana, and back to Tina. “What happened? Tell me!”

Motherly prodding was something Martha had always done well. When she wanted an answer, and she knew the question, she always succeeded. This time was no different, and soon the whole story came out. What Martha heard made her emotions run the gamut, from horror, to terror, to sadness, to pride to joy and elation as it concluded.


Part 14

As with most days Lana Phillips woke with a start from a falling dream. For a moment, she panicked, not knowing where she was and sandwitched between two unfamiliar bodies. After nearly hyperventilating, she realized she was breast to breast with her own mother, both of them completely naked, and her father’s enormousness was lodged between her bubble bottom cheeks.

She was on the floor, laying on a thick green and black comforter in the Cokely living-room. The manhood pressing on her rosebud begged entry again, something it had done several times throughout last night.

Lana’s bladder ached terribly. The effort necessary to extricate herself from the middle of a human knot almost had her lose bladder control. Finally, and without having woken her parents, she managed to make it to the downstairs half-bath to which she padded hurriedly and relieved herself.

The memory of last night flowed back into her mind as soon as Lana returned to where her parents lay. Mom had rolled into Lana’s former spot and was now spooned in Dad’s lap, probably with his erection poking her as he’d poked Lana.

Last night, Lana had been so scared as Dad took control and had Lana in more ways than Lana’s inexperienced mind could have imagined. The one she remembered most vividly was kneeling astride her mother’s face as Dad impaled her rectum, and Mom consumed her sex, fingers inside Lana’s love canal. She had felt so weak, but Dad supported her in his strong arms as she gushed all over Mom.

Lana’s ruptured hymen still hurt a little from last night, but it was a good hurt. Lana had called Mom “baby” and Dad “Daddy” something she had never, ever done even when she was little. She had tasted Mom’s nipples for the first time in fourteen years and Mom’s sex for the first time ever! She’d had Dad’s penis in her mouth, and tasted his seed. She’d explored that amazing thing with fingers and mouth with utter fascination for as long as she could when it was soft and hard.

In spite of last night’s gymnastics, or perhaps, because of them, Lana felt energized! Awake! Alive! She felt Glorious! She also felt sweaty, sticky and gross. A shower would be nice. But would she wake anyone if she went upstairs? Should she wake her parents? No… don’t think so… let them sleep. At least, for now.

Lana held her large breasts to keep them from bouncing as she always did when she walked up stairs. They were too heavy, and if she did not, her back always hurt. Big boobs might get a girl a lot of attention, but they could definitely be annoying. On the landing, she was surprised to hear water running. The light was on in the girls’ room and wide open door revealed it to be empty. The Bathroom door was ajar just enough so that Lana could hear horse whispers coming from inside. Tina and Dana were obviously up and showering. Thinking they’d be okay with the company, Lana simply slid in. What she thought she’d find was just a couple of sisters washing up. What she saw took her breath completely away!

Martha Cokely and her daughter Christina were engaged in an erotic embrace with a lip-lock not unlike the ones Lana had experience the night before with her own mother. Dana was intermittently kissing them both and embracing them both at their sides. What was more, Martha’s eyes were wet with more than just shower spray, there were real tears flowing down her cheeks.

Lana was frozen in arousal and embarrassment as Martha broke from Tina and gave Dana a kiss at least as deeply. Eyes closed, Tina lay her head on Martha’s shoulder facing Lana. When, after a few moments, Tina opened her eyes to see her friend, she smiled a preciously delicate little smile.

“Oh,” Martha said after Dana gestured, alerting her mother to Lana’s presence. “Good Morning Lana!”

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to intrude…”

“It’s alright,” Martha said soothingly. She ducked her face under the shower to wash away the tears. “Come in. The water’s still hot.”

Dana took Lana’s hand and guided her into the shower, then turned on the fourth shower head.

“At least, I don’t think we used all the hot water,” Martha said hopefully. She slipped out of the shower as Lana began to wash her hair and dried. After that she impaled herself on the Enema Master ™ next to the toilet.

There was an uncomfortable silence as Dana dried herself and Tina rinsed her still soapy body.

“I…” Tina and Lana spoke at once for a few unintelligible words which ended in giggles.

“You first!” Tina said.

“Okay,” Lana agreed. “I lost my virginity last night to my Dad…”

“Duh!” Tina said, and the two giggled again with Martha and Dana snorting on the sidelines. “Last Dana and I looked in on you three, you were writing around on the floor downstairs like worms… it was so cute!”

“Was it good?” Dana asked.

“It was heaven!” Lana sighed. “Dad was… amazing! Mom was… well, amazing!”

“Look! She’s glowing!” Tina mused.

“I’m so happy for you!” Martha said earnestly. She’d extricated herself from the wall mounted Enema Master™ and put her hands on Lana’s cheeks, brushing Lana’s lips with her own. “It’s good to be in love, isn’t it,” Martha said softly as she looked into Lana’s eyes.

“Yes,” Lana breathed. And yes, I know why Mom loves you so much, Martha! I’m so happy you’re her lover! Lana only thought those things, but said them fully with her eyes and somehow, she knew Martha heard her.

“Well…” Martha said. “Your Gramma has my new lingerie, so I guess I’ll have to make due with the old standby.”

“What’s that?” Lana asked.

“Mom has this beige bikini she always wears to sun herself,” Tina said. “From a distance, she looks naked.”

“That’s not all bad,” Martha said.

“No,” Tina said. “Just disappointing. Mom, why don’t you wear my things? They’re in the dryer.”

“What will you wear?” Martha asked.

“I’ll wear your house dress.”

“Gramma will berate you over that.”

“Or I’ll go naked. I don’t exactly care what Gramma has to say about anything right now. Think Mr. Daniels would rather I just go naked?” Tina smirked to Lana.

“You owe Mr. Daniels a spanking,” Martha said. “You promised!”

“Uhm… Mom, are you serious?”

“As a heart attack! You do want to make me happy, don’t you?”

“Yes, but…”

“No butts! You promised!”


Martha held up her hand. Then she turned to Lana. “I don’t I could get you to talk these two out of volunteering, could I?”

“What?” Lana said, dropping the soap.

“We’re volunteering,” Dana said. “Tina wants to… and… I won’t live without Tina.”

Martha teared up again as she wrapped herself in one of those huge fluffy towels.

“Please talk to them, Lana!” Martha said as she slipped out, a little sob in her voice.

“Tina! Why?” Lana asked.

“Because Mom really wants the same thing Jeanine wants with you! Deep down, she truly wants me and I think Dana too! But Dana…”

“Dana, maybe I get Tina! But you have Bart!” Lana looked from Dana, to Tina, and back to Dana.

“Tina and I made love last night, Lana. You weren’t there! You can’t know the connection we have! It’s beautiful! I won’t live without here. And… it’s true. Mom wants us to go with her. She really does want us… she’s just being selfless…”

“Mom’s very conflicted, I think,” Tina said. “Naomi was tagged yesterday…”


“She was. Mom spoke with her on the phone and your Mom masterbated her while Naomi was spitted. She wanted to be with Naomi. I’ll go with her in Naomi’s place. The only problem is that with Dana coming too… Deborah gets what she wants! But in the end, Mom’s more important…”

“Danm!” Lana said. It was truly how she felt on the matter. Martha was Mom’s best friend for most of Lana’s life, and now she was her lover… Mom would not be happy with Martha upset… “Did you end up telling Martha about Deborah raping Dana?”

“How’d you know?” Dana asked from her place seated on the Enema Master™.

“Wild Guess,” Lana said. “Martha was… different somehow. Like you shared secrets.”

“That we did!” Tina said.

Lana found herself admiring Dana’s breasts. They were round, but pointy. Different from her mother’s jutting points, but also perfect for her body, the way Martha’s were for here own. Neither woman was large breasted. None of the Cokely girls were. That honor went to some of, but not all of, the Phillips girls. Tina’s breasts were the same size as Dana’s, but instead of being pointed they were perfect globes… like succulent fruit.

Lana found herself wishing she had more time. Less than eight hours from now she, and her two friends would begin their journey to the roasters and become succulent meals for the town of Poppyfield. Experiencing intimacy with Dana and Tina, those two loving sisters had just become Lana’s fondest desire. They were already acting like wives to each other, Lana mused. Loving them would be a wonderful way of expressing her happiness for them. As Tina finally impaled herself on the Enema Master™, Dana kissed her, and Lana saw, for the first time, that Tina, not Dana, was the submissive one. It was exactly he opposite of what she’d expected. God they were beautiful together.

“Lana,” Dana said when Tina was free. “We’re going downstairs to make breakfast.”

“And coffee!” Tina added.

“Should we check next door on the slumber party?” Dana asked.

“Oh… yeah… that…” Lana said. In spite of having missed her favorite movies, she was glad she’d been with Tina last night. “No, I’ll go. I have to tell my sisters about my volunteering anyway…”

“You haven’t done that yet?” Tina asked.


“Neither have we!” Dana reminded.

“Oh, yeah…” Tina said.

“I’ll just get your sisters over here… Do you know the Newbire girls?”

“No… who are they?” Tina asked.

“They’re at my house. I have no clue who they are… Anyway, I’ll go.”

“K-K” Dana said, and the two left.

Lana finished her shower, dried, and took the time to use the Enema Master™. It was set low, like the one in her own home, for use by pre-teens. Some underground feminist groups called the device a “rape machine” that was designed to train little girls how to submit and be meat. Lana loved it, and had since her mother had first put her on the thing six years ago. She always felt refreshed inside afterward, and often used it twice a day.

Wrapped in one of the Cokely’s plush towels, Lana slid from the bathroom into the hall to find Martha, towel at her feat, talking to her father and husband.

“Daddy!” Martha was saying emphatically. “Deborah raped her! And now…. I don’t think they really want this! They seem to think I do!”

“Don’t you?” Chester asked. He was fully dressed in his usual pleated old man pants, crisp white shirt and bowtie. Only Mr. Finney’s large hands were Don Cokely’s equal. Next to him, Don Cokely stood nude, towering over both his wife and father in law. His erection looked particularly beautiful to Lana. It was not fat, like her father’s, but it had girth and a lot of length.

“We can’t stop them,” Don said quite evenly and business like save for maybe a hint of crack in his voice.

“I can,” Mr. Finney said. “I was actually making other arrangements for the two of the last three licenses. But if Tina and Dana insist on volunteering, I won’t stand in their way, Marty. They truly love you, I think, and that has far more to do with it than Deborah.”

“Daddy! Please!” Martha said. “I…”

“Marty,” Mr. Finney said. “You want them, I can tell. You’re lying to yourself when you say you don’t. But I’ll tell you this; I’ll hold back the licenses till the last minute. If you can change their minds before then… we’ll see. Alright?”

Martha threw her arms around her father’s neck and smothered him with kisses. “Thank you!” she repeated between smacks.

Lana slipped down the stairs, apparently unnoticed and found her parents in the Kitchen sipping coffee while Dana and Tina sliced fruit. Dad was at the table in only his boxers watching the three females. Mom was resplendent in her spectacular yellow lingerie chatting with animated gusto to the two Cokely sisters. Dana had on her lacy pink bra and panties while Tina wore Martha’s hideous pink, snap-front housedress.

“…oh my God, that’s amazing!” Mom said. When she saw Lana, she handed her the shimmering black lace underthings that she’d stripped off Lana the night before. “Lana! Did you hear? Tina and Dana are going with us!”

“I know!” Lana smiled, moving to Dad’s side, her emotions mixed having heard the conversations upstairs. Dad had slipped a hand under Lana’s towel to her bare bottom and slender hips with affectionate caresses.

When Mom lunged forward and planted a smothering kiss on Lana’s mouth, complete with invading tongue, the towel fell away.

“I want to make love to you in front of everybody!” Mom declared. “The whole town!” Lana melted into Mom’s arms returning her kiss like a newborn puppy licking at her mother’s mouth. Dad’s hand poking at her bare bottom got Lana’s attention.

“You could do that, I think,” Dad said, grinning. “It’s not like I’ll be arresting you for indecency. Just don’t get carried away.”

“Isn’t that illegal anyway?” Dana asked.

“Not strictly,” Dad said. “Wanton public sex is, yes. But there are exceptions and the Police do have circumstantial discretion under the law. Men, for instance, are not supposed to expose themselves. Women can get away with it more often than not, fashion being what it is.”

“Pastor Bob was hoping he could bring down his flock of Christian Nudists today,” Lana told him.

“Who’s Pastor Bob?” Dad asked.

“Isn’t that Barbie’s dad?” said Dana.

“Yes,” Lana said. “He really wanted to bring down his family.”

“Oh… hmmmm…” Dad said. “To what end?”

“I think he was hoping to bless the event…”

Mom and Dad looked at each other.

“That would be a very nice gesture,” said Mom. “And Martha did tell Helen it was clothing optional. She didn’t say naked females only!”

Dad made a face. “I guess I better get on the horn and let the chief know so we don’t have pandemonium here. Lana, have you run this by Martha yet?”

“Run what by me?” Martha appeared, once again, wrapped in her towel. It reminded Lana to pick her own towel up. Lana repeated things for Martha as she did so. “That is so sweet!” Martha exclaimed. “Maybe he can marry Tina and Dana! Do you think he would?”

“Mom!” Dana exclaimed. “You can’t be serious!”

“Of course I’m serious!” Martha said. “If you two are lovers you should be married before you get spitted. I won’t get to see any of my daughters get married otherwise…”

Tina and Dana were standing there in shock, looking at each other, then around at everyone.

“You know, you guys,” Lana said as she began putting on her bra. “It would be kinda nice… not that Pastor Bob will do it, I have no idea. But if he does, you should… don’t you think?”

“I never thought about it!” Dana said, then Jeanine and Martha began expressing their insistence that it was only right. Tina stayed completely silent, amazingly enough, and so did Don while Dad, lucky for him, was on the phone with the Police Cheif. In the middle of it all, Chester Finney came down with Beverly who once again wore her slate gray knit dress with the oversized turtlyneck.

“I’m off to pick up our wayward pair,” said Mr. Finney. “They’ll have been sorry they missed all the excitement!”

“You sure you don’t want me to come?” asked Beverly.

“No,” Chester said. “It’ll be faster if I just go alone. I’ll never be able to corral all three of you at once.”

Dad hung up the phone. “I just invited the Chief of Police to our little party…”

“All we need is the Mayor,” Don laughed.

“Oh,” Chester said. “He’s coming. I met with him yesterday.”

“Are you serious, Dad?” Martha exclaimed, then after he nodded added; “Good grief. Is everyone in town coming? We’ll have to roast the whole neighborhood to feed everyone!”

“Oh, don’t be silly, Marty! I’ll be back in short order,” Mr. Finney said as he strode out of the kitchen toward the front door.

“Well,” Mom said. “We should go wake up the gaggle next door. C’mon Lana. I’ll probably need your help.”

“Send my girls home,” Martha said. “We have more than enough fruit for everyone.”

“Including the Newbire girls? There’re six of them!”

“Yes, sweetie! Them too!”

Mom kissed Martha’s cheek, grabbed Lana’s hand and drug her out the back door into the chilly morning air that caused Lana’s skin to pimple. The back door to the Phillips home was unlocked, as it always was, and the noise from the front room smacked Lana’s ears as the “gaggle of girls” were obviously primping and cackling at something or other.

When Lana and Mom slipped into the front room all eleven girls there popped up. The six Lana had never met before were blonde, tan, tall, and obviously much younger than her sisters Lorrie and Lindsey. They looked a little lost at the sight of the two newcomers. All present had obviously been playing with makeup, extravagant eye shadows and eyeliners with gaudy lipsticks that seemed to be mismatched on each and every one of them. Lana almost laughed out loud at their ridiculous appearances. But the Cokely Girls, as well as Lorrie and Lindsey surrounded them asking where Lana had been, what was happening, any news?

“What did you do to your faces?” Mom asked. “I thought you girls knew how to use makeup!”

“We were testing colours!” Cory Cokely said.

“Well it’s not working!” Jeanine smirked. “Okay, Cokely girls! Go wash your faces before you get home. Your mother wants you!”

Sandy, Cory and Melanie all ran into the kitchen to wash their faces while Mom assumed control over the remaining girls while she told them about Tina, Dana and Lana’s volunteering to be roasted. Lorrie and Lindsey were increadulous over all of it. Lorrie especially.

“I can’t believe this!” Lorrie accused Lana. “You talked her into it, didn’t you!”

“She had nothing to do with it,” Mom said. “Lana is doing this for me! Tina and Dana came to the decision on their own! They’re lovers now, by the way, and you’ll be happy for them!”

“What!?” Lorrie exclaimed.

“This will give the Blakely girls a lot to talk about,” Lindsey grumbled. “I can just see Colleen now… oh, and you guys’ll get it from Eileen,” she told the younger Newbire girls. “She’s the worst of the lot! They’ll be cackling about this for years!”

“So what?” Said Lorrie. “Who cares about Mrs. Blakely or her brood. Colleen isn’t attracting any boys and isn’t that good in school and will probably be going to the butcher shop by the end of the year. Lana! I can’t believe you stole Tina from me! How could you?”

“I didn’t,” Lana protested. “It was all about Mom! I swear!”

“Can’t you be happy for us, Lorrie?” asked Mom. “Can’t you please make some effort not to ruin this day?”

Lorrie started to talk, but stopped.

“I didn’t mean to steal Tina, Lorrie,” Lana said. “Seriously. It’s just that she was going to give Martha a Kobe massage and I wanted to learn too…”

“I got mine,” Jeanine beamed as she hugged Lana to her.

“Oh my God!” Lindsey exclaimed. “Mom! You and Lana? Really?”

With that, Mom held Lana’s chin and kissed her full on the mouth in front of five gaping girls.

“That’s so romantic!” Melanie exclaimed having come back in from the Kitchen.

“You think everything’s romantic!” chorused three of the tall blondes with Lorrie and Lindsey.

“What’s wrong, Melanie?” asked Jeanine.

“I forgot my slippers,” Melanie said as she picked them up and went back out head looking back over her shoulder in case she’d catch more action.

“Well,” Lorrie said. “At least we get to divide up your cloths…”

Lana snorted a laugh. She knew Lorrie didn’t really mean that. Well… maybe she did, but not maliciously.

“You missed the Creature movies!” Lindsey said. “ We got them because you like them!”

“They were great!” said one of the older blondes.

“Will someone please introduce me?” Lana asked.

Lindsey did the honors. The Newbire girls were two litters of three, fourteen and not quite twelve respectively, all dressed in little-girl style cotton underthings. Their bras didn’t even qualify as bras, more a sort of halter that was cut similarly to a sports-bra but simply thin fabric with printed flowers or teddy bears or whatever on them. The elder three were Pamela, Paisley and Patsy. All of them were tall, svelte, tan hard-bodies with ash-blonde hair, gray eyes and clear California girl faces. They had gently flared hips and hard round bottoms with breasts like upside-down tea cups of slightly variable sizes. The three stood almost as tall as Mom’s friend Chelsea, but not quite. The three younger girls were Ruth, Rhoda and Rhonda, all slightly shorter than Lana. Except for the fact that they were nearly flat-chested, they were basically miniature versions of their elder sisters. The lot of them looked perfect for a SURFER GRRL™ movie.

The Newbire girls turned out to be good company. Lorrie and Lindsey had obviously made friends they’d be close to, though the eldest were a full year younger than they were. It also turned out, to Lana’s utter amazement, that they were from La Joya, California, where they all had engaged in surfing competition since the tender age of five!

“We were getting bored with it,” Pamela after telling the tale. “Most of the girls we grew up with ended up the main course at the competitions. It was only a matter of time before we did. The So-Cal Mavericks roasted thirty girls last summer!

After everyone washed off the gaudy makeup, Jeanine led the lot of them back to the Cokely home for breakfast. Tea and Coffee flowed as well as orange juice. While everyone inside got acquainted with the new girls, Lana slipped outside into the still cool morning air only to find she would not be alone. Tina sat on the edge of the back porch deck staring off into space, still wearing that hideous housedress. Lana took her place beside Tina and leaned back on her palms as Tina did. When Lana looked over, she could see the dress she wore was unbuttoned down to her tummy revealing her round breast from Lana’s vantage.

Lana followed Tina’s vacant gaze and looked out across the communal yard. She lost count of the number of wood park benches, brand new, that had been set up yesterday afternoon. They were clumped in groups of four or five beyond the semi-circle formed by Mr. Finney’s roasters and prep tables. They’d been set up for effect, Lana mused. The long sides of both the tables and the roasters would allow the maximum number of people to watch both the preparation and the roasting of each doe. Beyond the picnic tables two homemade banners declared appreciation for the three mothers to be roasted today.

Lana looked at one of the tables. Will I get ravished by Mom there? Naked, orgasmic, humiliated and slaughtered? These thoughts made her tremble, moisten and tingle.

“We’re getting cooked today,” Tina whispered.


“Are you scared?”

“Terrified,” Lana said. It was the truth. When she thought about it even for a moment, she shuddered.

“Feel my heart,” Tina said.

Lana looked over at Tina, who continued to look off into space. Then she slipped her under the open dress onto the bare skin of Tina’s chest. Tina’s heart thumped like a jackhammer and raced like a humming bird’s. Tina’s hazel eyes beckoned Lana’s.

“May I kiss you?” Tina asked.

Lana responded only by moving her face toward Tina’s and met the girl’s lips. Tina’s hand gently guided Lana’s from her chest to her breast, which Lana cupped. The tender kiss they shared spoke of their new closeness. Lana tasted Tina’s desire to be taken and knew her conflict. Tina did not truly want to go, but she loved so deeply her mother that she could see no other way. Tina’s ridiculous antics even revealed themselves as an act of love for her sisters and her mother. They had always been a function of her humility, and Lana felt love for her now in that understanding.

“I feel like I finally know you…” Tina breathed after the two parted their lips. Lana, in her breathlessness, could only nod.

“Are you trying to seduce my fiancée?” Dana said as she took her place on Tina’s opposite side. “Ooo… It’s still cold out here!”

Both Tina and Lana giggled a bit, but said nothing even as Dana made it clear she Tina belonged to her with a commanding and deep kiss that Tina melted into.

“How are you feeling?” asked Lana after the two were finished.

“Good!” Dana said sharply. “I feel good! God… it’s like… I don’t know! Loved! I feel loved!”

“Aren’t you afraid?” Lana asked.

“Oh, God yes!” Dana exclaimed. “But… it’s really strange. I feel good about it! I feel good about everything. Mom was just telling Jeanine and Aunt Bev the same thing. Their all in there sharing kisses like you two were. Funny how that is, isn’t it?”

“I know!” Lana said. “It’s like I want to kiss everyone!”

“I know! I told the little brood, Tina. They’re all excited and scared and… Melanie’s beside herself. She wants to watch us make love!”

“She would!” Tina laughed.

“My mother, the exhibitionist, wants to have me in front of the whole town!” Lana smiled more to herself than to the others. “Can you imagine?”

“Yes!” the two sisters said in unison.

“You should let her,” Tina said. “I’d love watching you both.”

“Really!?” Lana said incredulously. “You want to watch ME? It’s not like I’m all curvy and sexy like you two… I mean, I have a boy’s figure with boobs. Even the Newbire girls have more curves than me!”

“Bull!” Dana said. “You have a sexiness all your own. Besides, your nipples make my mouth water!”

“All my sisters have big nipples like my Mom,” Lana said simply.

“My Dad couldn’t get enough of your nipples!” said a new singsong voice. The three girls looked up to see Barbie LeClerke leading Bart Haskell and another much younger boy who looked enough like Bart to be recognizable as his brother. All three of them wore g-strings and flip flops. Barbie’s top was a turquoise Sidewinders Jersey with both the collar cut to a tank top and also cut high enough so just the nipples on her high, firm and large breasts were covered. The underside of her breasts bounced nicely as flip-flopped up.

“Bart!” Dana leapt up and landed in his waiting arms, giving him a big kiss.

“Hey guys!” he said. “This is my younger brother, Dash! This is Lana and Tina and this lovely thing is Dana…”

Dash was much younger than his brother was also prettier than Bart, who was more handsome, with pre-teen freckles across his face and a very slender figure. As with Bart, he wore only a g-string to cover his sex, suspended in a small sack between his legs. Bart’s was larger, of course, but revealed him, to Lana’s utter surprise, to be completely hairless below his neck. Lana caught herself staring at the boys “packages”, especially Bart’s, which strained against its confines, before they both looked at her and caused her blush.

“Tina,” Barbie said. “I hope you don’t mind. I invited Roberta, my friend who likes you? I asked her to come.”

Tina’s face went ashen with a slight gasp.

“Uh… the one who always stares at me?”

“She’s really very nice,” Barbie assured. “A bit different. But nice. I think you’ll like her.”

Tina smiled delicately, unable to mask her expression of alarm.

“Oh no!” the three newcomers exclaimed when Dana told them the news of their volunteering. Bart was visibly upset.

“But… I hoped…”

“I know, Baby!” Dana said. “But I can’t live without Tina…” then she told them about how she and Tina had fallen in love the night before. While Dana had visions of her and Tina becoming a harem for Bart, Tina decided to get out of the way.

“I’d take the Harem! I’d bust my ass every day to make that work!” Bart said.

“Baby,” Dana said in sympathy. “It’s done. We can’t take it back. I wish it were different, but it’s not…”

Barbie openly wept, her perfect big and round breasts heaving under the high cut jersey.

“But we’re finally friends!” Barbie sobbed as she hugged Dana. “It’s not fair!”

“I wish I’d know how nice you are sooner,” Dana kissed Barbie on the cheek. “But It’ll be alright! I know it will”

“I just…” Barbie sighed. “ I wish… I was hoping you would be there tomorrow so Bart could come.”

“Why can’t Bart go now?” Tina asked.

“My dad won’t let me unless I’m with a girl,” Bart said. “He’s afraid it’ll spoil my chances in the NFL.”

“How does going to church ruin an NFL career?” Lana asked. “I thought it would be good for it.”

“Bart’s a nymph!” Dash said. “That’s why.”

“Butthead!” Bart smacked his brother across the crown to the boy’s giggles.

“What’s a nymph?” Lana asked.

“Uhm…” Bart said. “It’s complicated. But it’s not many enough for the NFL. Dash! I’m gonna smack your tush!”

“Gotta catch me first!” Dash said, and Bart chased him around two clumps of picnic tables before he caught the boy and smacked his rear end three times.

“What’s a nymph?” Dana asked Barbie.

“It’s a boy with a girl’s soul,” Barbie said. “Bart found out two years ago in Africa. His dad was not happy about it. It’s why the Haskells left the church.”

“Really?” Dana looked at Bart as he returned, surprise on her face. He looked down, seemingly embarrassed.

“The masters say they must live as males,” Barbie continued. “But they have to experience being female from time to time. They feel as women do, they worry about everything… like girls. Anyway, it takes a very special girl to see them as they are and still love them.”

“Not so hot for me now, are you…” Bart said to Dana.

“But I am!” Dana exclaimed, and went back to him and into his arms. “I really am!”

“See?” Barbie said. “It’s not fair! I was hoping I’d get to be one of your bridesmaids.”

“Good Morning!” Martha sang as she strode onto the porch in Tina’s blue and white lingerie bearing a tray of bowls and mugs. “Girls, would your friends like breakfast? There’s coffee too!”

“I’d love some!” Dash said.

“Mom,” Tina said. “This is Bart Haskell and Dash Haskell and Barbie LeClerke.”

“Pastor Bob is her dad,” Lana said.

“Oh Yes! Hello!” Martha said as Tina took the tray from her. “My God, I want to thank you for saving my baby girl last night!”

“It was nothing, Mrs. Cokely,” said Barbie.

“Oh, it was something, all right. I know you and Dana have something of a history. It takes a lot to help someone who you’re not sure you want to help!”

“Dana and I… we’re…”

Dana moved close to Barbie, put her arm around her shoulder, kissed Barbie’s cheek, and looked at Martha. Lana could only smile at the look on Martha’s face that flashed only for an instant before Martha again composed her lovely, serene smile.

“Well, that’s just sweet. I’m so glad! Bart! I’m so glad to finally meet you!”

“Likewise, Mrs. Cokely.”

“Oh, Barbie. I just got off the phone with your father. He’s coming to bless us all! Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Oh wow! I know he ran that by Lana last night,” Barbie confided. “That’ll make him very, very happy! I just wish everything was different. I was kinda hoping, with Dana and Bart and all… that I’d…”

“Get to be a Bride’smaid?”

“Yes, that too… but also that she’d be at church tomorrow to see me mounted…”

“Mounted?” Martha asked.

“Well,” Barbie said. “It’s kinda hard to explain. My Dad can do better, I think…”

“It’s a type of Christian Sacrament,” Bart said. “They mount a girl on a totem pole…”

“Oh! Is that the thing they did that special on last year? I think I remember it was three newscasters and some of their family… in San Francisco, as I recall…”

“That’s right,” Barbie said. “You saw it?”

“It was on TV?” Lana asked.

“On adult access,” Martha said. “It was very interesting. A little surreal. They do that at your church, Barbie?”

“For years,” Barbie said. “We were only one of, like, three churches in the entire country that did it for like… ten years? Now it’s getting more popular.”

“Amazing,” Martha said as she put her arm around Dana’s waist. “I’m so glad you came to see us all off. I… I heard what you did for Dana… Thank You!”

“It was nothing at all, Mrs. Cokely,” Said Bart, his eyes wet. “I’m in love with her… so…”

Lana excused herself before it all became too sappy to avoid crying and slipped inside. Don Cokely was on his way out with all the rest of his girls and all the Newbire girls in tow.

“…I was really hoping we’d get Morgan on the stick,” Frank Stoltz was lamenting. Chelsea, wearing a very simple off-white set of silk underthings, tummy bulging prettily on her tall and sinewy frame, leaned against her husband with his arm around her.

“Lana!” Chelsea exclaimed, escaping Frank’s arms and gathering Lana into her own. Lana put her hand on Chelsea’s belly, something she’d been wanting to do for a while now. “I’m so happy you’re going with your Mom! Congratulations!”

“Thanks,” Lana said. “It is four, right?”

“Four!” Frank groand. “I still can’t believe it! We were talking and thinking you might help nurse them, Lana. Poor Chels is gonna be overwhelmed!”

“Sorry,” Lana apologized.

“That’s okay,” said Chelsea. “I’ll just eat one of your boobs so mine get big!” Everyone laughed at that.

“Does that work?” asked Lorrie.

“No, Sweetie,” said Beverly. “Sorry. It just doesn’t work that way… oh! Deborah’s here!”

All present turned to see Deborah through the window over the sink wearing her slate gray form fitting wool dress with the oversized turtleneck. She was done to the nines and looking fabulous with hair piled high on her head with dangles, makeup as if she were going to a ball and sparkling dangle earrings. Lana also noticed Tina, Bart and Barbie giving Deborah ‘the look.’ Beverly excused herself and stepped outside.

“Honey,” Mom took Lana’s hand. “No getting into it with her, alright? Don’t let her ruin the day.”

“Martha told you?”

Mom nodded. “Promise?”

“I promise,” Lana nodded.

“Promise what?” Lindsey asked.

“Nothing,” Mom said. “It’s nothing at all…” she clipped her admonition as Mr. and Mrs. Finney stepped into the kitchen.

Mrs. Finney was once again dressed in her classic blue dress with blue pumps, pearl necklace and matching earrings. The difference was she wore very nice makeup and hair very similar to how Deborah wore it. The upswept style of her hair fabulously displayed her pretty slender neck. She entered ahead of her husband and placed a paper shopping bag on the kitchen table along with her purse. In it, Lana could see the shimmering white silk underthings Mrs. Finney had purchased for Martha two days before.

“Hello, Liz!” Mom greeted her, as did Dad, the Stoltz’ and all three Phillips girls, the latter calling her ‘Gramma.’

“Good morning, Dear ones. Jeanine, did you manage to get any sleep at all last night?”

“Not much,” said Mom, smiling easily, not at all forced. “These two kept me up much of it,” she grabbed Dad’s hand and held Lana by the shoulder.

“Well,” said Mrs. Finney. “You look beautiful still, Jeanine. Chester told me you stayed up, but seeing you, I now believe you must not need very much sleep. And you, young Lana. How beautiful you’ll look with your mother. I’m so pleased to know you’re fulfilling her desire. It’s such a beautiful gesture on your part.”

“Thanks, Gramma,” Lana said, feeling herself slip easily into appreciation for the woman’s grace, even knowing what she knew.

“Well, it’s very sweet,” Mrs. Finney continued. “I had Chester take us to a little boutique I noticed and we picked up some items I thought might be useful.” She reached into the paper bag and pulled out a clear plastic spritzer bottle with orange tinted liquid in it and a very fancy label marked “Taste Right™ Skin Lotion.”

“Oh, Wow!” Chelsea said. “This stuff is like 40€ a bottle!”

“Really?” Lindsey pulled another out. “Lemon Delight,” Lindsey read. “It’s a skin marinade?”

“It’s the least I could do,” Mrs. Finney said. “It’s supposed to soak in and make the skin very, very soft, or, at least, that’s the tag line. But your skin has to be perfectly clean, of course. It’ will make it taste better… I’m not sure how.”

“…Soaks through the skin into the bloodstream to give your meat the tangy, sweet flavor of apple and cinnamon,” Lorrie read another.

“I thought of that one for Martha,” Mrs. Finney said.

“Honey Glaze, Teriyaki Glaze, Cherry Glaze, Apple Cranberry…” Lindsey said. “It’s a smorgasbord of flavors!”

“This one’s peach,” said Mrs. Finney. “Lana, did you not tell me two days ago when we went shopping your mother loved peach flavored things?”

“That’s perfect!” Mom said. “Thank you so much, Liz!”

“You’re very welcome, dear. I also had the presence of mind to purchase these,” Mrs. Finney extracted a pair of fire-resistant Kevlar handcuffs. “I have eight pairs, just in case… enough for all of us after we’re all nude…” her voice had a quivering timber in it.

“For you, love,” Mr. Finney said. “That would be now.”

Mrs. Finney looked at him, and nodded. “Yes, dear, of course.” She looked from face to face, then settled on Lorrie. “Lorrie, darling, would you be a dear and unzip me?”

Mrs. Finney turned her back to Lorrie, and all others present so Lorrie could do just that. Lorrie looked at Mom, who nodded, and approached Mrs. Finney’s back. The girl fumbled with the button above the zipper, then drew the zipper all the way down to exactly where Mrs. Finney’s tailbone lay. The open back of Mrs. Finney’s dress revealed only bare skin. Mrs. Finney wore nothing at all underneath, not even a bra strap. The older woman stood quite rigid for a moment till Lorrie finally got a clue, and slipped the dress off Mrs. Finney’s shoulders and the dress fell, pooling around her feet. Mrs. Finney stepped out of her dress and blue pumps at once and Lorrie had the presence of mind to collect both off the floor.

When Mrs. Finney turned back around ever so slowly, she wore her right arm across her bare breasts and her left hand over her pubic mound. Lana saw Mrs. Finney’s lower lip trembling with her eyes downcast in shame. Mrs. Finney handed ever so competent Lindsey the Kevlar handcuffs Mrs. Finney had left on the table, nodding from the girl, to his wife. Lindsey understood immediately and moved around behind Mrs. Finney with wet eyes as the emotion in the room rose. Lana, at Mom’s side, pressed herself into Mom’s arms as Mom also held her tightly. A glance at Mom told Lana she wasn’t the only one openly weeping.

Lindsey drew back Mrs. Finney’s right arm, revealing her breasts. The woman was fifty six years old, and, even though her breasts did, in fact, sag a bit, they were still a lovely example of feminine mammaries. They were quite reminiscent of Martha’s breasts. They jutted, but not quite so much. The nipples were a lovely pink, her complexion fair, very much like Martha and her girls’ skin.

When Lindsey pulled Mrs. Finney’s left hand away from her pubic mound Lana saw the current fashion back east. Mrs. Finney wore her dark pubic hair trimmed up so that it only covered the very top of her cleft, complete with noticeable silver hairs glistening. Above that, it extended in a tall and wide patch of hair. Tall, in that it extended from the top of Mrs. Finney’s cleft about a third of the way toward her belly button. Wide in that it only left, on the edges, two narrow expanses of bare skin between the edge of her pubic hair and her hip bones. Below was a perfectly smooth and lovely cleft very much like the baby smooth pubes Lana had seen on Martha, Dana and Tina. The skin was pink, as if it had only just been waxed this very morning.

When Lindsey brought Mrs. Finney’s wrists together behind her back, Mrs. Finney gave out an audible sob. Lindsey was weeping quietly and openly as she worked; Lindsey’s small-breasted boyish figure swaying back and forth as she did so.

“Thank you, dear,” Mrs. Finney finally said to Lindsey when the restraints were secure, smiling even as tears streamed down her lovely face. Elizabeth Finney looked splendid standing there in only here upswept hair and pearls. Lana was in awe of Mrs. Finney’s beauty. Whatever crime she may have committed, her helpless vulnerability somehow rendered her innocent. She stood there, her chin up, retaining her dignity even through the occasional tear that rolled speedily down her cheek that was both naturally and artificially blushed.

“Come, my love,” said Mr. Finney, placing his hand on her upper arm. “Let’s present you to the town.”

“Yes, Darling,” Mrs. Finney said. “Oh, before I forget. Jeanine, I took the liberty of engaging the services of both the makeup artist and the hair dresser that serviced Deborah and myself this morning. They should be arriving shortly. All your girls are paid for, so please do not be shy with them. You should look your personal best on the spit, do you not think?”

“Thank you, Liz!” Mom half exclaimed, half breathed. “Thank you for everything!”

“It was my pleasure, my Darlings…” she turned to her husband and with the poise of martyred Mary Queen of Scotts said; “I’m ready for my humiliation, my Love.”

“We’ll walk you out,” Frank Stoltz broke the mood ungracefully. At least he held the door open for them as he held his wife’s hand and Elizabeth Finney glided past him regally. When Frank had closed the door, and the Phillips family stood by themselves in the Cokely kitchen Lana heard someone holler; “Our Benefactors, Mr. Finney his wife, the beautiful Elizabeth!”

The unexpected thunder of applause brought all five Phillips to the window above the sink. Outside there was a throng of people, far more than there had been only scant minutes before when Lana had been outside. As expected, Lana saw a lot of mothers and girls wearing only underwear, men and boys in shorts and t-shirts escorted wives and sisters. Beverly Longford was there, wearing a rather pair of Martha’s panties with a cheap bra. At least she had the good sense not to upstage her sister. Deborah Longford, of course, was completely overdressed in her form fitting slate gray dress. Even now Cousin Deborah was being very touchy feely with Paisley Newbire, coaxing the poor girl into bashful blushes. Damn she works fast! What surprised Lana, but should not have, was that Pastor Bob and some fifty or so Christian Nudists were also there being, of all things, Christian Nudists. Women, girls, men and boys were all naked wearing at most, a cross of gold or silver around their necks and a decal above their tail bones that read: “Naked for Jesus” or “Nude as God Intended” or “My Naked Body is God’s Temple” or any of a number of religious anecdotes.

“Who’s the naked fat man?” asked Lorrie.

“That’s Barbie’s Dad,” said Lana. “Pastor Bob.”

“Oh! That’s Pastor Bob?” Mom said. “We should go introduce ourselves,” she told Dad.

“Why’s he naked?” asked Lorrie, brows knitted.

“He’s a Christian Nudist,” Lana sighed, getting a bit exasperated with Lorrie’s tone.

“And since when,” Lorrie clipped Lana’s response. “Are Dana and Barbie all lovey-dovey? I thought they hated each other!”

“It’s a long story…” Lana started.

“You’re always so secretive!” Lindsey complained.

“Well, if you would stop being such a prissy shit I might confide in you more often!” Lana snapped.

“Girls!” Dad, himself, snapped sternly. “Enough!”

“But, Dad!” Lindsey protested. “She’s…”


“Geeze, okay!” Lindsey sighed. “Okay! I’ll be nice. Lana, sweetie, I really wish, love, that you’d tell us, dear, what’s going on.”

“Alright,” Lana acquiesced. “Deborah raped Dana, and Barbie, Bart and Tina rescued her.” Lana almost laughed out loud at the look on her two sisters’ faces. “I told you it was a long story.”

“You left something out,” Mom said, and for a moment, Lana was terrified Mom would indict Mrs. Finney for her part in it. She need not have fretted, but was very relieved at Mom’s next words; “You were there, too.”

“Oh!” Lana said in her relief. “Well… yeah…”

“Oh my God!” Lorrie exclaimed. “What… what happened?”

“Like I said, it’s a long story,” Lana explained. “Bart will probably tell you the whole thing later… or Barbie will. She’s actually very nice after all.”

“But, Lindsey, Lorrie,” Mom intoned as she always did when she was about to issue a decree. “No, and I do mean ‘NO!’ ugliness today. Do not get into it with Deborah, or anyone else for that matter. Do not ruin this day! Understood?”

“Yes, Mom,” Lana’s sisters droned, causing Lana to smirk.

“Now give your mother and your sister a loving kiss, girls,” Mom commanded. “Come here…”

Mom gathered Lindsey and then Lorrie into her arms and gave each of them their very first open mouth kiss. Lana watched as each of her small breasted sisters who always looked a little boyish even to Lana melted with such femininity in Mom’s arms, poor things. If they only knew what Lana had endured… no, wrong word… how Mom’s fingers and mouth could play their libido like a concert pianist plays a piano… yes, that’s how it had been. They were only getting a taste, a very small taste, of that experience.

And for that, I’m meat, Lana thought, the price of ecstasy.

Lana took Lindsay’s face in her hands and looked into her sister’s dark eyes.

“I love you, Linds,” Lana told her softly and steadily. “I always will.”

Then Lana tasted Lindsey who was like a little girl to Lana’s mature woman; even though Lindsay was a full two days older than she was. Her lips were docile, submissive and sublime. It occurred to Lana that this was how she, herself, had been with Mom.

Parted, Lana smiled at Lindsey, who gave her sister a smile like a child who’d just been praised. Poor Linds… you didn’t see that coming, did you!

Lana turned to Lorrie. But instead of being submissive, Lorrie took matters into her own hands, literally. She attacked Lana’s mouth with a gusto Lana struggled to respond to even as Lorrie’s hands met Lana’s breasts and squeezed them and pinched Lana’s nipples almost causing Lana to faint. Finally, Lana managed to send her tongue deep into Lorrie’s mouth and her own hands pushed up Lorrie’s red bra exposing her small breasts and big nipples to Lana’s attention. The combination of Lana’s fingers and tongue won the day over Lorrie, who had no idea who she was dealing with. Lorrie moaned, and after they parted, Lana noticed Lorrie’s red panties were wet in the crotch.

“Oh, God!” Lorrie said as she adjusted her bra. “Oh, God!”

“Beautiful, Lana!” Dad said. “Beautiful.”

“They are,” Mom wept. “They are!”

“Are we ready?” Dad asked.

“My panties are wet,” Lorrie complained.

“I’m sure they’ll get wetter,” Mom said.

“You can always strip off,” Dad suggested. “You’d fit right in with Pastor Bob’s group.” Lorrie smirked at that. “Then let’s go meet your fans,” Dad added. And with that, the Phillips family made their way outside.


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Part 15

As With Most Days Christina Lane Cokely felt Mom’s presence at the bedroom door before Mom said a word. It always woke Tina.

“I’m awake! I’m getting up!” Tina protested automatically. But when she went to move the arms over her shoulders, the knee draped over her hip and the cheek against her crown held her in place. Tina was so comfortably spooned in Dana’s embrace she’d not even noticed till she tried to move.

Tina smiled to herself as the memory flooded back to her.

“You two; to bed!” Mom had said last night. “You look like the walking dead!” Then Mom chased them up the stairs threatening them with the tray of lemonade filled glasses she carried.

“Should we leave the door open for Lana?” Dana asked after she’d followed Tina into their room.

“I doubt she’ll be sleeping up here,” Tina told her sister. “Or much at all, tonight,” she added, imagining that Jeanine and Officer Ron were probably ravishing their pretty blonde daughter at that very moment. Tina looked back at Dana who did, in fact, look like death warmed over. Dark circles plagued her normally bright eyes. The heavy eyelids seemed to want to close forever at any moment. Tina steadied Dana’s swaying body with a hand on her sister’s shoulder.

“Why don’t you give me your things and I’ll put them in the wash,” Tina said, then added at Dana’s look of confusion. “I have to wash Deborah’s stench out of mine, anyway. No way I’m wearing anything that smells of her.”

“Sure,” Dana nodded, and, as she tried to slip off her panties she stumbled. Tina caught her by the shoulders and Dana slipped easily into Tina’s embrace.

Dana’s breathing was labored and heavy. Tina held her close, cradling Dana as she leaned heavily on Tina for support. When Tina looked down over Dana’s shoulder and down her back, she saw Dana’s bottom was bare and that her fancy pink-lace panties were only half way to her knees.

Tina kissed Dana’s ear. “If Lana walked in on us now,” Tina whispered. “She’d think we were lovers.”

Dana drew back, eyes downcast. Tina’s memory of it, this morning, as she lay there in Dana’s arms played like a movie in her mind. Dana had looked up and into Tina’s eyes, Dana’s own eyes big and soulful, hazel irises so open they barely formed a rim around her pupils and looking so innocent with longing Tina could not help but kiss Dana’s parted lips. Tina did so softly, merely brushing her sister’s mouth with her own.

That’s all it took.

Dana seemed to wake up. Dana’s mouth came alive and Tina felt herself mold to Dana as her sister’s tongue invaded her mouth, and Dana’s hands roamed. Tina felt a sudden shock as the pink polyester snap front housedress was ripped open exposing her nakedness to Dana and allowing Dana to explore Tina’s body freely. Tina’s memory was less clear from there on. She did remember enough to know that Dana had brought her to orgasm twice with lips and fingers and tongue before she, Tina, had tasted Dana’s sweet nethers… or was it three times?

From her own reactions, Tina learned the sensitivity of Dana’s breasts and nipples. How Dana gasped at Tina’s fingers, brushing their tender, pliable skin and how she moaned when Tina put her lips to their pointy tips. Learning Dana’s body and being explored, herself, by Dana were complex ecstasies unto themselves. The memories sort of faded like the end of a song recording of a song that has no real ending.

Tina woke about a quarter to three, according to the LED clock; her Deborah soiled lingerie on her mind. Quietly as she could, she left Dana’s sleeping form and gathered up her things as well as Dana’s. She grabbed a couple of soiled blouses as well, probably Cory’s, so that the wash load would be worth doing. Downstairs, she put the things in the washer setting it on ‘light load.’ Thirty minutes it would take? Damn! Bloody forever! She went into the kitchen, crossed her arms and thought about what she could do so she wouldn’t be bored out of her wits. Looking down she saw three of the six culling orders fanned out on the kitchen table. The top one was filled out in Jeanine’s elegant hand with Lana’s name on it and Officer Ron’s unreadable signature. The other two were still blank.

I could do it, Tina thought. I could sign this right now and tomorrow I’d have no choice but to be meat with Mom! I could kiss her again! I could kiss her before we’re both cut open! Tina’s mind began comparing Mom’s kiss to Dana’s. No… they might be similar, but they’re not the same! Mom’s yielding! She’s submissive… like me! But she’d be submissive to me too, I’ll bet… she would be… Tina struggled to imagine, and only knew two things then: The first was that she had no real idea how Mom would be as a lover. The second was that she knew Mom would at least accept, and might want… maybe even need, Tina’s affection.

That thought brought to mind Lana and her parents. Tina quietly cracked open the door to the front room. There she saw the three of them a tangle of flesh in their sleep. They clung to each other as is protecting one another from some storm or harsh cold. Their breaths and the rising and falling of their breasts seemed to sing a lullaby, easing their sleep.

Everything I see is beautiful now, Tina thought. She could not help but continue to watch them longer than she should have. Of the three Tina hand only ever thought of Jeanine as a sexual being before now. That had everything to do with how Jeanine acted toward Mom, the barely disguised sexual advances Jeanine constantly threw Mom’s way were a source of amusement for years between Tina and Naomi before Naomi left for college. If Jeanine meant to be discrete, she was a miserable failure at it. Now, after having been sexual with Dana, after having kissed Mom’s lips on Thursday, and after seeing the Lana and her parents in post coital slumber, Tina’s worldview was forever changed. She’d never see anyone, anywhere, without their sexuality being at the forefront of her mind.

Back upstairs she crept as quietly as a mouse and into the bathroom to relieve her aching bladder. As she sat there, she looked around absently and began to notice things… the grime, mostly. Around the edges of the floor, in the shower, around the toilet, at the base of the Enema Master™! It was everywhere! Mom couldn’t be happy about this… yech! Tina flushed the toilet, the noise prompting her to quickly close the door so as not to wake Dana. Then she dug out a green pad, some scrubbing powder and a sponge, and began to scrub. She scrubbed the shower, the floor, around the toilet and especially the Enema Master™! When she was done, she had no idea how long it had taken, she had the presence of mind to collect five fresh towels out of the linen closet; one for Dana, herself, and each of the Phillips downstairs. Dana startled her as she turned around to go from the hall closet.

“Why aren’t you asleep?” Tina asked.

“I missed you…”

Tina smiled and went to kiss Dana’s cheek, but Dana again took control and met her lips with her own.

“Come back to bed,” Dana cooed in Tina’s ear.

“I will,” Tina whispered back. “I just have to put our things in the Dryer.”

The two of them padded downstairs, and Dana took the opportunity to look in on the Phillips as Tina had done earlier. Coming out of the laundry room Tina caught Dana watching them sleep as she had. She touched Dana’s back, the two smiled at each other in understanding and headed back up and Tina followed Dana into bed.

“I’m going to do it,” Tina said as Dana wrapped herself around Tina.

“Do what?” Dana asked sleepily.

“I’m going with Mom,” Tina said. “I’m volunteering.”

“No you’re not,” Dana whispered as if she were sleep talking. “You’re mine, and if you go, I go too…”

“You’re Bart’s,” Tina whispered back. “And I’ll be in the way…”

“I love you,” Dana said. “We’ll talk about this in the morning…” the last trailed off, and soon, Dana’s breath evened on Tina’s neck, urging Tina herself to sleep. And now Tina was carefully trying to extricate herself from Dana’s embrace without waking her. Fat chance, Tina thought. And I’ll never have time to learn how to do it!

As hard as she tried not to wake Dana, Tina’s sister had other ideas. When Dana’s good morning liplock ended, she grinned.

“Morning breath!”

The two of them hurried, trying to stifle their giggles, to the bathroom, grabbed their tooth brushes and cleaned their mouths, watching each other’s face foaming at the mouth like rabid animals and giggling the whole time. When they finished, Dana demanded another kiss. The cherry fresh breath from the toothpaste tasted good to Tina, even if it was a bit artificial. The clink of dishes from downstairs stopped them.

“Mom’s up?” Dana asked.

“She looked in on us earlier.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Dana said, face ashen. “Oh my God! Did she see us?” Tina nodded. “Oh my God! She knows?” Dana was suddenly panicking in her humiliation.

Tina caught her. “Shh!” Tina cooed. “It’s okay… shhh…”


“Why are you so afraid of Mom knowing?”

“…cause it’s… incest…”

“And what are Jeanine and Lana doing? And Officer Ron?”

“But that’s different…” Dana said, to which Tina shook her head ‘no.’ “No?” Dana asked.


After a moment, Tina led her sister out of the bathroom intent on meeting Mom downstairs. But Mom was already on her way up, her jutting fair breasts, accentuated by light tan-lines, swaying slightly as she trudged. Tina leaned into Dana’s arms instinctively as Mom looked up. The momentary shock on Mom’s face at her two naked daughters stopped her.

“Shh!” Mom admonished Dana after Dana blurted her greeting. “Everyone’s still asleep!”

When Mom kissed each of their cheeks, Tina could feel Dana’s tension finally melt away. They followed Mom into the Hall bathroom and stepped into the shower with her as if it was expected, even when Mom’s reaction made it perfectly clear it was a surprise.

The three of them bathed in silence till Mom noticed the watered down blood between Dana’s legs. They told her about Dana and Bart, implying that Dana’s virginity was lost to him alone. Tina felt a tinge of guilt about the deception. But that was gone when they confessed their new sexual relationship, which seemed to cause Mom, God bless her, to glow with… pride?

Then Mom dropped the bombshell of Naomi’s culling the day before. The intensity of the story… they masturbated together… they intensely humiliating themselves to one another… it seemed so necessary to understand what Mom was telling them about Naomi, and how she went. They all felt the shame, and they all seemed to bask in that shame…

Together, Dana and Tina bathed Mom’s beautiful body, exploring every lovely inch of her soft skin. The sensitivity of Mom’s breasts both pleased Tina especially since they proved to be at least equally sensitive as her own and Dana’s. The feminine folds hidden by Mom’s cleft seemed eager for Tina’s fingers. Tina felt a certain satisfaction at Mom’s submissiveness. Her body seemed eager for the attention, even if there was a little fear in her eyes, the love Tina saw there was much more powerful. When Mom and Dana switched places and Mom joined her in her exploration of Dana, Dana acted rather than reacted. She’d tickle her attendees with a little poke, and caress their breasts, and bottoms.

As Tina’s turn came, she told Mom she’d be Volunteering. As expected, Mom was conflicted and beset with alarm and obvious desire. Dana protested profusely, and both she and Mom wept at the prospect even as Dana declared her intention to go with Tina. Mom’s alarm turned to motherly seriousness when Deborah’s name came up. She turned very much back into Mom!

“What happened?” she demanded.

They told her everything. Weepy Dana protested that she’d never wanted to burden Mom with this, but Mom was, in her way, relieved at the trust. Lovers trust, Tina discovered. That she and Dana and Mom would, in Tina’s mind, be sliced open and their bodies relieved of their organs together was proof enough that the three of them were linked forever as lovers. Deborah might win her little game over Dana, but the three of them win together in the end. That was all that mattered.

Tina’s body reacted in serene ecstasy with Mom’s seeming acceptance of the new circumstance. The attention from Dana and Mom was heaven, and Tina could not help but kiss them often. Dana and Mom shared the same even as Tina lay her head on Mom’s shoulder and saw they had an audience. Lana stood nude and quite frozen watching their intimacies, her large breasts with their enormous nipples heaving rapidly. Lana’s olive skin glistened with fresh perspiration and Tina wondered if… no, Tina thought, it’s like we’re here to perform for you… something about that pleased Tina and she favored Lana with a smile.

Downstairs, as Tina and Dana sliced peaches, bananas, apples and pears Tina delighted in Jeanine and Officer Ron’s ease. It made the surreal bearable. It gave it all a sense of normalcy.

“Do we have enough for the Newbire girls?” Jeanine asked.

“Honey,” Officer Ron said. “We have enough to feed five or six full families. The question is, will we run out of bowls?”

“I don’t think so,” said Dana. She opened the cupboard packed with Mom’s dishes. “Uhm… ten, fifteen… twenty five… there are thirty two of these.”

“Why so many?” Jeanine asked.

“I don’t know,” Dana said. “You should ask my Dad. He keeps bringing stuff home…”

Jeanine and Officer Ron seemed ecstatic to learn the two of them had volunteered. Jeanine communicated that by assaulting her daughter Lana with kisses after she arrived downstairs leaving the towel Lana had worn on the floor. Tina almost laughed at that, and again marveled at the shape of Lana’s body, and especially her breasts.

The only thing that truly startled Tina this morning was when Mom was told about Pastor Bob.

“Maybe he can marry Tina and Dana,” Mom said. What? Tina thought as she felt her skin go white. She exchanged glances with Dana, who was equally startled.

“That’s so romantic!” Melanie said. Geeze, Mel!

Tina kissed Dana and went outside. The morning air was nippy, and the thin fabric of the pink, polyester, snap front housedress was no match for it. She might as well be naked. Surreal, Tina thought. It’s all so surreal! She had to be alone for a few minutes, away from everything and everyone. Even away from Dana. She needed to think. No, she needed NOT to think. She sat down at the edge of the porch deck, leaned back on her hands, and scanned the scene. The semi circle of roasters and tables, the new picnic tables beyond, the banners… all played second fiddle to the chill. She might as well be naked. Tina focused on her breathing, trying to calm herself. But it was cold. And the thin fabric did nothing for her. She might as well be naked.

“Feed them all,” Tina thought to herself, she’d be meat soon, roasting and warm over propane fire. But not right now. Now it was cold, and she wore nothing that would warm her. And she might as well be naked. Tina began unsnapping the dress, working her way down one handed. Lana’s arrival stopped her when she was almost all the way down.

Something was said. Tina paid no attention till Dana was at her side. Did Lana just kiss me or did I kiss her? Did she put her hand on my pathetic little boob? Lana protested something about not being as sexy and curvy as Tina and Dana and Barbie??? Barbie was curvy! Tina and Dana were slender and willowy. Barely fit to do anything other than… not much at all…

Speak of the devil, here comes Barbie. Tina had to admit it; hating Barbie was a pain in the ass. It was actually a whole lot nicer to know that bridge had not been totally burned away. And here comes Bart. God he’s hot! Dana, you should just go with him! Forget me! He wants you! Just let me go, and have lots of babies and have a long live filled with love. Dash, short for Dashiel, Bart’s nubile, young and effeminate looking brother, apparently named after some author his mother loved to read. Pretty, Tina would label him; sexy too, but pretty.

Bart and Barbie were both very upset at Dana’s decision to volunteer. Barbie cried! Real tears! Twenty four hours ago, Tina would not have believed Barbie capable of any emotion that did not involve her own comfort or popularity. I’m glad I knew you better, Barbie. I really am.

“Good morning, Babies!” Mom appeared with a tray of fruit bowls. Tina managed to get everyone introduced before Mom offered bowls to the newcomers.

“Daddy was praying he’d get the chance to bless the event!” Barbie beamed after Mom told her she’d spoken with him on the phone. “But I just found out Dana and Tina volunteered… I was hoping…”

“To be Dana’s bride’s maid?” Mom asked as she passed out the bowls. The boys took theirs with obvious reluctance.

“Well,” Barbie said. “That too. But also to see me mounted tomorrow…” That discussion got Mom all excited.! Dana was looking at Tina all through it with the strangest expression as Barbie tried to explain and Tina found out Mom, to Tina’s amazement, already knew all about the practice of the mounting sacrament.

“I had totally forgot all about that,” she told Dad who appeared in his red polo shirt and cut offs just as the conversation wrapped up. Tina always marveled at his powerful legs, which were as big around at the thigh, at least, ash her own waist.

“About what?” Dad asked.

“Remember last year, a year ago almost exactly, when they did that African rite to those three reporters and their children?” “

Oh! Yeah!” Dad had replied… “So this is Barbie?”

“Evil Barbie, yes!” Barbie smiled.

“Even so,” Dad said. “I’m sure glad you were there for Dana last night! You too, young Mr. Haskell!”

“Like I said,” Bart replied. “I love your daughter, Mr. Cokely.”

“I can see that. Sorry about the loss yesterday.”

“We’ll face Obama again! Don’t count us out on one loss,” Bart said with conviction. “I got a call from a Stanford Recruiter, though… so maybe it wasn’t a total loss at all…”

“Good luck!”

“Thank you, sir!”

“Did you go see Pastor Bob last night?” Tina asked, remembering Lana’s message. When she looked around, Lana had disappeared.

“Yeah,” Bart said. “We had a lot to talk about… My dad wasn’t happy I went over there, but he’ll get over it.”

“Your father and Pastor Bob not get along?” asked Dad.

“They have a difference of opinion where I’m concerned,” Bart said. “Pastor Bob wants me to be a missionary in the Summer for the Christian Nudists. My Dad isn’t going for it.”

“What does Bart want?”

“Let’s just say my Dad and I are going to have a long talk…”

“A you ng man has to take charge of his destiny,” Dad said. “Is that what the Christian Nudists wear in public?” Dad pointed to Bart’s g-string.

“Well, yes sir,” Bart said. “But only when we can’t go totally naked all the way. I’m guessing it’ll be the minimum I’ll be aloud to strip down to today…”

“We’re nymphs,” said Dash, a lot more contrite with his read bottom than he’d been earlier.

“Well,” Bart said. “That’s true, but my Dad refuses to believe I am. He’s accepted that Dash is. He’s got all his hopes wrapped up in my football career.”

“That’ll come to an end very fast if you end up on a stick, young man!” Dad warned.. “You are aware that this state doesn’t recognize nymphs yet… aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” Bart said. “But that’ll change soon, I’m pretty sure.”

Dad smiled at him with a half smile, not necessarily an approving one. “For your sake, I hope you’re right. But you should be careful who you tell..”

“Yes sir!” Bart nodded.

Dad took Dana and Tina by the arm and led them up onto the deck for privacy.

“When did you find out Bart was a nymph?”

“Just now, Daddy!” Dana said. “I’m not even really sure what a nymph is… a boy with a girl’s soul?”

“Honey,” Mom said. “It’s a bisexual boy!”

“Oh!” Dana said, and Tina simply felt shock. How could she, Tina, have not made that connection earlier?

“That’s okay,” Dana said after a few moments. “It doesn’t change anything…”

“Is this where today’s big barbeque is happening?” came a very assertive female voice.

Tina, Dana and their parents turned to see a brunette with short, curly hair in an off-white blazer and skirt, a purple blouse and pumps, silk stalking and holding a microphone with “CWN 8” marked on it, the local CWN affiliate out of Phoenix.

“That’s us,” Dad said.

“Tamara Esteves, CWN-8 News,” she introduced herself. A woman in a khaki t-shirt and camouflage fatigue pants had started rolling with a steady cam on her shoulder. “Are you the host of this event?”

“I’m Donald Cokely,” Dad introduced himself, and Mom and all five girls.

“This would be the same Martha whose name is on that banner over there?” Ms. Esteves asked. “So are all the slots filled?” The woman’s eyes looked very hopeful.

“Yes,” Mom said curtly which got a sigh of what appeared to Tina to be relief from Ms. Esteves.

“Oh good!” Ms. Esteves said. “That’s very good! So, is it true that this type of event is somewhat uncommon here in Poppyfield…” She had a microphone in Mom’s face.

“Yes,” Mom said simply, obviously getting more annoyed with each second.

“And who’s on the menu today?”

“Well,” Mom said. “I am. My mother is. My friend Jeanine Phillips is also with her daughter Lana…”

“And us!” Dana asserted. “Don’t forget us.”

“Wow! Six roasts! Wonderful. So you’re expecting a large crowd today?” she put the mike to Dad.

“Yes, we are,” said Dad, sounding just as annoyed as Mom.

“And, can you tell me how this event came to be?” Who planned it and what was the occasion?”

“My Grandmother and Grandfather planned it,” Tina knew Deborah’s annoying proclamatory tone instantly. It was the same tone Deborah used to make snide remarks to unsuspecting victims when she wanted to humiliate someone in a group setting. Tina turned to see Deborah, imperiously dressed in her fine wool knit, slate gray dress with the oversized turtleneck. She’d gone bra-less, Tina saw, as Deborah’s nipples were proudly making their presence known through the finely knit fabric. Her dirty blonde hair was piled high on her head with dangles around her hears, and her face was made up as if she were about to stride down a runway in Milan. She looked every inch the Bell of the Ball. All of Tina’s loathing for the bitch she could have spat out in that instant. How dare she act the queen here and now! The fucking nerve of the skuzzy cunt!

“Tina!” Mom hissed a whisper in Tina’s ear as the newswoman began engaging Deborah in an interview. “Easy,” Mom cooed. It’s okay. We really did not want to talk to the media anyway… Tina..?”

“Yes, Mom…” Tina felt herself scowl. “I’m sorry… it’s just…”

“I know, honey… I know,” Mom’s caress on Tina’s arm soothed away some of the rage.

“Martha!” called the sing song voice of Helen Blakely with her hen pecked husband Brad and their two surviving daughters, Colleen and Eileen in tow. All four carried huge stainless steel bowls covered in cling wrap. “Where can we put these?”

“Oh wow!” Martha said. “Stuffing…? My God, Helen, how much did you make?”

“Enough for ten…”


“Just in case…”

Mom rolled her eyes, almost causing Tina to laugh out loud, and had Tina relieve young Eileen of her burden. As Tina followed the rest of the Blakelys and her mother to one of the stainless prep tables, she almost laughed again. Helen Blakely’s lower half was covered only in a g-string with the most ridiculously tiny triangle of fabric covering the relatively tiny cleft between her ultra wide hips. The rest was thin ribbon around her gelatin-giggly buttocks. Her top was as overwhelming for her very nearly flat chest as a top could be. Eileen, who still had a chance to grow breasts, but had yet to start, was similarly clad. Colleen, who’s figure was somewhere more near the norm than her mother’s dressed a bit more sensibly. Tina wondered at the argument that had caused in the Blakely household… Tina set down the heavy bowl, and Dana almost instantly handed her a bottle.

“What’s this?” Tina asked.

“Comfort Juice™, Sweetheart,” Mom said.

“Comfort Juice™?” Tina asked. “For comfort?”

“It’s so you won’t feel pain when they cut you open,” Mom said, her voice nearly choking out the words.

“Oh! Okay,” Tina said, examining the plastic bottle suspiciously and reading the ‘directions for use’ on the back. Drink slowly! Consume entire bottle no less than three hours before your render time for full effect. Drink as much cool, clear water as needed between having consumed Comfort Juice™ and your render time.

“Interesting,” Tina said.

“Try it!” Aunt Beverly appeared wearing Mom’s beige bikini. Tina looked suspiciously from Deborah’s mother to Deborah, who was still chatting up the TV Reporter, and back to Aunt Beverly. “It’s good!” Aunt Beverly added.

“Tina was about to open her bottle when she heard Deborah exclaim with shock and disgust; “Oh My God!”

Tina turned her head, as all others did, to face the throng of naked men, women and children approaching. An accordion player accompanied their vocal rendition of “The Holy Spirit Is In Us.”

“Daddy!” Barbie called and waved. The dough boy faced, balding head of the portly man at the head of the assembly waved back as did the woman at his side, a tall, frail-looking redhead with the egg-shaped breasts that were slightly too big for her frame.

Barbie took the man’s hand and lead him to the Cokelys. Tina and her family were introduced to Pastor Bob and his wife Cindy LeClerk as well as several of their adult parishioners. Those, Tina was surprised to find, included the families of two of her classmates. Rick Anselmo, who, like Bart and his brother Dashiel, was denuded of body hair as were all the other school age boys. Tanya Ferdinand’s Anglo-Mexican heritage was evident when Tina met her Mexican born mother and Canadian born father. The Christian Nudists wore three items. Open footwear, crucifixes of various shapes and sizes, and each had a decal on the small of their backs that read: “Proud to be naked for Christ” or “Nude as God Intended!” or “Prepared for Paradise in the only clothing God Gave Me!”

A very pregnant young Mexican woman managed the children Cindy LeClerk had born, and was actively taking charge of the rest. The had begun scampering to and fro like un-caged monkeys, but it took the nanny no time at all to corral them all and run them all to one of the ice cream vendors that had taken up a position at the edge of the new picnic area.

While all this was going on, Dad introduced the Blakelys, the Newbire girls with Greta Newbire, their very white skinned mother of the tanned beach babies. Tanya Harding and Brenda Davis also insisted on being introduced along with their own husbands and broods. Those few who had arrived prior to the Christian Nudists seemed entirely enthralled with the odd group.

“So,” Pastor Bob had taken Mom and Dad aside as Mrs. LeClerk pealed what little clothes there were off Barbie’s body, and another marked the small of Barbie’s back with a decal that read: “Sunshine on my skin is God’s own blessing.”

“What was this about a marriage ceremony?” Pastor Bob asked, Tina’s sense of the surreal came down in full force.

“Oh,” Mom said. “It was just a passing thought, really. I’m not going to see any of my girls married… but since Dana and Tina have fallen in love with each other… maybe it was just a silly little fantasy…”

Tina’s body was suddenly yanked into Dana’s arms and received a deep kiss.

“Are you in love with me?” Dana asked softly in Tina’s ear.

“Yes!” Tina whispered back. Surreal!

“Well… I can’t say that I’m opposed to the idea,” Pastor Bob was saying. “There’s no real precedent for it legally, though some churches have, in fact, performed the rite for some young women… Biblically there is silence on the matter… but that does not mean God wouldn’t smile on such a union…”

Dana led Tina by the hand between Pastor Bob and her parents, interrupting him.

“Pastor Bob,” Dana said. “I… will you make my sister my wife?”

Pastor Bob blinked, looked to Tina, who felt his appraising gaze wash over her, to Mom, then to his wife, who had a big smile on her face, then to Tina, who’s eyes were now a little more wet.

“Miss Tina,” Pastor Bob asked with an oh so normal tone that made it oh so much more surreal. “Would you like to be married to your sister?”

Tina nodded. “Yes,” she managed with a whimper. Hearing herself say it brought a rush up Tina’s spine as well as a kiss from Dana and a sob from Mom.

“Very well,” said the very naked man of God. “Please give me a little time to compose a sermon… shall we say… what time is it? Nine-ish? How about eleven o’clock, we’ll begin the ceremony…”

“This is sooo romantic!” Melanie exclaimed and for once, surreally, nobody chided her for it. Both Cory and Sandy were smiling and nodding with vigor.

“Flowers!” Cindy LeClerk declared. “We can’t have a wedding without flowers! Oh good! It will give the children something to do…”

At that moment, Gramma stepped out of the house to capture everyone’s attention. Tina forgot her anger at her grandmother. Gramma was completely naked save for her pearls, makeup, upswept salt and pepper hair, the wrist cuffs behind her back and the dark pubic hair with bits of silver that only covered the very top of Gramma’s cleft. She looked magnificently regal in her bare skin. She looked fair and luminous. People marveled at Gramma’s surprisingly nubile and fit form. Few, if any of them, had seen any women over age forty. Yes, there were wrinkles, and yes, her once proud breasts drooped a bit, but she took away the collected breaths of those present, especially Tina’s. Surreal!

“Who is that?” Pastor Bob asked with awe in his voice.

“That’s my mother,” said Mom. “Elizabeth Finney is her name. My Dad too… they paid for all this…”

Pastor Bob bounded up onto the porch deck with surprising spryness that belied his portly form and moved next to a very alarmed looking Gramma.

“Everyone! Please show your appreciation for our benefactors, Mr. Finney and his very beautiful wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Finney!”

Nudists and Non-Nudists alike thundered their approval to Gramma’s full body blush and shy smile. Gramma’s eyes sparkled under the weight of the unexpected attention.

“Miss Melanie,” Mrs. LeClerk said. “Would you and your sisters like to help me lead the children on a flower gathering expedition?”

“Oh! Yes, please!” Melanie jumped up enthusiastically. Cory and Sandy followed Melanie’s lead. “I love you both!” Melanie mouthed as Mrs. LeClerk lead the three of them off to gather children and the surreal sexual organs of unsuspecting vegetation.

Pastor Bob spoke with Gramma and Grandpa for a while with two church elders at one of the new picnic tables. Open were bibles and liturgies. Pens were making furious contact with college ruled paper.

Just as all this was beginning to sink in, one more thing… make that two, put an exclamation on the surreal circumstances. Silver haired Principal Daniels approached with several of the high school faculty. He wore pleated gray shorts with an ironed crease in them and a polo shirt in the school’s turquoise colors on his tall, thin body. His fifty-ish year old face with its trimmed white mustache wore his signature Clark Kent glasses and bore a look of utter discomfort as his eyes wandered over the naked people present.

The second thing was that Barbie’s friend Roberta was also walking up with them wearing a dark bikini and carrying, as most others did, a tote back.

“Oh God!” Tina blurted.

“What’s wrong?” Dana asked.

Tina pointed at Roberta. The girl with the dark and tawny hair had a strange look on her face under thick, dark brows few could get away with. Her bikini accentuated the well formed curves that were almost, but not quite, Barbie’s equal. Her large, high breasts were very wide set to the point that they almost protruded from the sides of Roberta’s rig cage and left an equally wide cleavage. But it was the bikini Roberta wore that was most disturbing. It was, quite obviously, now that Roberta was closer, made of girl leather, dyed black. The top was cut from a woman’s breasts and sported the original nipples. The bottom was cut from a woman’s lower torso and buttocks, the cleft and buns sewn together with white laces at the long slit front to back. The tote she carried was made of girl leather as well, also dyed to match the bikini.

“Oh, my!” Dana whispered.

“Dana!” Barbie bound up with Roberta on her arm. “Tina, this is my friend Roberta…”

“Nice to meet you,” Tina managed, offering her hand even though she wanted to curl up and hide somewhere. Roberta took Tina’s hand with a shyness about her, and Tina felt Roberta’s tremble in her own.

“Nice Bikini!” Dana sounded almost convincing.

“Like it? My Dad got it custom made for me when my Mom was culled.

“Wow,” said Tina, a little… no, a lot creeped out. “Does it make you feel closer to her?”

“That’s it exactly!” Roberta said with sudden elation. “That’s so nice of you to get that! Most people don’t!”

Tina gave her as sweet a smile as she could, thinking she’d be safer over Mr. Daniels’ lap.

Tina looked around for some escape. The reporter was now engaged a now completely naked Bart Haskell. Mom and Jeanine were sitting in chairs next to each other getting their hair and makeup done and talking with Gramma and Grandpa. Dad and Officer Ron were sitting with Pastor Bob and his church elders discussing whatever with gusto. Lindsey, Lorrie and Lana were off chatting with Mr. and Mrs. Blakely. Chelsea and Frank were showing off Chelsea’s belly…

“Oh!” Tina finally found an out. “Hi, Mr. Daniels!”

“Top of the morning to you, Girls,” Principal Daniels said with reserve.

“Mr. Daniels,” Barbie put an enthusiastic smile in her voice. “Tina and Barbie are getting married!”

“They are?” Mr. Daniels looked surprised. “I had heard the two of you volunteered to be lunch.”

“We did,” Dana said.

“They’re marrying each other!” Barbie said with her most cheerful grin.

Both Mr. Daniels’ and Roberta’s face went slack.

“Is that true?” Principal Daniels asked.

“Yes,” Dana said. “And Barbie’s going to be my Maid of Honor.”

“Really!” Barbie exclaimed with breathless delight.

“You have to be!” Dana said. “No one else will do!”

“Then,” Mr. Daniels said. “Are you not going to be roasted?”

Dana shook her head. “We are, sir. We just want to be married before we go…”

Tina nodded at that, leaning into Dana, who put her arm around Tina’s waist.

“Then, I’m very happy for both of you, Miss Dana, Miss Christina!” Mr. Daniels said. “Congratulations!” He smiled, and began to move off.

“Wait!” Dana said. “Mr. Daniels, didn’t Tina promise you a spanking?”

“I beg your pardon… I don’t remember her offering to spank… oh… you mean… no… I don’t think so… I think I’d have remembered that.”

“Well,” Dana said, fingers dancing on Tina’s tummy. “She did promise our Daddy that she would submit to one from you if you wanted to. I know she’s been teasing you so much…”

OKAY! Now Tina knew that if she lived another twenty years how it would be! Dana’s arm around her waist held Tina close, fingers moving up and down her tummy through the think fabric of the pink, polyester, snap front housedress.

“Hi, guys!” Lana arrived in her black underthings. “Hi, Mr. Daniels.” Mr. Daniels replied with a nod.

“Lana!” Barbie said. “This is my friend, Roberta.”

“Hi! Nice bikini!”

“Like it? It was my Mom!”

“Oh!” Lana’s glance at Tina told her everything. “That’s… wow! That’s very… different!”


“We were just talking about how Tina promised to get a spanking from Mr. Daniels.”

Lana laughed so heartily her boobs jiggled in her black shimmering lace. To Tina’s utter horror, so did Roberta, Dana and Barbie.

“It’s not like Tina hasn’t been asking for it!” Lana declared.

“I have not!” Tina protested.

“Oh! And rubbing your cute little butt against poor Mr. Daniels yesterday morning wasn’t a full on tease?”

“She WHAT?” Barbie exclaimed.

“There was that,” Mr. Daniels murmured.

“Daddy!” Dana called. “Can you come here for a minute?”

Tina could not speak, she just stood there and trembled in her horror. Her skin had goose pimples even though the air was already getting very warm, the occasional cool breeze could not account for them.

“It’s okay, Tina,” Lana said, grinning, the shit! “I’m sure Mr. Daniels will give your pretty little bottom as much attention as you’ve been trying to get from him…”

“What’s up?” Dad asked, looming enormous over even tall Mr. Daniels.

“Daddy,” Dana said, Tina still firmly held close, and fingers, Tina was well aware, dancing over her butterfly filled tummy. “This is Principal Daniels…”

“Oh, yes!” Dad offered his bear sized paw with a friendly smile. “Good to finally meet you, sir! I understand you… Tina’s been a little bit of a tease, or so I’m told…”

“Well…” Mr. Daniels said with his reserved tone. “I’m sure Miss Christina is otherwise a very sweet girl…”

“She did inspire us to win Monday’s make-up game,” Bart said, obviously having been abandoned by the reporter who was now with Mom, Jeanine and Tina’s grandparents.

“I remember,” Mr. Daniels said. “I suppose that might have had something to do with the team’s vigorousness. It’s such a shame it did not last through Friday. But, I must say, we cannot have other students thinking they can behave in so obscene a manner. I hope you agree, Mr. Cokely.”

“I do,” Dad said. “Tina has been misbehaving a great deal, not just in school. I’ve tried to meet out discipline, but her mother is so protective of the girls, she’s afraid I’ll hurt her with these big paws of mine.”

“Mothers do tend to have tender hearts,” Mr. Daniels agreed.

“Anyway,” Dad said, meeting Tina’s wide hazel green eyes with a very stern look on his face that contrasted his easy smile. His next words sent a thrill of terror down Tina’s spine, and elsewhere. “I think that everyone agrees a little discipline would be good for Tina at this point, Mr. Daniels. If you’re up to it, her mother and I would appreciate your taking charge of the situation.”

Tina’s jaw went slack and her skin felt the prickle of humiliated goose flesh. Her eyes searched frantically for sympathy. She found none to start, but eventually her eyes met Gramma’s as Grandpa led her up. Gramma, quite obviously, knew what was happening. Gramma’s chest was heaving and her breath came through parted lips. She wore flushed cheeks, sympathetic eyes. Tina’s grandparents came to a halt just within earshot and Grandpa held Gramma exactly the same way Dana held Tina, fingers dancing over quivering tummies. Gramma’s stance took an odd shape, thighs and knees together, rubbing ever so slightly, with feet slightly apart. Gramma’s stood with slightly hunched shoulders, her breasts bobbing and her nipples standing swollen and erect as Grandpa’s dancing fingers caused her to squirm.

Tina opened her bottle of Comfort Juice™ and took a deep draught of the refreshingly tangy liquid. It soothed Tina’s dry throat.

“Oh!” called Mrs. LeClerk as she passed by with a basket of Carnations, Roses and Pansies. “You mustn’t chug it, Dear! It won’t work if you drink it too fast!”

Tina stopped drinking and Dana took the bottle from her.

“Very well, then,” Mr. Daniels said.

“Whenever you’re ready, Mr. Daniels,” said Dad.

“You’re quite sure?” Mr. Daniels asked, to Dad’s nod. The principal regarded Dad and nodded himself. Carefully, Mr. Daniels reached for Tina’s hand. For a man as tall as Mr. Daniels, his hand was not large and quite soft and fleshy. It shook with the same intensity Tina’s did. She let him have hers with her arm limp. He seemed to be enthralled with her hand, caressing it with both of his own. Very gently, more so that Tina would have thought, Mr. Daniels coaxed her forward. Tina slipped from Dana’s embrace as Mr. Daniels looked around for a place to go, then settled on the bench of a vacant picnic table. He settled onto the bench still holding Tina’s hand, and Dana took a seat to his left. Dad took Mr. Daniels right side but not immediately next to him, as if leaving space for someone or something.

“I heard someone is getting a spanking! Is that true?” The reporter had rushed up with her microphone in the face of anyone who was near. What was her name? Tanya…? No… Tamara Esteves. The camera woman pointed her contraption straight at Tina as Mr. Daniels pulled open that pink, polyester, snap front dress. Tina heard herself whimper as her naked body was exposed for the world, local and through television, could look at her. Even as the dress slipped off Tina’s shoulders, she saw Deborah, arms folded with a satisfied smirk on her face.

Mr. Daniels light touch on Tina’s hips brought her attention back to him. He touched her left boob, feeling its shape and testing the hardness of Tina’s nipple. She almost cried out at the exploratory touch. His hand around her forearms, Mr. Daniels drew Tina in, urging Tina to lean forward and move between himself and Dad. She put a knee on the bench between them, then the other. Dad had her feet. As Mr. Daniels drew her over himself, Dana caught her shoulders. Tina’s tummy and hips made contact with Principal Daniels lap, her head and shoulders landed softly in Dana’s lap. Dad had her feet which forced her bent knees between Dad and Mr. Daniels each to one side of the bench, leaving her legs parted.

The morning’s still cool breeze lighted upon Tina’s sex, the chill on the previously protected area of her body caused a quiver on her the moist, warm skin and gave her another squirmy thrill. Between Dana and Mr. Daniels Tina’s breasts dangled and bobbed with every slight motion of her body as she tried to get comfortable or reacted to the various stimuli.

“I’m sorry,” Tina said with nervous sarcasm as her bottom wiggled involuntarily. “I guess I just need to get comfortable for my spanking…”

The gathered crow, Christian Nudist and the rest of the neighborhood obviously heard her because the amused laughter broke the tension.

“Well,” Mr. Daniels said with something approaching a smile in his voice. “It’s not very often I have the opportunity to give so lovely a little bottom as this my undivided attention.”

Dad’s laugh Tina recognized above the others as Dana petted Tina’s hair and Mr. Daniels hands lighted upon Tina’s lower back and bottom. His right hand was petting her buttocks and slipping between her open legs to explore her nethers with light caresses.

“That’s not true,” Tina almost gasped as he touched her so intimately. “My little butt has been trying to get your attention for weeks!” That brought long hearty laughs from all around, especially Dana.

“Isn’t that the truth!” Tina recognized Miss Snodgrass’ voice. “You all should have heard poor Principal Daniels at the last faculty meeting! He said, and I quote: ‘So help me, Christina Cokely’s shapely little rear end will be the death of me!”

“Yes!” Mr. Daniels replied. “If’ I’d known Mr. Cokely before now, this might have happened sooner, and certainly more often!” Giggles again sounded around. “Hmmm… Mr. Cokely, how many spanks would you think are appropriate?” He was still petting Tina rhythmically. His thumb brushed Tina’s rosebud as his fingers felt at her cleft with her labia swollen enough to have made themselves visible from the deep cleft. Mr. Daniels brushed them gently though it might as well have been an all out assault, so sensitive they were. The terrible thrill had her hips squirming again.

“As many as you think are necessary,” Dad replied, his huge hands warming Tina’s bare feet.

“Oh dear,” Mr. Daniels said. “I should say… ten… that should be enough…”

Tina was about to say; ‘Oh, make it five’ but before she could utter the words, Mr. Daniels hand had come away from her flesh and came back down with a terrible sound.

SMACK! “One!” someone called out, a man’s voice Tina did not recognize. Tina, herself, emitted what amounted to a high pitched whimper. SMACK! The second came down almost instantly after the first. “Two!” Several voices had joined in the count as Tina whimpered again pathetically. SMACK! “Three!” Even more joined in, now with an assertive confidence and Tina’s whimper had become almost a squeak as her swollen labia seemed to swell more and more with each thrilling contact. SMACK! “Four!” The counting was now full bodies from what sounded like the entire crowd. “Haaah!” Tina cried and her sex now felt like it was filling painfully. SMACK! “Five!” Came the sting. “Aaah!” Tina cried as tears ran down her cheeks. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! The smacks had come that fast, but with Tina’s sense of both their rapid succession also came the slowing down of time as she absorbed every element around her.

The flesh of Tina’s bottom burned. Her sex was still warm but she could still feel the chill upon it. The rest of her body was still covered in gooseflesh. All these sensations had a life all their own but were drown out when Mr. Daniels fingers once again lighted upon her bare bottom, the burning skin sensitive to his touch and enhancing the sexual tension and desire that filled Tina so. She held her breath, knowing it was not over, in an attempt to control her body and fearing it was futile.

Dana was again petting Tina’s hair. Dad’s hands were still warm on Tina’s feet. Tina’s sex felt like a babe’s mouth sucking kisses in the hair hoping for the random nipple that Mr. Daniels’ exploring fingers proved to be. Though his fingers did not venture inside her, his thumb pressed on Tina’s rosebud and Tina relaxed for only an instant allowing it to slip in and bury itself to the knuckle. Tina felt like a newly enslaved sex toy as Mr. Daniels’ thumb, which had looked so small before, seemed so large inside her.

Tina managed to relax after clenching for a minute. As Mr. Daniels’ left his thumb in place, his fingers rested in stillness at the tender and moist nethers giving Tina a bit of a reprieve.

Tina’s eyes wandered over the faces gazing at her. Mom and Jeanine stood flanking Gramma’s naked self. The three of them now had their hair styled up, Gramma’s upswept contrasted with Jeanine’s top-knot and Mom’s braided updo that displayed Mom’s graceful neck in a way Tina thought made it look delicate and vulnerable, much like Gramma’s. Their lightly painted faces made them look like porcelain sculptures. All three of them had flushed faces and their chests heaved visibly. Gramma’s erect and swollen nipples made Tina wonder, and believe, Mom and Jeanine’s were just as stiff with arousal and as longing as those on Tina’s dangling breasts.

SMACK! “Six!” SMACK! “Seven!” SMACK! “Eight!” SMACK! “Nine!” SMACK! “Ten!”

With the last sting Tina’s sex had filled to bursting and gushed with orgasm, Tina feeling it gush out of her as if she were evacuating a vaginal douche. Even Tina’s eyes were leaking uncontrollably and she turned her head into Dana’s tummy to hide her humiliated face. The applause thundered instantly after the count of ten was complete from all those watching, enhancing Tina’s embarrassment and strangely, granting Tina a sense of joy.

Dad pulled Tina’s legs straight by her calves and he, Dana and Mr. Daniels rolled her face up. Dana brushed away Tina’s tears, kissed her forehead and then her lips. When Dana helped Tina to sit up in Mr. Daniels’ lap Tina’s arms came around the Principal’s neck and Tina’s lips found his surprised mouth, rewarding him deeply.

“Awwww!” the crowd cooed.

“What was that for?” Mr. Daniels asked after.

Tina looked at him, then smiled at herself.

“I don’t know,” Tina said. “I guess I just needed to know you still liked me in the end.”

Mr. Daniels embraced her, and held her close as he met her eyes again.

“I’ll take a thousand more of your little teases for that kind of reward,” He said, and Tina giggled a little in spite of the sting on her bottom and the sting of humiliation.

“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!” Someone said.

“Mr. Daniels!” Tina looked over to see that the speaker was Brad Blakely. “If either of my girls ever tease you or any of your teachers, feel free to give them a piece of your justice!” Mr. Blakely had a half smile, but something told Tina he was quite serious.

“DAD!” Eileen and Colleen protested over the chuckles.

“You cannot be serious, Brad!” Helen Blakely protested. “What have our girls ever done to deserve any punishment at all?”

“OH!” Brad Blakely sounded incensed and incredulous. “Three words! Gossip! Gossip! And, oh, uh… Gossip!” The look on Mrs. Blakely’s face, as well as that of her girls was nothing short of priceless. Everyone noticed. “Mr. Daniels,” Mr. Blakely added. “When you have a moment…”

“Of course,” Mr. Daniels said, still holding Tina close. He looked again into Tina’s eyes. “As much as it pains me, Young Miss Christina, our adventure is at an end.”

Tina kissed the principal’s earlobe. “I think it pained me a bit more,” she said, and he chuckled. “Thank you, Mr. Daniels.”

“No, young miss, thank you!”

Tina let Dana pull her off Mr. Daniels. She looked down to see his shorts. Oh my God! She thought as she slipped, again, into Dana’s arms, his shorts are all wet! She looked down, embarrassed, then looked up at her school principal. Mr. Daniels accepted another light kiss from Tina and moved off toward Mr. Blakely and his three cackling females.

Tina did not see the results, though she certainly wanted to watch for a while, because Jeanine suddenly had her face and was sucking the wind out of Tina’s lungs, she was kissed so hard. Jeanine passed Tina to Mom, who was far more tender and she seemed far more of an equal, when Tina kissed her, than Dana…

“God that was hot!” Jeanine was saying. “God that was hot!”

“I think everyone thought so,” Mom said, forehead against Tina’s, rubbing noses. “Come here,” She had Dana’s hand and tasted Tina’s blonde twin.

Deborah again caught Tina’s eye, her arms folded, shaking her head with disgusted superiority. Tina tried to ignore her, but somehow, Deborah kept her presence known.

“Did you get it all?” Tamara Esteves was asking her camera woman, who nodded assertively.

“Don!” Some tiny blonde in a pink blouse and red skirt called. “If I could get your attention for a few minutes…”

Dad rolled his eyes. “Good grief!” He snorted, then called to the woman. “What is it, Morgan?”

“I have some of Thursday’s unfinished paper…”

“God Damn It! It’s SATURDAY! For crying out loud!”

Tina saw Mom’s very amused face split into a grin as Jeanine, Frank Stolz and Officer Ron all laughed.

“It’s you guys’ turn for hair and makeup,” Jeanine told Tina and Dana. Mom led her girls to the two Chinese beauticians as Tina’s breasts bounced with her wobbly gait, causing Tina to cover them with her free arm. The two oriental women, it turned out, spoke little or no English. They just smiled big smiles as the two sisters took their seats. The girls’ hair was sprayed down with what amounted to watered down mouse then their hair was teased and pulled up.

Grandpa appeared just as Dad led Mom away and crouched down. Tina continued to watch Mom and Dad as Mom, tiny next to Dad, melted in his powerful arms as he gave her a passionate kiss.

“Dana,” Grandpa said. “Tina… I… I owe both of you an apology…”

“Why?” Tina asked as her hair was pulled up brusquely. “Ouch!”

“What… Dana, Gramma told me all about last night. I’m afraid it’s entirely my fault. I had no idea…”

Tina regarded Grandpa’s very sad face.

“Grandpa,” Dana started, but Grandpa held up his hand, stopping her.

“It’s true,” Grandpa continued. “I knew Deborah was the way she is. I knew! I knew exactly what she was capable of. It’s just… it simply did not occure to me that she’d hurt you, Dana! She always spoke of you in the fondest terms… I should have known she was… lying. She knew very well that Grandma thinks of you as her favorite granddaughter…”

“She does?” Dana was incredulous.

“I TOLD you!” Tina said. “Ouch! Watch it!”

“It’s true,” Grandpa said.

“But why do you think it’s your fault?” Dana asked.

“Because, Dana, I gave Gramma to Deborah as a pleasure slave, to use as she pleased.”

“What?” Dana and Tina exclaimed together.

“Why?” Tina asked completely confused.

“Because, Tina, Deborah was trying to engineer the culling of all her sisters… I don’t know why, unless she just wanted to be the survivor… She tried to get her father’s fiancée culled last month and she very nearly succeeded…”

“But..!” Tina said. “How does that… work?”

“It follows because Gramma made herself a big enough distraction, sweetheart. She also kept Uncle Josh and me apprised of Deborah’s various plots as best she could. That certainly was not easy as Deborah is very cagey, very secretive and very, very cunning…”

“Wow!” Dana said after a long pause. “I… I had no idea!”

“I knew she was an evil cow!” Tina said, feeling vindicated.

“So… the paperwork is still blank,” Grandpa said. “If you two want to back out… I’m absolutely positive it was another of Deborah’s plots to get Dana to volunteer. Tina was the icing on the cake for her. Gramma is adamant about that.”

“I’m not unvolunteering unless Tina does!” Dana said.

“She puts this on me! You always do that?”

Do what?”

“Make me the heavy!”

“Do not!”

“Do Too!”

“I do not!”

“Well, I’m not unvolunteering then, so there!” Tina declared.

“So there!” Dana harrumphed.

“Deborah is counting on you going, Dana, so she’ll be the favorite… I think…”

“No,” Tina said. “OUCH! Take it easy! Grandpa, I can’t back out! I get to tell Dana I love her forever and know I can never take it back and that I mean it!”

“And I’m not living without you, Tina!”

Grandpa sighed, then smiled a sad little smile. “Those are very good answers… Christina, there’s nothing I can do to change your mind?”

“No, Grandpa.”

“I won’t try, then. But I do have one favor to ask, if it’s not too much. It would mean a great deal to me, is that alright? Please forgive my wife. It was not her fault. She knew she had to obey Deborah’s every whim, and that included rape, Dana, because I told her so a month ago. I ordered her to play along with Deborah….

Tina looked over to where Gramma sat naked at a picnic table with Mrs. LeClerk and several children, sorting flowers and weaving their stems into… something. Gramma’s wrists were now bond in front of her allowing her to do her work rather deftly if Tina was any judge. She had a big, unselfconscious smile as she chatted with the young children around her.

Grandpa followed Tina’s gaze, then turned back to her.

“It would mean the world to me… if you could forgive her…” His eyes held Tina’s for a very long moment. “Well… anyway… Congratulations, by the way… I love you both very much!” He kissed each of their cheeks and moved off.

Tina watched Grandpa engage with Bart, Dash and a burly, athletic looking older man who did not look happy with Bart at all. Bart stood a little hunched, looking cowed, though the very stiff erection he sported told Tina there was more going on there. Young Dashiel looked positively frightened, and was likewise erect. Grandpa began engaging the older man, putting his hand on Bart’s shoulder, and waving his other in Tina and Dana’s direction.

“Is that Bart’s Dad?” Tina asked.

“Yes,” Dana said simply, also watching the scene.

“Ah dun wih haah!” said the woman who’d made a big production out of torturing Tina’s scalp. “Nao faas!”


“Nao du faas!”

“Your face,” Dana said, looking amused. “She wants to do your face. Your hair looks great, by the way!”

“Oh, thanks… sure… face…”

Tina closed her eyes anticipating the experience to be equally bad if not worse than the treatment her hair had endured. But the woman had other ideas. It was as if the beautician had suddenly changed personalities as her small, gentle hands creamed Tina’s face and washed the cream off with a very soft, moist cloth. Shortly, eye makeup was going on, and Tina had her eyes closed, then had to look up and fight the urge to look back toward Bart and Grandpa. Tina wondered what kind of clown makeup she’d end up with.

“I can’t believe Deborah turned out to be so evil,” Dana sighed.

“I know,” Tina said. “You’re too giving to see things like that, I think. You always need someone to protect you. Bart’s probably a great choice for that…”

“No,” Dana said. “He’s not! He’s even more gullible than I am! He’s such a soft touch he lets people walk all over him. He’s only aggressive when he’s quarterbacking… besides, that’s what I have you for…”

“You never believed me.”

“I know… I’m so stupid!”

“No! You’re just naïve and giving. It’s one of the reasons I love you so much! You even forgive me my… faults…”

“I… I love you. I guess I always knew we’d be together always!”

Tina basked in Dana’s words for a few moments as a very soft brush caressed her cheeks.

“I can’t believe I squirted all over Mr. Daniels pants! Do you think Helen or Colleen or Eileen saw?” Tina asked as Dana broke out laughing. “It’s not THAT funny!”

“You always say the exact right thing!” Dana said.

“Do not!” Tina said.

“Do too!”

Tina took a breath. “I love you, Dana!”

“I love you too, Tina. And yes, Helen and Colleen and Eileen all noticed.”

“God help me!”

(to be continued)


Some of you may have noticed, when Dialog is repeated in different parts, I’ve often made variations. The point of that is I’m treating each part as if I were writing it FIRST Person, from one single person’s perspective, and using third person pronouns to keep confusion down as I do switch persepctives with each part. Since indivuals tend to remember things differently I wanted to make the dialog slightly different each time to convey that…